Northern Vietnam motorbike tours – turn the clock back to the past.

Northern Vietnam motorbike tours – turn the clock back to the past.

northern vietnam motorcycle tours

Northern Vietnam is a rich region in biodiversity and natural landscapes. In recent years, thanks to the natural potentials with the breathtaking sceneries and the traditional culture of region, Northern area in Vietnam has attracted thousands of tourists coming here to admire the beauty of land and people. However, lying behind the natural beauties, the North of Vietnam is also a region with the revolutionary tradition. On the Vietnam motorbike tours, you will have the chance to take a look or ride through the range of historical relics and vestiges in northern area.

northern vietnam motorcycle tours

Ma Pi Leng pass – Ha Giang


Vietnam motorbike tour company offers you the tailored tours which are based on your requirement. Therefore, it is totally available for you to select a tour to go through all the historical places. However, we will try to combine both the natural landmarks and historical vestiges to deliver the best experiences and turn the motorcycle trips into your amazing travelling memories.

Hanoi Motorbike Tours – Son Tay- the famous land with the ancient citadel.

Lying not really far from Hanoi, Son Tay is a town belonging to the old Ha Tay province, now is currently a part of Hanoi. Our Northern Vietnam motorbike trips will cross this town on the 1st day of almost every motorbike tour to go up North Vietnam.

This town was related to a famous prisioner-rescuing case in Vietnam War. On November 20-21, 1970, a military force with the participation of USAF Special Operations and rescue personnel and U.S. Army Special Forces, supported by U.S. Navy Carrier Task force 77 attacked the Son Tay prison camp, which was about 50 miles of Hanoi. The purpose of this raid was aiming at rescuing the US prisoners believed to be captured here. From the military base in Thailand, they sent six ARRS helicopters with the assault troops to make this attack. There was no prisoners found in camp. Nowadays, when riding motorbike here, the remnants are almost gone.

ATK Dinh Hoa-Thai Nguyen, the base of French against movement. Northern Vietnam Motorbike tours

Riding motorcycle to Northern Vietnam through Thai Nguyen province, it will be a great lack if we don’t drop in one of the most important places in the French War in Vietnam, so-called ATK DinhHoa.From 1947-1954, it is the place where Ho Chi Minh and other crucial leaders of Vietnam lived and worked to lead the 9 years of the resistance against the French.

In that area, Vietnam government has hold the meeting to make the strategic plans to contribute to the glorious victory of Dien Bien Phu battlefield in 1954. Moreover, many rules and regulations of the country was proposed and put into reality from ATK DinhHoa, such as farming land renovation policies, military courses, etc. ATK was considered as military capital of Vietnam at that time and this place is where many diplomatic ceremonies was conducted. When motorbike tours Northern Vietnam come here, you still can see the range of relics relating to the severe years of national history.

Pha Din-the legendary trail in Vietnam.

On the motorcycle touring Northern Vietnam, the name of the trails such as O Quy Ho, Ma Pi Leng has been so familiar with all the motorcyclists. Of all the 4 most well-known passes in Vietnam, Pha Din is the pass with the greatest historical meaning.

Pha Din pass is located in Son La province. From Son La to Tuan Giao, our Vietnam motorbike riding team will cross that pass to reach Than Uyen. In the history of Vietnam, Pha Din pass is the most strategic road, making the success of Dien Bien Phu battlefield. All the weapons and foods were transported through this pass to support for the Dien Bien Phu. With just the bare hands and brave spirit of people, many canons were successfully pulled to the battlefield. In 1954, this road was aimingly sabotaged by air force. However, it could not abolish the spirit of Vietnamese people.

Nowadays, this road is exclusive for tourists, especially motorcyclists with the high passion for adventure. Since Vietnam government constructed another road, the old Pha Din pass is an ideal route for Northern Vietnam motorbike tours.

Lung Cu flag tower- the farthest place in North Vietnam.

Riding long way to Ha Giang, the farthest place in Vietnam, our Northern Vietnam motorbike tours can not forget to see the Lung Cu flag tower, the most essential and holy flag towers in Vietnam, marking the tertiary of nation.

This flag is the boundary between Vietnam and China. It has witnessed the changes of the country and also the landmark attaching with many wars. In the long time ago, it was collapsed when the Chinese enemy came to Vietnam. In 1887, the Lung Cu flag tower was re-erected and stay stand until now with many renovation.

Nowadays, it is a favorite place for many motorbike tours North Vietnam, and even the normal tours. When the tourists come here, they feel like conquering the farthest place in Vietnam and it turns into a really special experience for them in this S-shaped country.

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