Lang Son – Northeast Vietnam Motorcycle

Lang Son – Northeast Vietnam Motorcycle


Northeast Vietnam Motorcycle Ride

Lang Son a border town 180km northeast of Hanoi, from Gia Lam – Hanoi, we bike to turn high way No 5 then to Thanh Tri Bridge, then turn Left. Keep riding about 150km run more then to Lang Son.


Position 20 ° 27′22 ° 19 ‘ north latitude and 106 ° 06′107 ° 21′ east longitude. North of Cao Bang Province: 55 km North-East Chongzuo (Guangxi, China): 253 km south of Bac Giang province: 148 km south east of Quang Ninh province 48 km west Bac Kan province: 73 km south west of Thai Nguyen province: 60 km.
Lang Son has two international border: Dong Dang railway border gate and Huu Nghi border gate road; National 4-gate: Chi Ma (in Loc Binh District) and Binh Nghi (Trang Dinh District), Tan Thanh (Van Lang District). Lang Son province

Hills accounting for over 80% of the whole province. Terrain types common in mountainous Lang Son is low and hilly, the average height of 252 m above sea level. The lowest point is 20 m south of Huu Lung District and the highest point is 1541m Mau Son mountain. Cachthanh Mau Son, Lang Son town 30 miles to the east, is surrounded by many large and small mountains, sometimes with snow in the winter. With a great location in northeast Vietnam, many motorcyclist decided to ride to Lang Son or they take grand northeast Vietnam motorbike tour which also cover Halong bay with the ride from Lang Son.

Lang Son province has many scenic mountain views, colorful culture which are the strange attraction for many motorcyclists.

Border with China. Lang Son always attracted tourists by the busy market area. There are 3 biggest markets in here where visitors can buy lots of items from clothing to appliances, from the table until the flashlight.

Tan Thanh market bazaar close to the gate, selling many electronic items and blankets.

Dong Dang market located in the heart of Dong Dang specializes in footwear, socks, underwear…

Dong Kinh market – sold all the essential items for the family. Especially the line appliances and blankets


Mau Son is known as the French resort with dozens of old houses built, now abandoned. French quite keen in choosing resort destinations such as Tam Dao mountain, Sapa, Mau Son While other destinations are attracting investors and tourists to the Mau Son boring” so that as many people do for Mau Son tourism as princesses” sleep in the woods.

Mau Son, Lang Son city located 30km north-east, travel to Mau Son by motorcycle is the best way

Short motorbike tour to Mau Son from Hanoi

Motorcycles from Hanoi Lang Son Mau Son (200km) highway 4 to Lang Son is quite beautiful, just few hours riding, we will be at the mountain area, if the light comes from you can take advantage of visiting some tourist attractions Lang Son before. Mau Son evening to get a hotel room, a walk around to take some photos from the top of mountain.

The second day in Mau Son

Trekking around Mau Son or motorbike to go into some of the ZDao villages on the way down the mountain as Khuoi Cap, Khuoi Tang. We can cover all of that spotlights near Mau Son then bike back to Hanoi in the same day.

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