Sapa – Best North Vietnam Motorbike Ride

Sapa – Best North Vietnam Motorbike Ride

The way to Sapa

The way to Sapa

The way to Sapa

Sapa ( the city in fog ), located in the northwest of Vietnam. It belongs to Lao Cai province, the city is close to China. The stunning views of Sapa and surroundings were made by local hill tribes. For many years and it is still considering like one of the unique place to ride motorbike, the Vietnam motorbike tour to Sapa is always become the best selling tours. The ride offer lots of spectacular mountain views, pine forest and incredible rice terraces. It is a very romantic place to visit.


Sapa located in northwest Vietnam, it is 330 km away from Hanoi. With the height 1650 m above sea level, ride to Sapa to enjoy the most fresh air and cool weather where we do not need any air con even summer time. The weather is moderate and rainy in Summer (from May- to August) and foggy with occasional snowfalls in Winter. Sapa has temperate climate; weather in town has four seasons: the morning likes spring; the afternoon likes summer with sunny; the evening has fog as the autumn and the cold of winter. It is highly seasonal, with a subtropical climate in the summer and a temperate climate during the winter. Mean annual temperature for Sapa town is 15.4°C, with a maximum of 29.4°C and a minimum of 1°C. Taking an Vietnam motorcycle adventure tour to Sapa is the best way to discover the amazing mountain and hidden valley in northern Vietnam.

Sapa has a many diversity of ethnic minorities; the total population is 36,000 people that consist mostly of tribe groups. Each ethnic group has a difference in dress, lifestyle, customs, and methods of cultivation together with the distinct cultural identity. With 6 ethnic groups reside, each ethnic has its own culture with a festival such as “Roong Poc” of DZay people, “Sai San” of H’Mong, “Tet jump” of Dao Do, they are all celebrate in May anually.

Motorbike tour around Sapa will be the good choice. We ride to many small villages nearby to experience their daily life of hill tribe people like H’Mong, DZao, DZay along the hidden valley of Muong Hoa.

Travel to Sapa at the weekend will be a great choice because the fair is just big on Saturday and Sunday. The best time for motorcycle tour to Sapa is between from September to next April. A tip for for those who wants to see the rice harvesting please come and select one of our north Vietnam motorbike tours during September. It will be the best time

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