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With many people, motorbike tours are still the offbeat definitions. Most of the tourists are familiar with the package tours, carefully arranged from top to toe; tourists just need to get on the coach and waiting for the tour guide to inform their coming.

That’s reasonable why motorbike tours, especially in Vietnam, are not the common things for tourists. However, this new segment is very well treated and appreciated by many foreigner. Possessing the prioritized natural resources along with the range of glorious landscapes and seascapes, Vietnam is nowadays a favorite destination for travelers seeking the adventurous feelings. And motorbike tours are enlisted on top of their wishing list.

Let’s take a look at common questions that tourists usually raise when mentioning about Vietnam motorcycle trips to have an insight in this kind of interesting activities.


What are Vietnam motorbike tours?

Basically, motorbike tours are the tours conducted using motorcycles, mostly. It involves long riding and mainly happens on the mountainous areas. Particularly, in motorcycle trips Vietnam, joiners will have chance to race over the North Vietnam area to the central part on Ho Chi Minh legendary trail, or even go further to the South.


What is the limited age of riders?

The limited age for the riders must be over the legal age of using motorbike in your own country and also in Vietnam (as stated in motorbike driving license). We don’t limit the upper age, as long as you feel that you are healthy enough to ride motorbike.

How long does it last?

The length of Vietnam motorcycle tours are really dependent on the motorcyclists. Because all the motorcycle tours are tailored ones; we tried to accommodate your demands. If the travelers prefer the short tour in 1 or 2 days, which are safer and affordable, we provide the motorcycle trips Hanoi or riding pretty further to the suburban areas. If you want to enjoy the long tours, gearing up to the mountainous areas or coastal lines, we are pleased to provide you the long ones, from 7-16 days.

What about the safety of the tours?

In the motorbike tours Vietnam, safety is the thing set on the top concerning list. Our tour guide will take care of the team for the whole journey and help the tourists to handle the problems possibly in the tours.

Besides, all the motorbike used in the tours are carefully examined. They are all the imported motorbikes from Japan and strictly follow the western standard in terms of quality. Going along with the good motorbikes are the necessary tools and equipment like knee protecting cloth, gloves, helmet, etc.

The short training about Vietnam roads and signs are also delivered in the motorcycle touring Vietnam. You can distinguish which sign is for which purpose, how to access the difficult roads, how to avoid traffic jam in the city as well as ways to enjoy the countryside back roads.

How is the tour different from other tours?

Motorbike tours of Vietnam Motorcycle Company is specially arranged following with the demand of tourists. That’s the first different thing from our services. Secondly, we offer the new routes which are hardly used by other companies, which set you apart from the mainstream ones. That makes the tourists feel like being specially treated.

Last but not least, with the friendly and hospitable tour guide, along with the welcoming and warm homestay hosts and local people, we want you to feel a real and authentic Vietnam on the journeys on motorbike Vietnam.

What should we prepare?

Preparing is the most important thing for your motorbike tours in Vietnam. Apart from those necessary things like clothes, foods, camera, etc, you should pay attention to some first-aid stuffs. In the motorcycle tours Vietnam, we are supposed to face with many kinds of weather; changeable and unpredictable; therefore, if your body is weekly adapted, a dose of medicine is necessary. Warm clothes, charger, rain coat, candies for the kids, books and notebooks, trekking shoes, personal hygiene stuffs… are the other essential things you can prepare.

If I have never joined the motorcycle trips, can I do it?

It is hard if you have no experience with joining any motorcycle tours. However, Yes, you can, as long as you know how to ride motorbike, it can easier for you. You can also join the short tour around the city, or some nearby mountainous areas in 1-2 days if your riding skill is uncontrollable.

How can I pay and the price of motorbike tours?

The price of Vietnam motorbike tours is fluctuated, depending on the tours and the numbers of the day. If you want to ask the exact price, it is better for you to contact by the Hotmail or the cellphone. You should indicate exactly what do you want in the tour, how many days, and special request (in case you have)

About the payment, you can send money through the internet banking or some money transfer service. Or you can come directly to our office in Hanoi to pay the money when you land in Vietnam.


You can check out information about all Vietnam motorbike tours on our website Vietnammotorbikeride.com to make sure that you have made a perfect decision. The hotline+ 84985 333 066 is always open to listen to your demand, your desires and your recommendation for our Vietnam motorcycle tours.






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