North Vietnam- ideal place for outdoor activities.

Have you ever watched or joined in any versions of “Amazing Race”, when you have to rush on the street non-stop to find the clues and get the answer? This kind of activity is absolutely interesting, like a brain and muscle exercise. If you are big fan of outdoor activities like that, definitely, coming to Vietnam and trying the new actvities are the things for you.

Running on the street is already challenging, and also joyful; but roaring motorbike trips in the North Vietnam and getting involved in outdoor activiites which are really unusual and strange, are much more difficult. The motorcycle journeys will test your durance, your brains in problem solvings or the necessary skills, as well as your physical health.

If you are curious about which activities you are going to join in North Vietnam motorcycle tours, let’s look at the countdown and prepare the energy for the trip!

It can be called a motorbike trip Vietnam without biking activity. On the whole journey of motorcycle tours, no matter short or long, most of your time is on the back of motorbike. For the ones who love the adventurous tourism, this one is the highlight of the whole trip.

Moreover, biking with Vietnam motorcycle trip is much more interesting when you have chance to try many kinds of terraces. From the delta area with the wide and paved highways or the countryside paths, our motorcycle trip can gear up to the mountainous areas, where your riding skills are challenged with the potholes and the winding blind corners on the mountain passes.

This outdoor activity is super awesome for the speed lovers. With motorcycle tours Northern Vietnam, breaking your limit is totally feasible!

  1. Cycling

When you are tired with riding motorbike a long distance, a short trip on the bicycle could be the good option for you. Motorbike tours Vietnam will offer you not only the adventurous feelings with the tough riding routes but also the peaceful moments on bicycle.

Imagine after the long hours tumbling down and the ascending up to the mountain, you just want to feel the peaceful atmosphere of the countryside. Cycling around the traditional villages with the ancient houses or passing by the fields on harvest time with the gentle aroma of ripen rice will the the wonderful experience in the journey of motorbike tours.

  1. Trekking

Trekking is an essential part of the adventuous motorbike tours Vietnam because you will have chance to visit many national parks in the northern mountainous areas. It will be as hard as riding motorbike but the feeling is much fresher and more fascinating.

Parking the motorbike at the gate of forest, our motorbike riding team can combine both cycling and trekking. Getting away from the dust and the heat of the highways, you can totally revel in the fresh air and the cooling atmosphere of the forests.

On top of that, you can really savor the time by another activity in Ba Be National Park. After the long trekking in the jungle, our motorcycle Vietnam journeys can get on the boat and relax on the ventilating space of Ba Be Lake. From this boat, you can take a view at the limestone mountains and forests, or the flock of waterbirds flying slowly above the water surface.

You will never forget the wonderful moments on the tropical forests in Vietnam!

  1. Mountain climbing

If you are really fond of adventurous activities, you should not forget to try the mountain climbing. It is much more dangerous than biking or trekking, but the feeling is more extraordinary at the top of towering mountains.

Upon arriving the Sapa or Dong Van town, motorbike tours Vietnam team can jump to the mountain climbing after packing stuffs carefully. This activity is alluring because you can try the real climbing outdoor with the variety of terraces, not like the indoor climbing.

With many rocky mountains scattering along the northern area, it will be an ideal place for the motorcyclists in the Vietnam motorbike journeys to try this activity. After the long hours pushing your physical condition to the limitation, from the top of the mountain, you really understand the feelling of conquering something. It can be dangerous and tough, but under the instruction of our guide, you will have the safe and fantastic experiences!

  1. Homestay

Trying the local lifestyle is the MUST-THING in journeys of motorbike tours Vietnam. If you want to understand about a country, then living with local people is the best way to fulfill your demand of getting into the culture.

From the delta area to the uphill mountains, our motorcycle touring North Vietnam will pass by many traditional villages of indigenous residents. They are the ethnic minorities living spreadingly in the hilly forested areas. Because their life is almost untouched by the modernity, when staying in the homestay with them, you can experience the unique and well-preserved lifestyle and cultural features of ethnic Vietnam people.


With the wide range of outdoor activities, North Vietnam deserves to be a best place for motorbike tours Vietnam!


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