Northeast Vietnam motorbike tours – incredible journey!

Northeast Vietnam motorbike tours – incredible journey!

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Northeast Vietnam has been a famous destination for adventurous tourism for a long time. Although tourism activities have not been significantly developed in that area, many Vietnamese travelers still prefer going there to conquer themselves with motorbike riding or trekking activities.

Motorbike Tours Northern Vietnam

With many young Vietnamese, joining a motorcycle holiday in Northeast Vietnam is the way to prove themselves as well as exploring the unique beauties and features of Vietnam. The foreigners are not exceptional. With the purpose of helping more and more international tourists experience a different journey in mountainous northeast Vietnam and other parts in general, motorbike holiday in Vietnam were born.

Being a part of this fantastic trip and wandering in Northeast Vietnam, you can take your chance to explore the wild and untamed sceneries of mountainous area. Many fascinating things are waiting for you at Vietnam motorbike tours!

vietnam motorbike trips, vietnam motorbike tours

Motorbike Holiday in Vietnam – Land of the first moments.

If you have never come to Vietnam, a trip to this S-shaped country, especially with Vietnam Motorbike Ride team, can make your first time extremely memorable. Visiting an Asian nation always bring the motorcyclists the interesting memories, and Vietnam is one of the attractive destinations in Asia.

It could be your first time coming to Vietnam, a strange country on the shore of East Sea. It would be your first experience riding motorbike to the mountainous area in North Vietnam, passing many mountains and forests; and probably it would be your first moments you live with ethnic minority residents in the tribal village.

Trying motorcycle tours northeast Vietnam, you could experience the thrilling feelings which you have never expected to get through: the fear of gearing up to the top mountains, the excitement when admiring the beneath beauty from the top of mountain range, or simply the happiness and curiosity when living and getting harmony with local people.

Northeast Vietnam motorbike tours – the wonderful sceneries.

The Northeast Vietnam area is typical of the variety of landscapes; from the natural fresh lake, the magnificent waterfalls to the rocky mountain. Our motorbike trips in Northeast Vietnam will take you through the most panoramic natural views of Vietnam.

From Hanoi, our Vietnam motorbike tours will hit the road to Bac Kan province, where you can enjoy the beauty of Ba Be Lake -the biggest fresh water lake in Vietnam. Riding motorbike along the row of shading ancient trees in the forest, sitting on the boat and relaxingly admiring the view of lake are wonderful experiences for tourists when visiting Ba Be National Park.

northeast vietnam motorbike tour

Far to the North, near the border of Vietnam and China, you can be stunned by the creation of nature with Ban Gioc Waterfall, the biggest waterfall in Vietnam, which is splitted into 2 parts. After the long riding hours, you can totally enjoy yourself by swimming in the fresh water of the waterfall on the side of Vietnam or tumbling down to some valleys with the rice fields on the harvest season.

North Vietnam Motorbike Tours – The colorful ethnic minorities.

Covering the administration of 6 provinces, North East Vietnam is the home of many ethnic tribes, scattering all the region. On the motorbike journey to explore the beauty of this area, travelers are supposed to experience the life of indigenous people here.

Lying deeply on the forests of Ba Be National Park, Dzao people create a big community which is almost unaffected by the modern life. When our Vietnam Motorbike Ride team crosses by Ba Be Lake, motorcyclists will have the chance to stay in the homestay of local people. It would be the great opportunity for them to get contact and know more about the typical cultures of Northern Vietnam.

Ascending to the North, you are supposed to experience another cultural aspect featuring the lifestyle of ethnic minorities in Vietnam. Providing that motorcycle trips Northeast Vietnam reaches the Dong Van town in Sunday and Saturday, you can directly observe and get into the atmosphere of a mountainous market. It is where people from many surrounding areas gather here to exchange their products or buy things for their house.

Sometimes, visiting the market at the weekends is like an entertaining activity, where they can make new friends to have a date with their partner. Therefore, tourists can have an overview of local life just by observing the speed of a market day.

Vietnam Motorbike Tours – Happiness from the routes. 

No matter what you are going to get through, the basic happiness of motorcycle tours Vietnam is the feeling of riding and conquering every route. Packing everything on the back of motorbike, equipping all the necessary protecting clothes and cheering up your spirit; you are ready for the trip.

northeast vietnam motorbike tours

Passing by the vast forest, the soaring mountain and the enormous valleys; you can fully understand the joy of achieving the road. Listen to the sound of the wind, smell the aroma of young rice and take a look at the children curiously waving their hand at you; you have felt the motorbike journey in the perfect way.


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