Why Motorbike Tours Northern Vietnam

Motorbike Tours Northern Vietnam

Motorbike Tours Northern Vietnam

If you have one time come across any recommendations on some famous travelling websites and read about adventurous tourism, for sure, Asian countries are in the top recommended list. And undoubtedly, Vietnam has gained the reputation for adventurous tourisms, especially the motorbike tours in the Northern area of Vietnam.

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Motorbike Tours Northern Vietnam

Motorbike Tours Northern Vietnam

Northern Vietnam Motorbike Tours

Of all the motorbike tours on the available list, motorbike tour to the North of Vietnam is always highly appreciated and widely chosen by many bikers, with the GOOD and EXCELLENT reviews on TRIPADVISOR. So what are the special things waiting for you in that journey to explore the beauty of Northern Vietnam?

A region prioritized with the high diversity of nature.

Riding motorbike in the North of Vietnam, you will be incredibly amazed by the masterpieces of nature, with each province conveys a typical and special feature. Experiencing million years of geographic changes and formations, northern Vietnam poses the high value in terms of topography.

Taking Vietnam Motorbike Tours, you are able to ride motorbike from the plateaus with the enormous tea plantations to the towering mountains with the winding trails embraced by clouds and fog year around. During the motorcycle tour, you can admire the beauty of Sapa, a famous ancient town reflecting the dash of French architecture and traditional buildings; Dong Van rock plateau, the sanctuary of rocks in Ha Giang province or Ba Be Lake; the largest fresh water lake in Vietnam.

A motorbike tour, but not only motorbike.

As can be imagined from the name of the tour, many people can doubt that this tour is utterly conducted on motorbike day by day. However, northern Vietnam motorbike tours brings you more experiences than with just only the motorbike.

You are supposed to try many other kinds of traditional vehicles on the motorbike riding North Vietnam. Firstly, let’s one time try to cross the river with the ferry, the main transportation in Da River. You can see the way people on that river struggling with the nature to gain every penny for their family.

Additionally, with some streams or small rivers, the local guide will help us to cut through by the bamboo boat. It looks simple but really safe and unique. Just by few steps and we can reach the other sides of the stream successfully. And on Ba Be Lake, just park your motorbike somewhere and we can get on the wooden sampan to explore the wild beauty of this natural lake, which is almost untouched by human footprints.


Motorbike Tours North  Vietnam

The comfortable and peaceful moments.

Apart from the riding time on the snacking roads or the highway, our northern Vietnam motorcycle tours can relish the peaceful moments to take an insight into the local life. Coming to Sapa town, you can take your time of walking around this romantic city, somehow hidden in the morning mist. Just enjoy every pace of life here and listen to the breath of a mountainous town.

Moreover, we can spend hours on visiting the periodic markets on Sunday or join in some traditional festival of indigenous people if the time is coinciding. This will be fantastic moments of the motorbike tours Northern Vietnam, when you can admire the beauty of not only nature but also people here. From many parts of region, they gather in the market every Sunday to exchange the products, sell or buy something, or simply come here to meet friends, chitchat and make acquaintances.

Each journey is a learning trip.

Throughout the journey with motorbike touring North Vietnam, you will have the chance to know more about the biodiversity of Vietnam. This area has the high density of the numbers of national parks like Hoang Lien National Park or Ba Be National Park, with the richness in the flora and fauna.

On top of that, you can gain more knowledge about ethnic minorities in Vietnam. Through their traditional costumes, you can know which tribes they come from, what is their daily life, and where do they live. The lessons about the vitality of H’mong people, who have to conquer with the rock plateau to gain the productive maze harvests will follow you until the day you come back to your homeland.

Honestly, northern Vietnam motorbike tours is not only a common sightseeing trip but also the learning moments for every motorcyclists.

How to contact Vietnam motorbike tours?

After reading all the basic information, how do you feel now? You are ready to be a part of this amazing motorbike tours in Northern Vietnam to discover the authenticity of north Vietnam with us?

Actually, this one is just a small part in the world of motorbike tours, especially North Vietnam motorcycle tours. If you want to know more about Northern Vietnam area from A to Z, with the experiences or the tips for a safe motorbike trips, just log on the website

Vietnammotorbikeride.com or you can call directly to Mr Alan at +84 985. 333. 066 or Email to sales@offroadindochina.com to get more consultations about the motorbike tours in Vietnam.



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