South Vietnam motorbike tours – humble beauty of floating markets

South Vietnam motorbike tours – humble beauty of floating markets

Tourism has become an indispensable part of the life and become more popular to all the people, not only the rich one as in the old time. Nowadays, many travelers choose to visit the developing countries or the unwell-known nations, where the tourism has not blossomed and the living cost is reasonable. Vietnam is one of the ideal choice for many tourists in Asia.

Of all the regions in Vietnam, the southern part is quite new and full of surprising aspects for tourists to explore. Especially, if you would love discovering the Southern Vietnam region by motorbike, Vietnam motorbike company kindly offers tourists the motorcycle trips around Saigon that departing from Ho Chi Minh city, where you can enjoy the fascinating moments riding motorcycle and roaming the southern lands of Vietnam.

Definitely, motorcycle tours South Vietnam will be a fantastic trip for all the tourism lovers generally and the adventurous travelers in particular. No matter long or short the trip is, you are supposed to get through many unique experiences with the special things which are totally different from what you can imagine.

saigon motorbike tours

South Vietnam Motorbike Tours – A different motorbike journey.

Even motorbike tours are not something strange with many tourists in Vietnam, most of them just prefer the trips to the mountainous areas or the off track roads, where they can enjoy the adventurous feelings of conquering the winding trails or the mountain small paths leading through the valley. That’s why the term of Southern Vietnam motorbike tours is still fresh and unfamiliar.

However, the motorcycle trips in North Vietnam will be totally different and deliver to you the extraordinary moments. It doesn’t exist the towering mountain ranges or the unbelievably deep valleys. Riding in the South of Vietnam, you can feel an authentic Vietnam but in the offbeat ways.

Dalat central highland

Vietnam Motorbike Tours – Where the life is closely attached to river.

If the countryside in the North Vietnam is typical of the paddy fields, the bamboo range, the banyan trees or simply the conical hats sparely dotted on the fields, the southern villages are typical of the canals, the row of coconut trees or the wooden boats. Riding motorbike in the South of Vietnam, you are able to experience a totally new lifestyle.

It is so wonderful when dropping in a fruit garden and trying all the fresh fruits recently picked from the trees, or sitting on the boats and admiring the humble beauty of floating markets; an outstanding feature of Mekong Delta in the South of Vietnam. After the long riding hours with motorbike Vietnam team, surely the moments on the boats to enjoy the peaceful views of life are very valuable.

Vietnam Motorbike Tours – Life is tough, but friendliness is great.

No matter where you go, as long as it is still in Vietnam, you can feel the hospitability and friendliness of local people. Like the tours on mountainous areas, on the motorbike trips in southern Vietnam, our team can stay overnight in the homestay of local people. Staying here, apart from the fresh atmosphere and the peace of the villages, you can hear the sound of the life sung by the indigenous people.

Even life is tough, they are still full of optimistic spirit. Overnighting in the house of local people, you can enjoy the delicious foods that are exclusive to this region; the fishes taken from the river, the fruits from garden or the vegetable grown in garden. After the party with the hosts, just enjoy your time by savoring the tranquility of the countryside when the night falls down. They drink, sing the songs and share the stories about their life. It can be the first time for all the motorcyclists to meet the hosts; but with them; you are like their close friends.

Lak lake

Lak lake

The journey to find the severe years of Vietnam.

With many tourists, coming to a new region means trying to know as much as possible about that land. In the old time, Ho Chi Minh City and other provinces are the sabotaging battle fields of American. Coming here today, the South Vietnam motorbike team can follow the traces of time and find the memories of the past.

Just few hours from the city center, our motorbike tours Southern Vietnam can visit the Cu Chi tunnel. It is where the local people have secretly dig that tunnel to live and also hide the soldier to avoid the searching of the American. With the length of more than 100km, it is the symbol of bravery of southern people in the War.

And in the motorcycle trip Ho Chi Minh City, we can take a look at War Remnants Museum, where exhibits many remnants and the photos of the American War. It somehow can reflect the intense years of Vietnamese, especially the southern residents.

For a long time, Vietnam War has been famous in the whole war, as an outstanding symbol for many countries to exemplify. Having the chance to see the war clearly depicted in exactly that land, it would be the unforgettable memories for Vietnam motorbike tours around Saigon.

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