Ha Giang – Best Riding Place In Vietnam

Ha Giang – Best Riding Place In Vietnam

Motorbike-Tour-to-Ha Giang

Motorbike Ride In North Vietnam

Motorbike-Tour-to-Ha Giang

Motorbike Ride In North Vietnam

Ha Giang is located in far northeast of Vietnam, it bords China. Ha Giang the top province in northern Vietnam. It has many mountain routes, many old growth forests, many precious wood, and 1.000 kinds of rare Chinese medicines. Base on that beautiful routes and scenic sites and Ha Giang becomes one of the most famous destination for motorbike tours in Vietnam.

A truly Vietnam motorbike adventure tour by the scenic views, winding passes and friendly people here. The ride offer on and off-road, riding over the bridges, single tracks and especially some river crossing.


Ha Giang is a province in northeast of Vietnam, bordering Cao Bang province in the east, Yen Bai and Lao Cai province in the west and Tuyen Quang in the south. Northern Ha Giang province share the border with China (border length 274 kilometers).

The topography of Ha Giang province is complex; it can be divided into three regions: upland mountain in the north, valley and rivers. Its climate is moderate, divided into 2 seasons: rainy and dry seasons. Western upland of massif upstream of Chay River, steep slopes, narrow valleys and streams, which was divided into two seasons: rainy and dry seasons. Lowland in the province includes hills, Lo River and Ha Giang town. The average temperature is about 240C-280C, in the winter, temperature can go down to -50C.

According to census on April 1st 2009 Ha Giang population is 724.537 people in which H’Mong accounts for 32% total population, Tay (23.3%), Dao (15.1%), Viet (13.3%) and Nung (9.9%)

Ha Giang has many mountains such as Tay Con Linh with 2.419 meters height, there has many old growth forests, many precious wood, and 1.000 kinds of rare herbs. The animal includes tiger, hemorrhoids, phoenix, pangolin… and hundreds of other birds. Ha Giang has poetic and grandeur upland: Dong Van – Global Rock Plateau, Khau Vai love market which attracts a numbers of tourists. Travel to Ha Giang by motorbike will offer you opportunity to access the unique culture and traditional products such as: bags, dresses with brilliant pattern. Moreover, motorbike tour to Ha Giang you can enjoy the fair of uplands and explore unforgettable experience.

Travel from Hanoi to Ha Giang about 300 kilometers. Best time to travel to Ha Giang is in November when the locals are busy harvesting rice, flowers are blooming in the field and the rainy season is gone. Travel to Ha Giang by 4WD or by motorcycle will be the best!

In brief, the best month to do motorcycle tour to Ha Giang and northern Vietnam is between September to the next April.

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