Northern Vietnam motorbike tours – way to glorious destinations.

Northern Vietnam motorbike tours – way to glorious destinations.



Talking about Vietnam generally and Northern Vietnam particularly, they usually mention about a region with the high biodiversity, diverse topographies and also the swift changes of the weather. Each town or city will bring to tourists the different sceneries leading to different feelings and emotions. It can make the motorbike tours to the North Vietnam less boring and more impressive to the tourists.

Northern Vietnam Motorbike Tours

Northern Vietnam Motorbike Tours


However, apart from the extraordinary views of nature, Northern Vietnam is also the home of many ethnic minorities, Northern part of Vietnam is a rich region in terms of tradition and culture, which can astonish every motorcyclist. Surely, join Vietnam Motorbike Tours with us, bikers will have both enjoying moments and learning experiences.

So, which aspect belongs to which city or town? Let’s take a look around some main points and important destinations to see what we can offer to you and is it really helpful with the budget spent for this Northern Vietnam motorbike tours!

Vietnam Motorbike Tours

Vietnam Motorbike Tours – Sapa mountain pass

Moc Chau ( Northwest Vietnam ) – the wild flower in the sun.

In recent years, Moc Chau plateau is the famous destination for not only domestic tourists but also international tourists, especially the people with the passion for adventurous tourism and travel by motorbike general. On the motorbike tours Northern Vietnam, we can spend hours or even day to explore that plateau.

So what makes the fame for Moc Chau? For the long time, this plateau has been considered the sanctuary of green tea with the enormous tea farms expanding along the area. Have years in organizing Northwest Vietnam motorbike tours for motorcyclists and many motorbike riding team flocks to here to enjoy the feeling of being lost in a green carpet wove by nature.

On top of that, if you ride motorbike to that region in the spring, you will be amazed by the beauty of wild flowers blossoming in the weather of Northern Vietnam. All the peach, apricot and other flowers are exclusive to the mountainous area of Northeast Vietnam. They wait for the whole year, just to fully and amazingly blossom in the spring.

Motorbike Tours Northern Vietnam

Sapa ( Northwest Vietnam ) – the foggy town with the love markets.

If you come to Vietnam and you have no intention to visit Sapa, it could be your great lack to explore the beauty of a town, which is the mixture of the French style buildings and the traditional architectures. Joining Northern Vietnam motorbike tours, for sure, Sapa will be always in the long itinerary and top destination for motorbike tours in Vietnam.

Realizing the potential of that region from the old time, French has built many villas or constructions deeply imprinted with the features of western architecture. Riding motorbike along the Sapa’s streets, valley and rustic villages, you can see the wonderful houses or the Sapa church floating in the clouds. It is such an amazing experience.

Moreover, Sapa is famous for the weather condition, which are cooling year around. That’s why it is the great choice for tourists to avoid the hot weather in summer. If you are lucky, you can admire the snow in Sapa when the weather is really freezing. We don’t encourage you to ride motorbike when it is snowing, but taking a walk or trekking with Northern Vietnam motorcycle tours under the snowing sky seems a perfect idea.

Rice fields in Sapa - North Vietnam

Rice fields in Sapa – North Vietnam

Dong Van ( Northeast Vietnam ) – one of the farthest places in Vietnam.

Being recognized in 2011 as the global geo-park, Dong Van rock plateau receives more concerns from tourists, especially the motorcyclists. The winding trails and the passes around the mountains will be a huge challenge for everyone who looking for Vietnam motorbike adventure tours.

When riding motorbike to that area, you can feel the harsh condition of people living on the rock plateau. An enormous area is covered with just rock and stones, making it seemingly unable to cultivate or grow anything. However, indigenous people still overcome and surpass the constraints of nature to survive vitally.

Besides, Dong Van is also famous for ancient town with the houses typically reflecting the traditional architecture of indigenous people. Walking around Dong Van ancient town, you can feel an old atmosphere covering local life of people here.

Motorbike Tours Northern Vietnam

Motorbike Tours Northern Vietnam

Ba Be ( Northeast Vietnam ) – the completely perfect combination of forests and water.

Ba Be is well-known for its richness in fauna and flora, with the Ba Be Lake located in the core of Ba Be National Park. On reaching that area, take motorcycle tours Northern Vietnam we can enjoy the fresh airs of the primitive forests and listen to the rhythm of mountains.

Additionally, after parking the motorbike in the home-stay, all the motorcyclists will have chance to join a relaxing boat tour on Ba Be Lake. The surface is like a big mirror reflecting the shadow of the forests and mountains. The surrounding areas are so glorious and splendid, like a picturesque scenery of heaven on earth.

What’s more special in the Ba Be Lake? Afterward, our Northern Vietnam motorbike tours can come back to a home stay of Dzao people to savor the local life with the traditional foods and the stories about their life next to the campfire, which is utterly warm and hospitable.

ba be lake northeast vietnam

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