North Vietnam Motorbike Tours To Sapa – 6 Days

Exploring an intriguing Sapa on an incredible 6 day north Vietnam motorbike tours will be the perk of your trip to Vietnam! Riding through the winding passes, sightsee the magnificence of nature with the terraced paddy fields, rugged trails and off-the-track paths running to the foothill of Fansipan mountain range. It is not only a simple sightseeing motorbike tour, it is learning motorbike journey to the north of Vietnam to know more about history, culture and local life of indigenous people. I bet that joining the motorcycle tour with us will bring you a different perspective about a different Vietnam!

Highlight: Sapa – Tu Le – Mu Cang Chai – Than Uyen, Vu Linh ( Thac Ba lake )

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Tour type: off/road motorcycle tours north Vietnam.

Tour Price: From 135 USD/ Rider/ Day

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Day 1: Hanoi –  Mai Chau ( riding distance 170 km – L, D ) Home stay
Day 2: Mai Chau – Phu Yen ( riding distance 145 km – B, L, D ) Hotel
Day 3: Phu Yen –  Than Uyen ( riding distance  200 km – B, L, D ) Hotel
Day 4: Than Uyen – Sapa ( riding distance 120 km B, L, D ) Hotel
Day 5: Sapa – Vu Linh ( Thac Ba Lake ) ( riding distance 200 km  – B, L, D ) Home stay
Day 6: Vu Linh – Hanoi ( riding distance 180 km – B, L )



DAY 1. HANOI – MAI CHAU (  riding distance 170km – L, D ) Home-stay

Mai Chau Motorbike Tour from HanoiIt is not difficult to find a normal motorbike tour to Mai Chau, but trying an adventurous feeling on the backroads and rugged trails is a totally different experience. And thanks to the efforts of Alan and Vietnam Motorbike Ride, we can provide those fantastic experiences to you with the most interesting route that can no way be copied.

We set off the motorbike tour to the west of Hanoi after breakfast. Our motorcycle tour to northern of Vietnam will firstly go through the small countryside back roads in the suburban areas of Hanoi to see how local life is.

After that, we will have lunch in Son Tay town. It is followed by an amazing afternoon motorcycle tour with the highlight of the whole trip: riding through the Thung Khe pass-one of the most breathtaking pass in the North of Vietnam. Especially, you can observe the glorious landscape when riding the motorbike along the Da river lake; the best part for motorcycle riding in northwest Vietnam.

At 5:00pm, we come to Mai Chau. A comfortable night is promising in the homestay of local Thai people. It comes to the end of 1st day north Vietnam motorbike tours.

DAY 2. MAI CHAU -PHU YEN. ( riding distance 145 km – B, L , D ) Local hotel

Charge your body full of energies with a big breakfast before we hit the road at 8:30am. Our short

motorbike tour north vietnam

north Vietnam motorbike tours today will follow the backroads to Phu Yen.

You are highly recommended to wake up early because we will take a short motorbike ride around Mai Chau and visit some Thai and Muong quiet and peaceful village. The Vietnam motorcycle tours is carried on to Moc Chau plateau- with the off-the-beaten-track roads through the rustic villages, vast fields of rice and wild flowers. And the ride through Hua Tuat pass is promisingly the high points of the motorbike tour to northwest of Vietnam.

Lunch is ready for you in Moc Chau plateau. After lunch, we keep riding motorbike in backroad to Van Yen ferry; where we take the ferry to cross Da river. Take advantage of your 10 minutes on ferry to relax before we try other great feelings on motorbike to Phu Yen town.

At 4:30am, we come to Phu Yen. After checking in, you will have your free time to explore this tranquil and peaceful town. A roadside bar or some traditional junk foods are good choices for you. The dinner is served in the restaurant next door and we end the 2nd day motorcycle tour north Vietnam.

