Ho Chi Minh Road By Motorbike

Ho Chi Minh Road By Motorbike

motorbike tour on ho chi minh trail

Wild pig on Ho Chi Minh Trail

motorbike tour on ho chi minh trail

Wild pig on Ho Chi Minh Trail

Ho Chi Minh Road is the combination of road/ trail system linked trail pack baskets, highways, waterways, oil and gas pipeline running along the Truong Son mountain range to supply the troops, transport weapons and ammunition and material from North to South Vietnam in the struggle against the US (1954-75). Construction at the behest of President Ho Chi Minh (1959). Due Division 559 charge. Developed on the basis of communication lines in the struggle against the French (1945-54) and the Thong Nhat (road transportation officials to go north to south) formed after 1954. To build from 05/19/1959 at Tan Ky (Nghe An) and the Khe Ho road (Vinh Linh, Quang Tri province).

Include: 1) The inter-ministerial communication, derives from the Ha beach (Quang Tri province) to the Southeast, with a length of about 3 thousand miles.

2) The pack baskets, mainly based on the lines of communication, have renovated to fit the media pack baskets (bikes, horses, elephants, human labor).

3) Highways (military roads fold) consisting of 5 main shaft (total length of 5530 km), 21 horizontal (total length of 4091 km), 440 bypass road (across the river, sentinel, a total length of 4,700 km), by K (closed, a total length of 3140 km, disguised secret to running all day); 5-axis vertical with the 20 is the main road, with the major famous crab letter A, Le Tac underground, Phu La Pass Nudge. Dated 10.25.1965, the date of its route first automobile transport called “green lamp Uncle Ho”.

4) Petroleum Pipelines, built from 6.1968, derived from Khe Ho (Vinh Linh) to Loc Ninh, a total length of 1,339 km, including 46 warehouses with a capacity of 17 050 tons, 113 pump stations and delivery speed.

5) Waterways, taking advantage of the Xe Bang stretches Porch, Xe Co., Mekong (Mekong) … a total length of about 500 km to drop rice, gasoline with the flow or 2-way shipping by boat or motor boat payload of about 10 tons. To build a system of Ho Chi Minh Trail, 559 Regiment had dug, up the road, filling bomb craters (in manpower and machinery) is about 11 million m3 of soil and rock, as 13,418 players, more than 10 thousand drain with 5.52 million workdays.

On Ho Chi Minh Trail, the US has used to 1,34 million tons of bombs, 33 460 times B52 sorties; millions of mines of all kinds, using many means raiding as toxic as leafless trees, artificial rain (to 21.6 million spent, performed 2,602 aircraft of artificial rain), set electronic fence, etc. US has conducted around 120 soldiers raiding operations, 1,235 commandos service on the route, but failed to prevent the carriage. Since the building until the end (1974), there were 4.5 million people travel, shipping over 1.5 million tons, 55 million tons / km, transporting 66,354 tonnes help Laos, Cambodia 8179 tons and one thousand cars.


Ho Chi Minh Trail reach the northwest, through new lands, hilly stretch of road, winding mountain pass so far. Depending on short or long Ho Chi Minh Trail Motorbike Tours, but the journey on Trail should take much longer but the views are stunning. Ho Chi Minh Trail at present is smooth as rebuit by Vietnam government, so that traveling by motorbike from north to south Vietnam by Ho Chi Minh Trail is much better, less restricted speed, the car is not much to gain 65 bq / km / h is easy.

Time often shortened time 6pm, only 2/3 to take the No 1 highway. Gasoline also fell more due to less wasted by stops, avoid lines, although there longer.
Ho Chi Minh Trail also offer much beauty bestowed by nature, tourist attractions attractions such as Suoi Mo Jade fish god (Cam Thu – Thanh Hoa ), Hang Bua – Hang Tham OM (Nghe An), Phong Nha-Ke Bang national park (Quang Binh), 3 Dong Loc Nga (Ha Tinh) …

Almost our Ho Chi Minh Road by motorcycle will depart from Hanoi. The first day we normally ride to Mai Chau valley or Phu Yen town where offering amazing mountain views, colorful tribes staying in very charming village and it depends how much time you have so that we do it best for you. Sometimes we ride from 4 to 5-day in north Vietnam before joining Ho Chi Minh Trail. Please take a look at that 11-Day Unique Vietnam Motorbike Ride HERE.

Please alsoadded thatin recent years, the travel services aredevelopedinHo Chi Minh highway, not muchdistanceasancientdesertridersshouldnotworry aboutfind a place torefuel, tire changeoraccommodation, big and small hotels everywhere, gas stations, repair serviceis alsogreat, the doctorswere not afraidto belonelyon the roadasin the past. Travel Ho Chi Minh Trail by motorbike is the best way to discover all the war sites and some natural heritage sites.

The best time to do motorbike tour on Ho Chi Minh Trail is from October to next April. Known as the best motorbike tour company based in Hanoi. We can tailor made your tour from 7 to 16-day riding on the Trail.

Please call Alan at  +84 985 333 066 or sales@offroadindochina.com to make the reservation for motorbike tour on Ho Chi Minh Trail.

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