Motorbike tours Vietnam- wind-riding into the wildness.

Motorbike tours Vietnam- wind-riding into the wildness.

Motorcycle Tours North Vietnam

If you have ever come to Vietnam, for sure, you would be amazed by the irresistible beauties of that land which is highly prioritized by the nature. If you are seeking something new, apart from the modern cities with skyscrapers and shopping malls seemingly for high-end clients or the ancient towns which are flocked by millions of tourists; Vietnam is no doubt the destination for you with the incredibly splendid landscapes; which is perfectly suitable for motorbike tours.

Flying thousand miles to Vietnam, you can join the motorbike tours to experience the authentic wildness of a tropical country. Vietnam motorcycle trips are specially designed to meet the demand of all the customers, even the hot-tempered ones. We try our best to diversify the attractions in the motorbike tours. If you are curious about what types of destinations that you have chance to visit, let’s take a look at the list here and you will be blown away by the miracle of nature!

motorbike tours vietnam

Motorcycle Tours Vietnam


The primitive forests for thousand years.

¾ area of Vietnam is covered with forests or sparsely forested hilly areas; mainly allocated in the mountainous areas. Therefore, on the Vietnam Motorbike Tours, there is no reason that we can’t admire the enchanted beauty of forests. From the lowland to the high latitude, the views of nature fluctuate which create a huge variety.

When our motorbike riding crews cross by the Ba Be National park, you can see the typical primitive forests of tropical regions on the limestone mountains. However, after ascending to the high places in Hoang Lien Son mountain range, all the motorcyclists can sightsee the mixture of tropical forests and temperate zone forests. Sometimes, we will cross the vast grown forests, which have been transferred for manufacturing purposes.

No matter what kinds of forests you will go through, the feeling of riding under the shade of trees and the cooling atmosphere in the forests will be the unforgettable memories in motorbike touring Vietnam.

North Vietnam Motorcycle Tours

North Vietnam Motorcycle Tours

The towering limestone mountains.

Limestone mountains are the main mountain scape in northern of Vietnam. When riding motorbike to the northern part of Vietnam, tourists can be impressed by the beauty of the massive mountains, running parallel to the end of horizon.

After a long time with the unstoppable geographical changes, limestone mountains in Vietnam has gained the reputation with many tourists, with the typical landmarks of Ha Long bay. Probably, Vietnam motorcycle riding team will have the stunning moments when biking on the winding trails around the mountains.

The system of natural lakes.

From Hanoi to start the motorbike tours Northern Vietnam, our Vietnam motorcycle team will cross by many natural lakes, named Ba Be Lake, Thac Ba Lake, etc. All the lakes mentioned are the most famous lakes in North Vietnam with the extraordinary views on the bank.

Ba Be Lake is the largest natural lake in Vietnam, which has been recognized as the conservation area for wetland with the typical ecosystem of tropical region. When visiting Ba Be Lake, the Vietnam Motorbike Crew can join a boat tour on this glorious lake to see the sceneries around this lake, which are still almost untouched by human. We can drop in some caves which were the result of the long process of geographical formation or visit the waterfall, shining under the sun like the silver silk.

Moreover, the Vietnam motorbike team also have to cross the Da River by ferry. The water here is more intensive than the lake with the rocks steeply coming out of the surface. Full of challenges but really glamorous for every tourist to admire.

Northern Vietnam Motorbike Tours

Northern Vietnam Motorbike Tours

Rocky mountains- the pride of Ha Giang.

Dong Van rock plateau is the most famous rock plateau in Vienam, which astonishes every traveler when they come here. When gearing up to the most remote land in Ha Giang province, our motorcycle Tours in North Vietnam can be obsessed by the enormous beauty of towering rocks strongly stand in the hilly areas.

Motorbike riding through that region, you will be amazed by the strong-will of people on the rocks. They conduct agricultural activities on the harsh conditions of mountainous areas. The rock is tough but the step of ethnic people are stronger to conquer the constraint of nature.

Motorbike Tours Northern Vietnam

Motorbike Tours Northern Vietnam

Coastal lines with the amazing beaches.

From Northern Vietnam moving along the central land, our Vietnam Motorbike Tours will cross by the most glorious beach in Vietnam. With the advantage of long coastal line of more than 3200km, Vietnam has marked its name in the global map of the most beautiful beach resorts in the world.

Running along the seashore, you can feel the cooling atmosphere of the sea winds blowing from the Pacific Ocean. If motorbike tours Northern Vietnam bring you the gloomy atmosphere with the freezing weather of northern parts, motorbike tours on Ho Chi Minh legendary Trail will be full of excitement and freedom.

Standing in front of the ocean, you will have the most magnificent experiences when Travel Vietnam by Motorbike.

For more information about Vietnam Motorbike Tours, just feel free to log on the website, or contact to the hotline +84 985. 333. 066. There are a range of interesting topics supporting you for your wonderful motorcycle tour in Vietnam. Let’s find and research it to have the best times of your life here.




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