DAY 3. PHU YEN – NGHIA LO – THAN UYEN ( riding distance 200 km – B, L, D ) Local hotel

north vietnam motorbike toursWe will wake you up at 7:30 am. Try Pho, a very mouth-watering famous cuisine of Vietnam, along with some breads before we start the motorcycle north Vietnam at 8:30 am. It is predictable another wonderful riding day. We will ride through charming Muong and Thai villages and see the vivid local life. After that, the Vietnam motorbike crew is supposed to reach Tu Le and Mu Cang Thai through Lung Lo pass, the considerably best part of motorcycle tour in northwest area.

Lunch is prepared for you in Mu Cang Chai town. We promise the wonderful landscapes are waiting for you in the afternoon. Our motorbike tour will ride through the most glorious views in northern Vietnam, with few stops for you to relax, enjoy the atmosphere. Charge your camera’s battery because I am sure that you will want to take photos it until it runs out of battery.

Than Uyen is our next stop at 5:00 pm. Relax and enjoy your times here for 3rd night of the trip!

DAY 4. THAN UYEN – SAPA ( riding distance 120 km – B, L, D ) Hotel staynorth vietnam motorbike tours

We bet that you will have the most wonderful times with NORTH VIETNAM MOTORBIKE TOURS today when heading to Sapa. Riding on the sealed road through H’mong and Muong villages, you can see the fantastic view of the vast tea plantation before joining the highest and longest mountain pass in Vietnam. Although the pass is just 32km, it is no doubt the most unique and special ride of Vietnam motorbike holidays. A stop at the top to take panorama photos is irresistible. We will come to Sapa in the midday and enjoy the lunch here.

“Lie about 30km from Lao Cai city, Sapa is full-of-mist town with cooling weather every day. This town is combination of French-style buildings, which were built from 1922; and the traditional house-on-stilts of indigenous people. Sapa is famous for its vivid local life, with the terraced paddy fields, the colorful love markets; where uncountable love stories of ethic people have been written years by years”

After getting a room, you can take your motorbike and take short tour around Sapa. Riding down to the Muong Hoa valley, you will be amazed by enormous rice terraces and peaceful H’mong, Dzao villages vaguely appear in the hills and mountains. We will ride back to Sapa afterward to relax after the 4th day of motorbike tour to northwest Vietnam.

DAY 5.  SAPA – VU LINH ( THAC BA LAKE ) ( riding distance 200 km – B, L, D ) Home stay

motorbike-vietnamYou are highly encouraged to be an early bird! After a full breakfast in the hotel, we will ride back through the pass to reach Lao Cai city. The 37km on mountain road pass will give you unforgettable moments of Vietnam motorbike tours to the North. Watch out the transportation in Lao Cai city because it is more busy and crowded. A little bit north heading, we will come to the border, take a coffee and see the local activities here. The motorbike crew to north of Vietnam keeps going on to Pho Rang, where you can take a break for lunch. After short motorbike ride, we will hit to the countryside roads and what appears in our view is breathtaking: Thac Ba lake – one of the biggest artificial lake in Vietnam.

The last 60km to Thac Ba of north Vietnam motorbike tours will blow your mind with big palm trees forests, the attractive tranquil villages of Dzao people. We come to the Vu Linh village at 3:00 am to get the room in homestay. After that, a short motorboat trip on Thac Ba lake will be the relaxing moments for the intense motorbike tour. You can drink some beers, take photos or just simply sightsee the nature.

After one hour discovering the beautiful isolated islands, we will come back to home stay for dinner and overnight here. It marks the end of the 5th day with Vietnam motorcycle tours.

DAY 6 : VU LINH – HANOI ( riding distance 180 km – B, L ).

A breakfast with pan cake, banana and honey is a wonderful choice for the last day with motorbike North Vietnam. We will see off the host to come back to Hanoi at 8:30 am. A short motorbike tour in the off-the-track roads around the villages of Dzao people, surrounded by forests and hills is the highlight of the morning.

After lunch, our motorbike crew rides back to Hanoi by countryside roads along the Red River Delta, where you can see the vast corn fields, or some floating fishing villages. The views are so picturesque and tranquil for a beautiful afternoon. We end the tour at 4:30 pm in Hanoi.

6 day north Vietnam motorbike tours to Sapa is not a long time, but hopefully, it has been a piece of your vivid travelling timelife.

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