All things you can know about motorbike tours Vietnam

All things you can know about motorbike tours Vietnam

north vietnam motorcycle trip

Up until now, the term “motorbike tours” is still something strange to many tourists, especially tourists from developed countries, who mainly join the package tours including everything for them. That’s why they don’t need to concern much about other things.


north vietnam motorbike trips

However, in developing countries, take Asian and South American ones as examples, Vietnam motorcycle trips are not something weird or totally new. Many of them have already known about it, and it has somehow turned into a phenomenon for many travelling lovers. At first, it appeals mainly the young people, who just can spend the limited budget for every trip and want to have as much experience as possible. However, its change is promptly happening. Many westerners, with the wide range of ages, and vary in the career; from white-collar jobs to the intellectuals, also want to join.

So do you wonder how a motorbike tour looks like? And which characteristic make it irresistibly appealing to all the ones trying or having not tried yet? Let’s take a look and explore the interesting things lying behind a simple collocation Vietnam motorbike tours

north vietnam motorbike

What is Vietnam motorbike tours?

Basically, Vietnam motorcycle trips are the trip conducted mainly on motorbike from the starting point in a medium-to-big cities. Sometimes, because of the bad terraces which can not be passed by; we need to resort to the support of other transportations (mainly the boats on the rivers or stream). One core feature contributing to the success of the motorcycle journeys is the operating region. In a neck-to-neck way, it can be said that almost all the motorcycle trips are conducted in the mountainous areas with the difficult topographies.

When it comes to Vietnam motorcycle touring, it is true with the concept applied to all other motorbike trip. Our riding crew will hit the road from Hanoi (or Ho Chi Minh city); rides the long way to the surrounding area and approaches the remote areas in the North or Centre of Vietnam.


How it can be distinguishable from other tours?

Normally, if with the normal tours, you need to follow the fixed routes set by the tour company, go to some destinations which can be absolutely boring and it doesn’t attract you anything at all. If you are the person who loves the relaxing moments and laziness of doing many things by yourself; you are perfectly fitted with the package tours. If not, let’s consult with Vietnam motorcycle tour company.

Coming with our services, you can try the utterly different things setting you apart from other package tour travelers. Basically, you need to take control of your riding and enjoy the freedom of moving along the stunning landscapes in Vietnam. Don’t need to worry about the times, the boring attractions or the repeated interpretations that you have already known; just enjoy the tour in your own way.

Vietnam motorcycle touring offers you the chance to make your dream come true. Seeing the amazing scenery of Vietnam from the top of the mountains, you feel like conquering the peak of the world. From gearing up to the top highest mountains in northern Vietnam to riding to the enormous valleys of rice; or riding to the coastal line with the breathtaking beaches; all are included and waiting for you to explore in motorcycle tours Vietnam.

Challenges, are there any?

Honestly, to make sure that you will have the best moments of the trip, it is our responsibility to tell you both the good and bad sides of Vietnam motorcycle trips. However, it is not thoroughly the bad side. They are the difficult things that you have to face up with in the journey. With many people, turning them into the good chance to challenge themselves can be a fascinating things of the trip.

If it is the first time you tried this kind of Vietnam motorbike tours, riding motorbike in Vietnam can be so troublesome to you, especially when riding in the long way like this, with the average of more than 100km per day. Moreover, in some trails, the existence of potholes, rugged rocks can hindrance you from moving forward easily. Surely, blinding curves or the sudden tumbling into the valleys can make everyone hyper worried.

On top of that, the physical difficulties are less worth-worried than the mental troubles. If you are not ready for the difficulties that you are seemingly supposed to cope with, you will lose your courage from the first moments. Once you can not get harmony with the Vietnam motorcycle trips with many strangers, many challenges and a handful of new things; probably the feeling of freaking out will come to you easily and it can ruin your trip.

What can we do for you in Vietnam motorbike tours?

Just worry in few minutes after reading it because Vietnam motorbike tour company always has the experts in guiding and long riding to support you. We promise to deliver you the BEST SERVICE with the SKILLFUL and KNOWLEDGEABLE guides, which can turn your Vietnam Motorbike trips into the incredibly memorable journey of your life.


You can check out information about all Vietnam motorbike tours on our website to make sure that you have made a perfect decision. The hotline + 84985 333 066 is always open to listen to your demand, your desires and your recommendation for our Vietnam motorcycle tours.




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