5 Day Motorbike Tour North Vietnam

Within 5 day motorbike tour to Sapa. We are so honorable to offer you some of the most spectacular sceneries in Vietnam when riding motorbike through back roads and paths. The ride to Northern Vietnam on motorbike provides you the moment of truth with indigenous people, stay with Thai and Dzao people on the traditional house-on-stilts, learn how to cook and eat the traditional foods. You will be stunned with the incredibly beautiful trails, romantic passes or the paddy fields running to the end of horizon..
Many things are waiting for you to explore with the Vietnam motorbike tours so don’t hesitate to grasp that chance and see a different Vietnam on motorbike.

Tour destination: Hanoi – Phu Yen – Than Uyen – Sapa – Vu Linh – Hanoi.
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Motorbike Tour North Vietnam From Hanoi
Tour duration: 5 Days 4 Nights
Highlight: Sapa – North Vietnam
Tour Type: On/ off-road North Vietnam Motorbike Tours
Tour Price: From 135 USD/ Rider/ Day
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Day 1 : Hanoi – Phu Yen ( riding distance 180 km  – L, D ) Hotel
Day 2 : Phu Yen – Than Uyen ( riding distance 220 km – B, L, D ) Hotel
Day 3 : Than Uyen – Sapa ( riding distance 125 km – B, L, D ) Hotel
Day 4 : Sapa – Thac Ba lake – Vu Linh ( riding distance 200 km – B, L, D ) Home stay
Day 5 : Vu Linh – Hanoi ( riding distance 185 km- B, L )


DAY 1. HANOI – PHU YEN (riding distance – 180 km – L, D ) Local hotelvietnam motorbike tours top gear

Our guide will pick you up at the hotel at 8:00 am, after breakfast. The Northern Vietnam motorbike tour starts with a short ride to the west of Hanoi. You will be amazed by the views on 2 sides of back-roads with tranquil village landscapes. After 50 minutes with motorbike tour, we will have a stop at Duong Lam village, a typical village of Vietnam countryside in the Red river delta. This short motorbike tour to Duong Lam can also be conducted in 1 day, depending on your time.
It is so wonderful to have a lunch at that traditional village. Our motorbike journey keeps going on to Son La province. Riding on motorcycle in the afternoon is one of the most highlight of the Vietnam motorbike tours. The empty roads and breathtaking views will drive you away and amaze you with the windy mountain passes with the rustic tribe villages, vaguely appear in the sunlight.
We come to Phu Yen at 4:00 pm. After checking in, you can take a walk around the town and enjoy the dinner. It marks the end of 1st day tour with Northern Vietnam motorbike tours.

DAY 2. PHU YEN – THAN UYEN ( riding distance – 220 km – B, L, D ) Local hotel

northeast vietnam motorbike tours

Off-road Vietnam Motorbike Tours

You are highly encouraged to be an early bird today because it will be the best motorcycle ride in Vietnam ever!

After trying the beef noodle, a really delicious Vietnamese cuisine, for the breakfast, we will set off at 8:30 am. You will be astonished on the way from Phu Yen to Than Uyen with motorbike tours north Vietnam. Many stops will be put on the ride today. Make sure that you don’t miss any chances to take more photos for your collection about northern Vietnam motorbike tours.
We will have the lunch at Mu Cang Chai town. It is followed by the ride on motorcycle through rustic villages of H’Mong and Muong tribe. Riding through the sugar cane plantation make your motorcycle tour to North Vietnam much more wonderful and memorable!
We stop at Than Uyen at 4:30pm. A night in hotel will be the relaxing times for you to prepare for the next promising days.

DAY 3. THAN UYEN – SAPA. ( riding distance 125 km – B, L, D ) Hotel stay

Vietnam Motorbike Tours

Vietnam Motorbike Tours – Sapa mountain pass

Like normal, our motorbike crew to Sapa will depart at 8:30am after breakfast. Although it is short distance, we will have a range of stops on motorbike trip. Truly, this part of ride could be the highlight of the whole motorbike tour in north Vietnam, especially when we ride through the longest and highest windy pass: Binh Lu mountain pass; where you are stunned by splendid views of mountains and valleys. Remember to charge your battery fully, because we will stop here to take many photo shoots, down at the winding pass. It is one of the greatest parts of the motorbike tours northern Vietnam.
After lunch in Sapa, we will take a short ride around Sapa area. Heading to Muong Hoa valley, you will be amazed by the glorious view of valley. When the dawn nearly falls down, we will be back to Sapa for overnight. It ceased the end of 3rd fantastic day with Northern Vietnam motorbike tours.
“Sapa is one of Vietnam’s most well-known destinations in the north, nearly the Fansipan mountain; the highest peak in Indochina. It has gained the reputation for terraced rice paddies, the cooling weather, the color of weekend market. You will be stunned not only by the landscapes but also the colorful and lively local life of indigenous residents; originating from tribes. The combination of local culture and French architectures have imprinted significantly in Sapa”

DAY 4. SAPA – VU LINH – THAC BA LAKE. ( riding distance 200 km – B, L, D ) Home stay

motorbike tours northern vietnamWe highly suggests that you should wake up earlier, in case the sufficient time condition, we can try motorboat in the afternoon.
The motorbike tour starts again at 7:30 am. Just about 37 km from Sapa to Lao Cai, you can see the majestic views of tranquil village before heading to the main center of Lao Cai town. Watch out the roads because it is really crowded. Take your time to have a cup of coffee near the Chinese border before the motorbike tour keeps going to Pho Rang for lunch.
In the afternoon, we come back the motorbike tour to back roads to Vu Linh -Thac Ba lake. The next part could pin the best moments of your motorbike tour to the north of Vietnam. A real life of Vietnam appears in your eyes.
We arrive at the home stay at 3:00, park the bikes and continue with a boat tour on Thac Ba lake for an hour. Afterwards, we will be back to Dzao family and enjoy a local dinner with hospitable and friendly local people.

“Thac Ba lake belongs to the area of Yen Bai province. Being one of the largest man-made lake in Vietnam, Thac Ba lake was created by the construction of hydropower plan in 1971. With more than 20,000 square meters and the length of 80km and thousand of islands, it is considered as Halong on the mountain. You will have the relaxing times to see the nature and take beautiful photos on boat after a long day”

DAY 5: VU LINH – THAC BA LAKE –  HANOI ( riding distance 185 km – B, L )north vietnam motorbike tours

Your breakfast is served with local pan cake, banana and fresh honey; all are made by local host. Our Northern Vietnam motorbike tours is continued with the off-road tour around tranquil Dzao village with the gardens of palm and betel-nut trees. Afterwards, we will see off to come back to Viet Tri on motorbike.

After lunch in Viet Tri, our Vietnam motorbike tours crew will follow the off-the-track roads along the Red River bank to come back to Hanoi. You are one more time amazed by the peaceful villages like wonderful landscaping pictures. After few hours, we come to Hanoi at 4:00pm.

5 day tour with north Vietnam motorbike tours is not a long time, but hopefully you did have great moments with us! We hope to see your wonderful photos and sharing about your journey


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North Vietnam Motorbike Tours

Off-road riding in Sapa

North Vietnam Motorbike Tours

On the peak of Binh Lu pass – Sapa area

North Vietnam Motorbike Tours

The ride from Tu Le to Mu Cang Chai – Yen Bai province

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