Hanoi Motorbike Tours

Hanoi Motorbike Tours

Hanoi Motorbike Tours

Hanoi is one of South East Asia’s most mysterious and culturally rich cities. With over a thousand years of history, exploring Hanoi in the open air by motorbike allows you to be at one with the city, just like a local. Especially, after widened in 2008, Hanoi becomes a very big capital city (around 3.345 square kilometers) and for tourists, it has more things to do in Hanoi, there are much more attractions with more tradition and countryside in the capital Hanoi. This one day motorbike tours around Hanoi takes you to some famous pagodas in Hanoi in which there is almost no tourist and leads you through the countryside, rural areas that you can experience the real or different Hanoi.


Hanoi Motorbike Tours

Whether you decide to embark on a personalized private tour or a group tour, exploring Hanoi by motorbike will give you the freedom to experience the sights, tastes, smells and sounds of this exciting, culturally rich capital citywith beautiful green fields with flying storks, lush gardens, graceful women, friendly smiling children.
Taking a Hanoi motorbike tour is the best way to start your stay in Hanoi. After you complete your tour, your senses will be heightened and your confidence to explore the city will be complete.

What are Hanoi MotorcycleTours?

Our Hanoi Motorbike Tours, a part of Northern Vietnam Motorbike Tours, has been set for over the past decade by local and international riders with rich guiding and touring motorcycle experience. We are always ready to give you with the experience of a lifetime. Experience some of the best road trip adventures in the world with the leading motorcycle tour company in Vietnam.
All year round, We can provide the best Vietnam motorcycle tours for your unique adventure needs. Experienced great off-road tours with friends and discover the stunning culture of the Hanoian in the beautiful countryside areas. Feel the fresh air and experience the sense of freedom while enjoying taking your path in paddy roads.
By making a solo or group reservation, you can join Hanoi Motorbike Tours, the perfect start of realizing your dream ride in one of the friendliest cities in the world. Get in touch with our knowledgeable team for customizations, recommendations, or special requests. We have the largest selection of motorbikes suited to your riding style including road bikes, dirt bikes, endure bikes.
Make your Vietnam motorbike tours now and turn your dream ride into reality. Hanoi motorbike tours is dedicated in providing people with the best outdoor adventures on motorbikes. From daily rentals, long week rentals to luxury tours, we meets all your needs!


Popular Hanoi Motorcycle Tours

With Motorbike Tours in Hanoi, you can get out of some hustle and bustle destination in the center of Hanoi to enjoy a number of beautiful peaceful countryside villages to have a different look about Hanoi. Below are some typical suggested destinations for riders:
Duong Lam village: going there with Hanoi Motorcycle Tour team, we can discover old houses made of red literate and rammed soil, most of the village architectures still remain original such as the village gate, the communal well and the temple courtyard, etc. It is great opportunity to witness the calm and tranquility of everyday country life and meet, interacting with local people. Besides, we can relax in the fantastic countryside, learn and enjoy some local seasonal food. Then you can have a bath with herbs according to traditional style. It’s absolutely over your expectation.
Ba Vi National Park,located in the five districts: Ba Vi, Thach That, QuocOai, Hanoi, Luong Son, Ky Son is the next ideal destination of Hanoi Motorbike Tours collection that we would love to introduce to you. The park hasits’ general characteristics dominated by mechanisms of monsoon with the average annual temperature in the region is humid at 23,40oC. Besides, Ba Vi National Park has diversity species of vascular plants and vertebrate faunae. Let’s join to make your motorbike ride unforgettable.
Chuong village which is another attractive destination’s Hanoi Motorbike Tours, far about 30 kilometers from the center, is located on Ha Dong road-HuongTich pagoda. Visiting the well-known village of conical hat making tradition, you can see thousands of “non quaithao” (a kind of conical hat with fringe hanging at both sides) with its’ unique beauty with pink fringes. In the middle of that beautiful picture, no one can keep their heartbeat in right way. It is no exaggeration to say that the craft village’s beauty will blow your mind up for sure.
Bat Trang ceramic village is also one of the worth-to-see places where is included in our  Hanoi Motorbike Tours, just about 13 kilometers from Hanoi, is a famous ancient village for making qualityceramic products.Come here, tourists have the special opportunity not only to see a range of beautiful ceramic products such as gorgeous ceramic tile, painting, flower vases, tea pots and cups, bowls, plates, spoons, even ceramic dogs but also learn how create a vase or anything from clay that we want and paint the ready-make products. I’m sure that that experience will never disappoint you.

Also, Co Loa citadel, Ngu Xa village,Van Phuc silk village are some other worth-see destination of Hanoi countryside. One more thing to note is that people here with extremely friendly, open and easy-going characteristics are warmly welcoming you.

Why Choose Hanoi Motorbike Tours

Motorcycle touring in countryside of Hanoi has been a great choice for tourists and motorcyclists. Most of their designed tour will truly suit to your fun-seeking adventure. Rest assured that Hanoi Motorbike Tours has the perfect choice of motorcycles which are comfortable and easy to ride.
To begin with, our Hanoi Motorbike Tours truly know their way around, from the best food and coffee stops to quiet countryside riding routes suitable for any experiencedriders or new bees. If you’re a culture enthusiast, we’ve got you covered. If you’re into thrills, riding the great outdoors of Vietnam and absorbing in the outskirt Hanoi very few tourists really get to see, they’ve got you covered too our accommodating.These places in Hanoi are known for having winding roads where most riders are craving for more fun-ride experience.
Besides, Our motorbikes are brand new motorcycles that looked fresh off the factory belt. We always keep in mind the philosophy that safety and reliability was of paramount importance to our company.We supply excellent services namely VIP pickups, airport transfer, and hotel accommodation. The fleet services follow the western standards and the international travel insurance regulations. All of our services are suited for both men and women riders of all ages. Customers can be solo riders, couples, motorcycle clubs, or group of friends. For optimum comfort and security, we free of charge helmets and motorcycle gear with optional pick up support vehicle loaded with snacks and cold drinks. Vietnam Motorbike Ride is the most reputable Motorbike Tour company, based in the North of Vietnam. Professionally running special motorbike tours departing from Hanoi.
So, let’s choose from a wide range of our motorcycle tours and see for yourself the country’s incredible destinations. For those Vietnam motorbike tours, you can book it and pay only that is easy and secured.

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