Fascinating experiences with Vietnam motorbike tours!

Fascinating experiences with Vietnam motorbike tours!

Vietnam Motorbike Tours

Vietnam Motorbike Tours

Riding motorbike is not an easy stuff, and for sure it is not a adventure game for a kid!

Especially you are from the countries, where most of your time is spent on getting out of the car, getting on the subway or simply walking through a road with a systematic transportation.

On top of that, Motorbike Riding In Vietnam means exploring the mountainous areas, coastal lines or the countryside paths; it is thoroughly different from what you can imagine about the streets in the cities in Vietnam.

Vietnam Motorbike Tours

Vietnam Motorbike Tours – Ho Chi Minh Trail


Is it scary enough?

Don’t you dare to step out of your comfort zone and come with us?

Just brace yourself and blow your worries away; coming with Vietnam Motorbike Tours, we put your SAFETY as the first priority! And obviously, safety always goes along with the BREATHTAKING SCENERY and the WONDERFUL MOMENTS!

So now, after consulting many articles about how glorious, stunning the nature is, let’s Motorbike Touring Vietnam give you some tips for a safe and sound trip, that will be unforgettable, motorbike trips of a lifetime!

Vietnam Motorbike Tour

Drinking “Ruou Can ” – Northwest Vietnam


Don’t ride in the bad weather!

It is inevitable for us to catch up with some bad conditions of weather on the motorbike tours Vietnam; especially on the mountainous regions in Vietnam, where the weather is really harsh and sometimes unpredictable. So what should we do in the bad weather?

  1. Don’t ride motorbike in the heavy rain! Even some motorcyclists would love to experience their childhood’s experience with rain shower but not in the motorbike tours; if you don’t want to be terrified by the muddy roads, slippery and the potholes which are really invisible for being stagnant. So the best time for Motorbike Tours In Vietnam is from September to May next year!
  2. Fog is coming, reduce your speed or maybe take a break! In mountainous areas, it is common to see the fog or mist, especially in the winter when the temperature lows down really quickly. If we are on the way of motorcycle tours Northern Vietnam and feel the landscaped be covered by the fog, let’s reduce your velocity to make sure we all have safe Vietnam Motorbike Ride.
  3. When taking Vietnam Motorbike Tours and Darkness is not our friend, remember! When the night falls down, don’t try to finish the route if the roads are really rugged with blind curves. You don’t know what darkness can lead you through. It could be a barrier in the road, instead of the hotel.
  4. You feel something hard and tough fall into your head while riding motorbike in Vietnam? Stop immediately! It can be the hail. Don’t play with that kind of phenomenon of weather, it can hurt you so bad!
Motorbike-Tours North Vietnam

Motorbike Tours Northern Vietnam

Follow the team, never separate!

One thing for sure, during Vietnam Motorbike Tours, both Northern areas and coastal line, you will be stunned by the amazing landscapes on 2 sides. A moment of distraction could lead you in a respective way!

Don’t let a marvelous flower take you out of the motorbike line! I am sure that you love photography and want to stop to take a snapshot, but if you act like that, you can be left behind with the whole Vietnam Motorbike Crew. And getting lost is sometimes understandable. Our guides knows well where to stop, rest, eat… You will have plenty of stops for photos when you take our Motorbike Tours In Vietnam.

In case of getting lost, don’t move out of your position. The leading person from Motorbike Tours Vietnam will come back the way to find you. Make sure that you stand in a noticeable place that we can detect from the distance. Call Alan Chien at +84985333066 at anytime to have fully support when you get lost or at any case!

Hanoi Motorbike Tours

Hanoi Motorbike Tours

Follow the leader, it is something MUST.

With the Vietnam Motorbike Tours, you will be lead and instructed by an expert guide, who has the cultivated experiences about motorcycle tours through out Vietnam and knowledgeable about that region. Therefore, follow his instruction is really important.

Normally, he will ride in front of all the team to make sure that you know the way. He knows where can you stop for taking photos or taking a break, so don’t worry, your time is perfectly allocated to balance between the moving times and resting moments.

Sometimes, he can gear down to the back position and observe all of you, in case someone can be lost or be pulled back really far from the others. If something happens with you or your bike, don’t hesitate to ask for his help. It is not just because of his responsibility but also his friendliness and willingness to support you.


Motorbike North Vietnam

Using horn is a crucial thing.

When you join Vietnam Motorbike Tours, let’s get used to with using horn because in Vietnam, it is not really rude or impolite when you make a sound to alert other people. On the motorbike tours Vietnam, apart from lights, you should try to use horn for the safety of yourself as well as the pedestrian and other vehicles.

And If you know how to use it properly, you know one more traditional habit of Vietnamese when joining in the traffic flow!

Vietnam Motorbike Tours

Motorbike Tours Northern Vietnam

Learn the rules and regulations about riding motorbike in Vietnam.

Before the Vietnam Motorbike Tours, you will be trained some necessary skills and knowledge about the road system in Vietnam. There are a lot of traffic signs which can be seen on the way; so you need to know the basic one to avoid getting fined by traffic police or causing some accidents, which are absolutely avertable.

Besides it, you should know the hand signal of the guide in the motorbike tours Vietnam. Like when he puts his arm on the left, it means turning left. With the rugged roads, he will reduce the pace, so all the motorbikers need to follow that signal.


North Vietnam Motorbike Tours

Contact us for more details.

Basically, they are something that all the motorcyclists in the Vietnam motorbike tours need to acknowledge. There will be a range of tips and instructions for you to maximize your wonderful moments and to let you have a safe and sound trip.

Visit our website Vietnammotorbikeride.com or call to the hotline + 84985 333 066 to know more information about Vietnam Motorbike Tours. We are 24/24 available to solve all of your questions and concerns.


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