6 Day North Vietnam Motorbike Tours To Ha Giang

Within 6 day motorbike north Vietnam with Vietnam Motorbike Ride to explore the endless charms of Ha Giang, you will have the off the beaten track feelings on the motorbike to the far-away places in the North of Vietnam, where nature and human create the anthem song of mountains and forests. Getting off your comfort zone, riding on the motorbike, feeling the winds blowing through neck and seizing the chance to see out-of-track majestic views, you challenge yourself to gain the most rewarding experiences with Vietnam motorcycle tours.

This northeast Vietnam motorbike tours to Ha Giang is tough, we only recommend to experienced riders who have at least 5-year riding or have done similar riding on off-road motorcycle touring.

Highlights: Hanoi, Vu Linh, Ha Giang, Meo Vac, Ba Be lake, Bac Kan, Hanoi.

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Tour type: on and off road ride in north Vietnam

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Tour price: From 135 USD / Rider/ Day

Trip is designed for experienced riders.

motorbike tours in north vietnam




  •  English speaking tour guide/Mechanic

  •  Quality Bikes with spare things and all fuel ( Brand New XR 125cc or CRF 250cc )

  •  All meals on tour ( Vietnamese food )

  •  All entrance fee/tickets or permits to visit frontier/remote area

  •  Accommodation (standard hotel with AC or Home stay with soft mats, fans and mosquito nets)

  •  Boat trips on lakes or rivers

  •  Tea/coffee in the morning. Vietnamese rice wine in the evening

  •  Tourist Map

  •  Helmet/Gloves

  • Water ( bottle / rider/ day )

Things you should bring with you during your northeast Vietnam motorcycle tours.
Even though we can supply riding gear for the motorbike trip we recommend you bring your own riding gear as safety and fit is important.
Helmet – Motor cross or Full-face helmet is recommended (for prevention from flies, stones and dust when we ride )
Riding Jacket – For safety and comfort preferably with vents as it is warm
Gloves – Thin summer gloves a
Shoes – Motorbike boots or sturdy walking boots ( shoes )
Small medical first aid kit


We are using the Japanese Honda XR 125cc or 250cc Honda CRF with Panniers and carrier on the back.

CRF-250-L-Vietnam-Motorbike       XR-125l-Vietnam-Motorcycle-

Note: There is no support vehicle on these Motorbike North Vietnam ( support vehicle can be arranged with the cost 135 USD/ Day ) so you should pack fairly light but can leave the luggages in our Hanoi office since we return there after the ride. The panniers for the bikes are about 2x 45 L. The hotels have a very good and fast laundry service so you can wash en route.


Day 1. Hanoi – Vu Linh – Thac Ba lake ( 180 km )
Day 2. Vu Linh – Ha giang ( 180 km )
Day 3. Ha Giang – Meo Vac ( 180 km )
Day 4. Meo Vac – Ba Be lake ( 180 km )
Day 5. Ba Be Lake – Bac Kan ( 145 km )
Day 6. Bac Kan – Ha Noi ( 205 km )


DAY 1. HANOI – VU LINH ( riding distance 180 km – L, D ) Home staynorthern vietnam motorbike tours

After a warm and hospitable welcome at your hotel, we will hit the road to the west of Hanoi. Getting off the full-of-dust and crowded city, we can savor the wonderful moments with Vietnam motorcycle tours on the quiet countryside roads; where you can see the floating villages on the Red River. The magnificent times in morning promise a good lunch afterward in Viet Tri city.

After lunch, our motorbike tour in the North of Vietnam is carried on going through the peaceful and tranquil villages, where you can see the palm tree forests running to the end of horizon. Having a windy afternoon on the motorbike through magnificent landscapes along the road is so fantastic!
At 4: 00pm, we arrive at Vu Linh village, which belong to Dzao people located inside Thac Ba Lake bank. An overnight stay in the traditional house with the friendly local residents marks the end of the 1st with the Northern Vietnam motorcycle tours.

DAY 2. VU LINH – HA GIANG ( riding distance 180 km B, L, D ) Home stay

Motorbike Tours Northern VietnamYou are greeted in the morning with the local cuisines like pan cake, banana and honey; all are ready for you at 8:00. The motorbike tour to Ha Giang is cool with the roads embracing the mountains. Breakfast is followed by a short off-road motorbike ride around Vu Linh village to explore the hidden charm of the northern countryside in Vietnam.

