Ba Be lake – Northeast Vietnam

Ba Be lake – Northeast Vietnam

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ba be lake northeast vietnam

There is no public bus from Hanoi to Ba Ba lake, the best way to see Ba Be lake from Hanoi are by motorbike or 4WD. As the motorcyclist, I have done many motorbike trip in North Vietnam and to Ba Be lake but everytime I have something new. Ba Be lake is the second Halong bay in Vietnam, like Halong in the mountain. Northeast Vietnam by motorbike will be the best way to discover all the hidden parts of this most beautiful region in Vietnam.

What should we do in Ba Be lake area?

There are few more way to love this amazing places that we could do here are: trekking, hiking, “ off – the beaten track” , visit some remoted villages in the park.

Ba Be National Park is a highlight of Bac Kan province and it attracts a lot of tourists every year. The Park was established in 1992 with its total area of 100.48 km2.

Center of the park is the Ba Be lake which relates to a famous legend of Vietnamese people. The name of Ba Be means “three lakes” which are Pe Leng, Pe Lu, and Pe Lam. This largest natural fresh water lake stretches about 8 kilometers in the north-south direction. Unlike many lakes in Karst limestone areas, Ba Be Lake never falls in drought with its maximum depth of 35 meters.

The vegetation in Ba Be National Park mainly consists of limestone and evergreen forest. The park is also home of many kinds of wild animals like birds, fish, reptiles, amphibian species, the King Cobra… and worthy for its diversity in butterflies. All of these make Ba Be National park become the center of ecotourism in the north of Vietnam.

Bac Kan is also famous for some war relics as Na Tu, ATK… The ATK is located in Bang Lung Town let, Cho Don District. The ATK is the abbreviation for “An Toan Khu”, meaning “safe zone”. It consists of a complex of underground tunnels and rooms emboldened by a missile defense system in Cho Don. This unique and invincible complex was one of the most important venues of the Vietnam Army from 1946 to 1954, where President Ho Chi Minh and many other leaders gathered, discussed and made vital decision involving the destiny of the nation.

In a nutshell, Bac Kan has a collection of beautiful nature and historical places. Coming there, tourists have a chance to discover another interesting slice of the country and Vietnamese people.

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