Northern Vietnam Motorbike Tours – interesting things exclusive to this land.

Northern Vietnam Motorbike Tours – interesting things exclusive to this land.


Northern Vietnam motorbike tours

If you come across an article about travelling to Vietnam, has you ever wondered why a bundle of travelers choose this destination, especially the adventurous tourism for their holiday? If you have ever doubted about that, just spend time on the google and search the key word “motorbike tours North Vietnam or North Vietnam Motorbike Tours” and you will know how they feel about this region.


Northern Vietnam motorbike tours


With the reputation among all the tourists who used to come to that area, Northern Vietnam motorcycle tours are without question a good choice for you. Apart from the breathtaking landscapes with unreachably towering mountains or the enormously vast green forests, there are many things fascinating that we can’t imagine or see it on the photos without experiencing it in the real life.

So if you are still reluctant about choosing this motorcycle tours Northern Vietnam or just trying other normal tours, which can be found easily in every corner of the Old Quarter with the can-not-cheaper prices but the quality is so boring; just look at this article and see what we can show you on this extraordinary motorcycle tours in Vietnam.

Motorbike Tours Northern Vietnam

Motorbike Tours Northern Vietnam

The weekly (periodical market) in mountainous area.

In the mountainous area in Vietnam, it will be a great lack if you don’t count periodical markets on the list of special things on motorbike tours to the North of Vietnam. This kind of market can be called weekly market because normally it is just open once per week.

On the way exploring Northern Vietnam on motorcycle, we will drop in some markets. Some of them are really famous like Bac Ha, Can Cau, Muong Khuong, Sapa, etc. People from many far-away corners of mountains gather here in the center of town and they will bring many products, most of them are manufactured by themselves, to come here to sell or exchange for other stuffs. Some of them can take their cattle here to sell for other farmers.

However, coming to the weekly market in the Northern of Vietnam, some of them can simply go there like enjoying a festival. Our Vietnam motorcycle crew can see the vivid life of indigenous people with colorful clothes and eye-catching handicrafts. They come here together just to see each other, chit chat or to savor the different taste of life, which is totally different from their boring daily routines on the top of the high mountains.

Motorcycle Tours North Vietnam

The mountainous children in Northern Vietnam

In contrast with the vivid and dynamic atmosphere of the markets, the life of children in mountainous areas will be the different stories. Our Vietnam motorbike touring crew will have chance to cross many schools or communities with the indigenous children. They are different from each other in terms of ethic group, age, family, etc but they all share the same situations: poverty.

Most of the children are from poor families. They have not enough food in the winter, they have not enough clothes to struggle against the hard weather in mountains; and probably, our Northern Vietnam motorbike tours can cross by some schools which are almost empty because they children they even have no money to access to education system.

However, on top of that, they still remain their optimistic and friendly attitude. Whenever they see our Vietnam Motorbike Ride team cross by, they will wave their hand with the bright smiles and can’t stop saying hello to you. No matter how tough and stressful the life is, they still have the strong will and positive thoughts to overcome situation.

Terraced paddy fields- the beauty of nature.

If you have ever gone to Philippines, you will be amazed by the sceneries of incredible terraced fields in this country, which is highly recommended and appreciated by many tourists. And on the Northern Vietnam motorbike tours, you can see even more spectacular rice fields in the up-North mountain of Vietnam.

With the tradition of living in mountains and the life mainly depends on the nature, almost all the ethnic groups conduct the agricultural activities on the slope of the hilly areas; some areas are nearly vertical. However, after long years of conquering the nature, they have successfully mastered the cultivated hilly slopes.

Motorbike touring to Northern of Vietnam will cross numerous paddy fields, which look like wove carpets shining under the sunlight. Surely, the terraced rice fields can impress all the motorcyclists and bring you the amazing experiences. Even this one is not only famous in Vietnam, but this bring a different feeling to the adventurers about an authentic Vietnam.

Rice fields in Sapa - North Vietnam

Rice fields in Sapa – North Vietnam

Rustic villages with the special architecture.

With the 54 ethnic groups inhibiting from the North to South of Vietnam, Northern mountainous area is also rich in cultural tradition. They vary from this tribe group to other ethnic minorities about many aspects of life. Joining Northern Vietnam Motorcycle Tours, we can drop in some peaceful villages of hill tribes and see the unique local life.

Some ethnic groups prefer building their houses on rocky mountain. So if the Vietnam motorbike team stay overnight in that area, you can admire the extensive area of rock field. Most of the houses are made of wood, but it exists the muddy houses also, which are cool in the summer and really warm in the winter. Just see the diverse houses in the Northern part of Vietnam, you can absorb a great amount of information about the local life of Vietnamese along this S-shaped land.

Northern Vietnam motorbike trips

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