It is promising that Ha Giang is the best destination for you on the whole motorcycle tour to discover the far north of Vietnam. Your eyes will be full of spectacular views in an afternoon with the dawn gradually falling from the top of karst mountains, covering the roofs of H’mong, Nung, Tay village. Our motorcycle tour will come to Ha Giang by 4:00PM. You can take a walk around romantic city or drop in a bar to take a cooling beer after a long day.

The 2nd day of the Vietnam motorbike tours comes to an end.

DAY 3. HA GIANG – DONG VAN PLATEAU – MEO VAC (riding distance 180km – B, L, D)

Motorbike Tours Northern Vietnam

Motorbike Tours Northern Vietnam

If you visit to Dong Van, Ha Giang, it will be a great lack if you don’t take time to try the mouth-watering fruits and precious medicinal plants. It is considered as the heaven of the temperate zone’s vegetation such as: peaches, plums, pears, cinnamon, ventricles, etc. This motorbike north Vietnam is an endless inspiration for artists to go deeply into the local life, expressed from the various chosen topics: colorful tribes, mountains, rice terraces, etc. It is astonishingly interesting part for you of the whole motorbike tour in Vietnam.

”Dong Van is one of the most remote districts in Ha Giang province. Located in the rugged rock land of the mountain, Dong Van offers tourists with stunning views and the authentic local life to explore more about the indigenous people. Take a snapshot in the Dong Van market and you can see the colorful traditional costumes of different ethnic such as: Tay, Nung, Han, Mong, Hoa, Dao, Kinh…

Today’s route must be the top part of the whole motorbike journey in North Vietnam when we hit the road to one of the farthest lands in Vietnam. Passing through Ma Pi Leng pass, one of the most 4 famous passes in Vietnam and also the longest pass in northern Vietnam, you can enjoy the adventurous feeling with the motorbike tour. Although it is full of challenges, it is surely that this moment may be one in the blue moon of your life. However, your efforts are compensated with the fantastic views with the high hills and black stone mountains. Make sure that you don’t drop the battery of your camera or leave it elsewhere because you will need it, with the maximum capacity.

Arriving at Meo Vac at about 4:30, we ended the tour for the 3rd day motorbike tour in northeast Vietnam.

DAY 4. MEO VAC – BA BE LAKE (riding distance 180km – B, L, D ) Home stay

notorbike ride to Ha Giang

Snacking roads in Ha Giang – Northeast Vietnam

Our journey on the motorbike continues to Ba Be lake after breakfast. On the way to Bac Can province, you are supposed to grasp the chance for another splendid and glorious view: Overlooking down to Nho Que River- one of the deepest valleys in Vietnam. It is uncountable for us with the number of marvelous views that you can have on the north Vietnam motorbike tours, but make sure you don’t miss this moment.

After lunch in Bao Lac, we continue to travel by motorbike to Ba Be lake with the ride through many winding trails, impressive rivers and the majestic landscapes. Staying at night in Tay home stay gives you more time to contact with local people here and discover the beauty of people in different parts of Vietnam.

DAY 5. BA BE LAKE – BAC KAN (riding distance 155 km – B, L, D ) Home stayba be lake northeast vietnam

After being served with a breakfast made by local hosts, we keep on riding motorbike to Bac Can. We can see the typical markets in northern part of Vietnam, where people from many tribes come here to trade or buy something, or simply meet friends and make acquaintances. If not, don’t worry because we can try another feeling by exploring Ba Be lake on the boat, it is also highlight of motorbike north Vietnam.

With the distance of more than 100km, we can have some stops for satisfying your passion for photography. You are supposed to pass many majestic views of mountains, beautiful rustic villages. We come to Bac Can at 4:30 PM and it is the end of 5th day motorbike tour in north Vietnam.

”Ba Be is Vietnam’s largest natural lake and also the largest lake in Vietnam. It is now the main part of Ba Be national park. Coming to Ba Be lake, you can contemplates the wonderful landscape with the limestone mountains, caves and grottos or discovering the biodiversity of Ba Be with many endemic flora and fauna. Ba Be lake now is getting more and more riders who would like to have the off the beaten track with the northern Vietnam motorcycle tours”

DAY 6. BAC KAN – HANOI (riding distance 205 km – B, L ).

motorbike tours vietnam

Motorbike Tours Vietnam

After breakfast, it is time for us to see off Bac Can and take the ride back to Hanoi on a sealed road. The motorbike tour follows the high-way 3 to come back to Hanoi. This road is a residential road so it is quite busy but we will take you back on many beautiful countryside roads.
We will enjoy the lunch in a local restaurant and back to Hanoi before rush hours.
Although 6 days are not a long time but we hope that the moments with Vietnam Motorbike Ride did give you a lot of unforgettable memories.

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