Motorbike Tours Around Northern Vietnam

Motorbike Tours Around Northern Vietnam


Rice Terraces In Sapa - North Vietnam

Over the past three decades, Vietnam has steadily grown as a tourist destination. The rich, diverse culture of Vietnam makes it the perfect place to travel and explore, especially for Westerners who may not be familiar with the culture and the incredible landscape that makes this country unique in the region. This is especially true in the northern Vietnam area where many of the small villages and towns retain their unique traditions and ways of living that they have had for centuries.

The best way to explore this region of the world is with North Vietnam Motorbike Tours that will allow you and your family and friends to see this incredible part of the world. For many, it not only offers the opportunity for exploration, but engaging in a unique adventure that will be fondly remembered for the rest of their lives.


Rice Terraces In Sapa – North Vietnam

What are North Vietnam Motorbike Tours?

Essentially, these are tours where you rent motorcycles that will take you on a pre-determined route through the beautiful countryside of Northern Vietnam. While southern Vietnam certainly has its own inherent beauty and is worthy of visiting as well, the northern part of the country is more mountainous and features many unique aspects that makes going on a motorbike tour so special.

The bikes themselves are standard issue in Vietnam are regulated by the government in terms of their overall size and power. However, despite what they visually may look like at first, these are some of the most dependable motorcycles ever built. The 125cc engines are the maximum allowed in Vietnam, but they are more than powerful enough to climb the various mountain roads and trails through the country.

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Motorbike Tours North Vietnam

The Advantages of Motorbike Tours

There are a number of benefits when you take a North Vietnam Motorbike Tours, especially during the summer months when the countryside is truly scenic, warm and beautiful. ( Especially rice harvesting season )

Personalized: Unlike riding on a bus, taking a Vietnam Motorbike Tours is a much more personalized way of travelling in this part of the world. You can stop when you want to see some amazing sights or just talk to the people who live in this remarkable part of the world.

Relaxed: Unlike more formal tours where you ride in a bus, Vietnam Motorbike Tours tend to be less structured so that you can really enjoy riding around in this unique area of the world. In addition, you can always stretch your legs when needed and take your time to really soak in the culture and beauty that surrounds you.

Adventure: This is a trip that you will truly enjoy because it represents a real adventure in a place that remains one of the most unique that you will ever see. This is especially true when sharing the experience with friends and family on your motorbike tours in Vietnam.

Ma-Pi-Leng pass-Ha-Giang

Ma Pi Leng Pass, the legend pass ( Ha Giang )

What to Take on a Motorbike Tours

When you take one of the North Vietnam Motorbike Tours, you will need to be prepared in terms of planning, clothing, items and information that you will need in order to get around the countryside. A little preparation will have you ready to take on this marvelous adventure.

motorbike tour north vietnam

Sapa Motorbike – North Vietnam

Permits: This is a country in which permits are still needed to go to certain places. So, work with a reputable tour company so that you are fully covered when it comes to having the right permits.

Towns to Visit: While there are many places to visit in the Northern areas of Vietnam, the places that you will want to see include Yen Minh, Dong Van and Ha Giang, Sapa, Bac Kan..etc which are found in the northernmost areas of the country. You will need to gain special permits in order to visit the first two towns that are listed. However, if you work through a standard Vietnam motorbike tour company they should be able to help.

Take Only What You Need: You’ll want to take the gear than you need, including a proper helmet. While you can purchase some gear in Vietnam, it may not be up to the proper standards. As for everything else, remember that you are riding on a motorcycle so travel light.

Insurance: Here, you’ll want to be fully insured for your visit. However, this will mean working with the company or perhaps one from Australia that offers similar services to see how you can be covered in the right way. Going without adequate coverage is risky to say the least.

Watch Out for Winter: If you decide to travel by motorbike in northern Vietnam during the wintertime, be sure to take a good jacket, gloves and wear your clothes in layers. The winters are cold in the Northern sections of Vietnam, so you will want to be prepared.

Bring a Camera: The sights you will see, particularly the stunning countryside is really unique, so be sure to take a camera or GoPro with you, otherwise you will regret not having a way to record your incredible adventure. Even a simple digital camera will work wonders during your trip with North Vietnam Motorbike Tours.

125cc road bikes or trail bikes are Fine: The bikes themselves may seem underpowered for the countryside, but you’ll be amazed just how suitable they are for the rugged terrain and conditions of this part of the world. While you may be able to upgrade to a Honda CRF 250cc bike, the 125cc is just fine for the trip.

Watch out for Scams: If a company offers you a Vietnamese Motorbike License upon your arrival, then it is probably a scam. Such licenses take months for foreigners to obtain, so if you see this as part of the package, you’ll want to save your money and find another company.

Taking advantage of the North Vietnam Motorbike Tours will provide you, your family and friends with an amazing adventure that you will never forget. The unique people, culture and sights are truly something to behold, so you’ll want to properly plan for the trip by doing some motorcycle riding and packing the appropriate gear for an adventure that is truly different than what you have ever experienced.

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