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Of all other means of transportation, motorbike/ motorcycle is the most favorite one toward all travellers, especially those who visit Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, one of South East Asia’s most mysterious and culturally rich cities with over 1000 years of history. This is not only because it is the most popular means of transportation used here but also it is the most interesting and flexible way to discover all places of interest to enjoy the real Hanoi. This is also the reason why there is more and more tourist company in Hanoi offer motorcycle tour for foreigner to better enjoy their trip to Hanoi. Actually, Hanoi Motorcycle tours allow you to be at one with the city, just like a local. There are many reasons why Hanoi Motorcycle Tours become more popular among Northern Vietnam Motorcycle Tours.


Hanoi Motorcycle Tours

Why you should rent a motorcycle and make a tour around Hanoi city?

First of all, problem with all tourists when going to somewhere new is the time and budget limit. Visiting Hanoi and wandering around the Old Quarter, The Temple of Literature, the Sword Lake, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum Complex and Hoa Lo Prison are so familiar names which you should not miss the chance to visit them. Though they are quite close to each other, however,if you go on foot, it may take you a whole day for both discovering and making your way to go there. Therefore, to save time, you’d better offer a Hanoi motorcycle tour and travel around the Old Quarter to visit these places. The renting price for each Hanoi motorcycle tour is around US $ 15 -20 per day, much cheaper than the price for a room/ night.

Second, Hanoi motorbike tours are among the most convenient ways to discover every corner of Hanoi. In fact, there are some spots which are scattered in the outskirts of Hanoi. To reach these destinations, you may go by bus or taxi. However, bus takes time while taxi takes quite lot of money. Once again, Vietnam Motorbike Tours proves itself to be the most appropriate way to save time and money when visiting such places. Hanoi Ethnology Museum and Van Phuc silk village or Bat Trang porcelain and ceramic village are of many examples for this. The museum is in the Cau Giay district, about 7km from the city centre and around 200,000d each way in a taxi. Occupying a modern structure, the terrific collection here features well-presented tribal art, artifacts and everyday objects gathered from across the nation. For anyone with an interest in Vietnam’s minorities, it’s an essential visit. On the other hand, Bat Trang ceramic village is going to give you another feeling when you could discover a unique handicraft village in Vietnam. Bat Trang is well known throughout Vietnam for its beautiful ceramics, the production started in the 14th century. It takes about an hour to get there from the Old quarter then you could spend half a day in there to take a quick lesson to learn how to make all the product from white clay. It surely will bring you interesting new experiences.

And after spending about half a day at Hanoi Ethnology Museum or Bat Trang village with Vietnam motorbike tours, you could move to the South of the city and visit Van Phuc silk village. Situated on the bank of Nhue River, about 10km southwest of Hanoi city, Van Phuc is very popular for its local traditional weaving and good quality silk products. At the age of more than 1,200 years, Van Phuc is proud to be the most ancient silk village which provides the best silk products through out Vietnam. With any motorbike tours, you could easily stop and buy some silk items there as souvenir for friends and relatives with suitable price.

Last but not least, North Vietnam Motorbike Tours is the best choice if you want to visit some places around the suburb of Hanoi such as Ba Vi and Dong Mo Golf course or Duong Lam ancient village which is located to the west of the city. Duong Lam ancient village, on the other hand, will give you a different experience with architecture of ancient houses, narrow alleyways, and temples dedicated to the two kings who were born there (Phung Hung and Ngo Quyen). The two most famous places at Duong Lam are Sung NghiemTu (Mia Pagoda) and Mong Phu Temple. Mia Pagoda is on a small hill in Dong Sang Hamlet or ride further up to Sapa and Ha Giang. Northern Vietnam motorbike tours will bring you interesting experiences. You may feel that time seems to stay still there with the overwhelming atmosphere of calm and peace.

The fact that Hanoi motorbike tours in will give you a different experience of Hanoi with some unique attractions in the busy and non-touristy part of Hanoi city. Hanoi motorcycle tours offers several beautiful and traditional villages in the suburb of Hanoi. Only one day Hanoi motorbike tour will help you discover the hidden charm of Hanoi and nearby, which is a combination of adventure and relaxing travel. It is said that Hanoi Motorcycle Tour is so interesting that you should rent a motorcycle and make a tour around Hanoi.

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