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Off-road Vietnam Motorbike Tours

Specially prioritized with the abundance of natural heritages and the marvelous landscapes, from mountainous areas to long coastal line, Vietnam has utilized the advantage to become a new market for sightseeing tourism, especially adventurous tourism activities. With many topographies scattering along the whole country, it will be so fascinating for every motorcyclist who wants to conquer the new challenges. Coming with northwest Vietnam motorbike tours, you will have the amazing moments to explore the beauty of nature and human in that remote area of Vietnam.


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Why Northwest Vietnam Motorbike Tours?

Northwest Vietnam motorcycle touring has proved its stable position in the adventurous tourism market for a long time and gained the reputation not only with domestic but also mainly international tourists. Just by some clicks on the internet, you can find the truthful reviews about motorbike tour on TRIPADVISOR website, and other reliable blogs about travelling.

With the motto “Your satisfaction is our success”, we value our clients and try to maximum the experiences on every motorbike riding tours.

What do you have to prepare? Gaining experience by already having experience!

Frankly speaking, northwest Vietnam motorcycle tours is open for every motorcyclist, who has already had the experience in using motorbike. Therefore, if you want to achieve the targets of riding to the high mountains or passing the winding trail; at least, you have to be familiar with using motorbike. It is more ideal if you know how to use motorbike fixing tools and some skills relating to group moving when riding motorbike in Vietnam.

The northwest areas in Vietnam will stun you by the incredibly spectacular views, with the towering gigantic rock mountains, or the enormous terraced paddy fields shining in the sunshine; but it also challenges you with the almost vertical hilly roads; the blind points in the winding passes, or the rugged paths crossing the forests. If you conquer it successfully, the achievement will be extremely fruitful. A strong spirit will be the catalyst for you to make Vietnam motorbike tours come true with flying colors.

Therefore, if you are a big fan of adventurous tourism and motorbike tour particularly with the experiences in riding motorbike fluently, you are almost ready for reaching to the wonderful places in the north of Vietnam.

What’s more? The willingness to learn new things.

Joining the motorcycle tours to Northwest of Vietnam, you will have chance to admire many first things of your life. Due to the variety of topographies in that area, you can see masterpieces of nature; the limestone mountains on earth, considered as “Ha Long bay on the land”; the rock plateau formed million years ago or the primitive forests which are mostly untouched by the human and no footprints left. You can take it all in your eyes and learn more about the ecosystem in Vietnam through that trip.

Moreover, northwest Vietnam motorbike tours is not only an adventurous trip but also a learning journey. Through connecting with many hill tribes, you are going to have a deep understanding about people in Vietnam. Different ethnic minorities with different costumes, different habits or different ways of thought. Just going through the rustic villages or the mountainous markets, you can feel the colorful and vivid life of indigenous residents all along the motorbike tours in Vietnam.


northern Vietnam Motorbike Tours

And don’t forget to bring the necessary equipments

Clothes: Taking Vietnam motorbike tours, you will have to ride nearly constantly and have no time for washing or laundry, so it is better that you should prepare enough clothes for the length of the trip. And in the northern area of Vietnam, sometimes our Vietnam motorbike crew will ride through the places with harsh weather condition (can be freezing) so remember to bring enough warm clothes with many layers.

Personal stuffs, hygene items: normally, Book North Vietnam motorbike tours, they will have such things in the hotel and basic one in the homestay; but you should still bring your own in case you don’t find the stuffs in the accommodation comfortable.

Sweet, candies: this one is necessary things that you should have during your motorcycle tours in Vietnam because when you ride motorbike for the long distance, surely you will feel tired and need more energy for moving. A candy or chocolate will be a good way to keep you awake and energetic in the route.

Battery charger: Photography is something irresistible with almost all motorcyclists when being surrounded by marvelous views; so make sure that you don’t leave it at home! You will need it for the whole long day until reaching hotel to charge for the next motorbike touring day.

Those things are the basic one you need to bring along with you on the motorbike tours Vietnam. You can consult more with us or some detail entry about the things to carry on the tour. Apart from it, we will equip the necessary things for motorbike trips in Vietnam like helmet, protecting clothes for knee and arm, motorbike fixing tools and other safety items.

For more information about Vietnam motorbike tours particularly and other tours offered in Vietnam Motorbike Tour company, just feel free to log on the website, or contact to the hotline +84 985. 333. 066 to know more.

We always look forward to your concern and your interest in our motorcycle tours.



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