Motorbike tours North Vietnam- a tasty and unique gastronomy.

Motorbike tours North Vietnam- a tasty and unique gastronomy.

Northwest Vietnam Motorbike Tours

Northwest Vietnam Motorbike Tours

Recently in the world, “Banh My” or “Pho” has become the famous names that whenever they see it in the signboard of any restaurants, they need to screamingly whisper “oh, It is a Vietnamese food restaurant”. Vietnamese gastronomy has emerged from the simplest foods like this and gained the reputation for the whole country.

Northwest Vietnam Motorbike Tours

Northwest Vietnam Motorbike Tours


However, Vietnamese food is not all about “Pho” or “Banh My”. In different parts of Vietnam, we have different dishes and it proves the variety in the cuisine culture of Vietnam. On the Northern Vietnam motorbike tours, you are supposed to try the most typical foods of Northern areas of Vietnam. Most of dishes from that area are strongly attached with the forests and mountains; they took the vegetable from the forests with some special herbs and spices that are exclusive on this region.

And for sure, you don’t have to worry about the hygiene problem. In tribe villages, most of the products are grew or raised on site; so they don’t use pesticide or herbicide. Trying the food in North Vietnam motorbike trips is another challenge for you because sometimes, the ingredients are not familiar with you. But overcoming it successfully means that you have learned a unique aspect of Vietnamese culture.

5-color sticky rice.

When crossing by some hill tribes of Tay people in the North of Vietnam, it is a great missing if our Vietnam Motorbike Tours doesn’t drop in and try some local stuffs. Of all the foods which make the fame of Tay people, 5-color sticky rice is more noticed.

Like its name, 5-color sticky rice is really eye-catching and strongly-flavored with 5 colors, standing for 5 elements creating the universe. Taking our Northern Vietnam motorcycle tours, we can observe the way they make it if we come in the festival time. The rice must be chosen from the young grain of the recent harvest to make sure that it will be limper and soft and the sticky rice won’t be dry and tough.

They dye the sticky rice from natural materials, all are taken from some liquids resulted from the blending-process of some leaves. They create the natural colors without harming the food. It is widely-used by the local residents. After finishing, motorbike tours Northern Vietnam members can all try it. Don’t forget to give some compliments for local people.

Motorbike Tours North Vietnam

“Thang Co” the horse hotpot.

Riding motorbike tours North Vietnam a long way to Sapa, Bac Ha ( Lao Cai ) Dong Van ( Ha Giang ) to see the Geo-park, you should spend hours on visiting the periodical markets in this town, and stop in a food stall and try Thang Co, a famous food in this area, which is a good choice for a winter day.

Basically, Thang Co is the mixture of all the parts of animal (goat, pig, but mainly horse). They will steam the bones of horse carefully in the long hours, filter it many times to take the most purified broth. After that, they will put the meat and the organs of horse inside the currently-boiling broth cooker. After the long day riding motorbike in the cold weather of Northern Vietnam during winter time, for sure that every motorbiker want to try something hot to relax and enjoy the atmosphere.

You don’t need to worry a lot about the hygiene problem because in Northern Vietnam motorbike tours/ holidays, we will choose the good places for trying foods. And if you don’t like it, just try a little bit and mark it in your diary “I have tried a quirky food in Vietnam made from horse”. It would the joyful memories for you when thinking about Northern Vietnam motorbike tours.

Vietnam Motorbike Tours

“Can” drink.

If Tay people is famous for sticky rice, Thai people is well-known for bamboo dancing and “Can” drink. A party of motorbike tours Vietnam in the homestay with Thai people will not be fulfilled if we don’t have this drink next to the camp fire.

Fundamentally, Can alcohol is made from corn or rice; as the main ingredient. It is really light and suitable for both men and women. The main purpose of drinking Can is to cheer up the atmosphere, not for being drunk so you don’t need to worry if you are not alcohol-addicting persons. In the sound of music, It is irresistible for all the motorcyclists in the Vietnam motorbike tours to drink and dance with local people.

And one special thing is that, when you drink “Can” wine, you will use the bamboo straw to drink from a big jar, not pour into the small cups. It is another special feature of “Can” drink that attracts many tourists coming to that area.

Vietnam Motorbike Tours

Wild boar meat.

Last but not least, we want to introduce to all the motorcyclists-to-be Northern Vietnam motorbike tours a special kind of meat: wild boar meat. It is the food that everyone needs to try when they travel to that area, both domestic tourists or foreigners.

When riding motorbike through the rustic villages in Northern parts of Vietnam, surely, all the motorbike riding team can catch up with the images of black boars wandering in the gardens or in the roads. Because the boars here are raised mainly with the local foods and they can run or walk freely in the forests or mountains; so their meat is lean and tasty. The skin is really crunchy and not fatty.

More and more foods are waiting for you to try in Northern Vietnam motorbike tours. You will have the amazing moments not only with the breathtaking landscapes but also with the mouth-watering cuisines. Come with motorbike tours North Vietnam today to taste the sophisticated and unique gastronomy of Vietnam.

Vietnam Motorbike Tours

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