How to have a good Vietnam motorbike tours?

How to have a good Vietnam motorbike tours?

Motorbike tours have not been a strange definition for the tourism lovers. When tourists are too fed up with the normal kinds of activities in the package tours, they seek for the new things. Definitely, motorcycle trips can meet all of their demands: a little bit adventurous, the new feelings, the first-time experiences and moreover, the stories of their life.

However, motorbike tours are not the easy things for all the travelers. Coming from the developed countries to Asia, they are totally unaware of what is waiting for them ahead; what should they do and should know about motorbike tours. With many people, motorbike tours Vietnam are just remindful, but they still don’t understand exactly what motorbike tours are.

To let the customers to be clearer about motorbike tours and what can they do to reach the peak of the trip, just take a look at the advices to have the best Vietnam motorcycle tour.

northern vietnam motorbike tours

Vietnam Motorbike Trips – Health is the most important.

Definitely, motorbike trip Vietnam is not the things for the people with health issues. The tour will be full of excitement for every joiner, but just make sure that your health is good enough to face with the difficult situations in the tour; sometimes, the weather is harsher than what you can imagine.

In the journey of motorbike tour Vietnam, you will have to ride intensively, with the distance ranging from 100 to more than 200km or even more than 200km per day. Even with the good-condition roads, you may find it troublesome if riding non-stop. In the Northern areas of Vietnam, the roads are bumpy, rugged and full of potholes. That is why North Vietnam is the best place for off road Vietnam motorbike tours. Therefore, your physical health needs to be well-checked.

Moreover, with the sudden changes of the weather which is quite unpredictable, your body need to quickly adapt to the new environments. From the hot weather in the coastal area, to the freezing days on the uphill mountains; if you don’t prepare carefully; some common diseases like flu, malaria can get into your body easily. Remember, be confirmed that you have a good health for Vietnam Motorbike Travel.

Motorbike Tours Northern Vietnam

Motorbike Tours Northern Vietnam

Vietnam Motorbike Tours – The basic knowledge of the destinations.

Preparing the basic knowledge for every trip is inevitable and necessary. Especially, with the Vietnam motorbike touring, you need to acknowledge more because this long journey will take you through many places around Vietnam, from North to South. The more carefully you prepare, the more you master every situation.

Obviously, the tour guide from Vietnam motorcycle tour Company will support you effectively in the journey and you will be basically trained with some foundation backgrounds of the routes you are going to ride motorbike through. However, if you prepare by yourself, you can really understand Vietnam in the deep way. Once you are familiar with everything here, you can really enjoy it and get harmony with the local people.

Let’s assume that you know how to greet when meeting the strangers, how to eat the food properly in the local way and how to be more confident when sharing and talking with the indigenous people; your motorbike trips Vietnam will be more meaningful. That is the perk of being an attentive traveler.

Vietnam Motorcycle Tours – Spirit- Willingness to take risk.

Even right before trying the Vietnam motorbike tours, many people showed their scare for the journeys on the back of motorcycle. “whoa it is so dangerous..”, “No, I can’t do it”, “Maybe it is just for the guys, not for the girl”, and even “No way, I don’t want to die”. Because they don’t fully understand it and they are not willing to know about it, they just ignore it immediately without giving it a chance.

Therefore, you need to set your mindset right before joining in Vietnam motorbike tour. Don’t be so worried about it because everything is under our control. The price of taking risk is the feeling of achieving the target that you can never think of. No one could ever think that they will climb to the top of the highest mountain in Vietnam or riding motorbike around the winding trails.

But finally, they can do it. No matter how difficult it is, just keep your optimistic in every case!

Vietnam Motorbike Tours – Remember to bring enough personal stuffs.

Even in the Vietnam motorbike tours, you will be enthusiastically supported with many things and no need to bring clusters of stuffs; but it would be better if you can bring your personal things in case of emergency.

Some first-aid stuffs are very helpful when you get bleeding or malaria; sometimes; with just a quick dose of medicine, you can get over your light flu before making it more serious. Raincoats, sun cream, sun glasses, etc are the things you absolutely what you need to utilize on the motorbike journey.

Some kinds of junk foods are advised; you can get more sugar from the candy and increase your blood pressure, which make you less tired. Sometimes, you can get dizzy because of hungriness or thirstiness, hence; sweet stuffs are really good and essential for your health.

For the most comfortable, we suggest that you should bring your own gears as below

  • Motorcycle helmet (preferably motocross or dual sport type)
  • Backpack (Hydration type. min. 3 Litre)
  • Goggles (With spare lenses. Tinted and clear)
  • Riding boots  (Full length motocross type preferred)
  • Gloves (two pairs)


You can check out information about all Vietnam motorbike tours on our website to make sure that you have made a perfect decision. The hotline+ 84985 333 066 is always open to listen to your demand, your desires and your recommendation for our Northern Vietnam motorbike tours.



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