Hanoi motorbike tours – have you discovered our city in the right way?

Hanoi motorbike tours – have you discovered our city in the right way?

hanoi motorbike tours

If you are a big fan of adventurous tourism, you have no reason to not know about the existence of motorbike tours all around the world. Full of excitements, high level of adrenaline in blood and the risky but fascinating moments; they are something ones having tried motorbike tour can describe it.

However, have you ever wondered yourself whether motorbike tours are just designed for riding in the remote places, the mountainous areas with the forests and tribes; and there is no way a motorcycle trip in the city can keep the authenticity of an adventurous journey?


Hanoi motorbike ride

Hanoi Motorbike Tours – Start your day with unforgettable ride

If that thought have ever come across your mind, let erase it as soon as possible, or let us help you to change your mind with the motorbike tours in HANOI, the capital of Vietnam. With the experiences of providing motorcycle tours all around this S-shaped country, we are sure that one city motorcycle trip is totally in our reach.

So let’s see how a Hanoi city motorbike tour can keep perfectly the authenticity of a classic adventurous motorcycle trip.

hanoi motorbike tours

The transportation in Hanoi- it is more adventurous than you can see.

There are tons of articles in many newspapers all around the world talking about the transportation in Hanoi. They use different technique terms to describe it: crazy, chaotic, messy; all seem so negative. But someone has said the transportation system in Vietnam can be a masterpiece.

On the Hanoi motorbike tours, you have the chance to see it. If you have been familiar with the motorbike tours Northern Vietnam with the winding trails around the mountains; coming with motorcycle trip around the city, you should be really patient and take control of your riding. In the city center, the flow of the vehicles seems endless, long-lasting about few kilometers. Even if you want to gear up your motorbike, you can’t do it. Sometimes, they just go in their own way, create the road for them to make it flow; that is the scary moment when you just want to scream out “Oh my god, what about me, how can I get out of here!”

And if you get out of the bustle of the city successfully, it leads to another challenges when our motorbike tour come to the suburban areas. That area maybe more comfortable with the riding on the sealed big roads; however, it comes up with another situation: a lot of trucks and big transports, which are seemingly to hit you if you don’t move quickly.

I have to be so sure that, riding motorbike in Vietnam, especially in Hanoi is the fastest way for you to totally get out of riding obsession.

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From the hot spots to the out-of-track attractions; all are included in the trip.

Vietnam is the country with the high density of tourism attractions; from natural to man-made ones. That’s why many tourists choose Vietnam as the destination for their holiday. On the Vietnam motorbike tours, you can see the range of sites; from the natural icons to the historical relics. Don’t be so jealous with this tours because even in the city tour Hanoi, you can experience many things like this.

From the central of the city, you can see many icons of Hanoi like temple of literature, Ho Chi Minh complex or the wide ranges of many museums. This city is well-known as the city of museum, so in the city motorcycle tour, it is inevitable that we will drop in at least one of them.

If the strength of Vietnam motorbike tours is the range of the natural sites, the city Hanoi motorbike tour focuses on the cultural aspects. In the afternoon, after admiring many iconic landmarks, we can hit the road to suburban areas to see many traditional villages like silk villages, pottery villages; or go a little bit further to the west side of the city to see the Duong Lam ancient village near the Ba Vi National Park. It is well designed to meet the demand of you and the allocated times and the most picked Hanoi motorbike tour to countryside is Duong Lam ancient village. It is 65km from the west of Hanoi.

The city tour-journey to meet the new people.

One of the typical things of the Vietnam motorbike tours is that you can interact with many people, from your teammate of motorbike crew, until the local people in many regions of the country. It is also true with the motorcycle ride in Hanoi.

Firstly, you also have chance to meet with many tourists from all around the world, if you wish to join a group tour. It would be a good chance, even in the short time, but riding motorbike together is like working in a team, requiring a lot of efforts from you to understand each other. After 1 or 2 day, you can have the new friends, who can be your travel mate in the future.

And like other tours, on the Hanoi city travelling on motorbike, you can meet many local people in the outskirts. They are mainly the farmers with the great hospitality and the friendliness. You can be shown the way to make the pottery, the way how the silk is made or just simply listened to their story of their life, their village, their community. They are all the good memories in Vietnam and help you to remember about this lovely land.


You can check out information about all Vietnam motorbike tours and Hanoi motorcycle trips on our website Vietnammotorbikeride.com to make sure that you have made a perfect decision. The hotline+ 84985 333 066 is always open to listen to your demand, your desires and your recommendation for our Vietnam motorbike trips.



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