Things for the first time with Vietnam motorbike trips.

Things for the first time with Vietnam motorbike trips.

Travelling means experiencing many things for the first time of your life. No matter where you go, exposing to the new things is inevitable. Each country, each tertiary, even closely neighboring, still exists the fresh things for you to explore.

Halfway around the world, Vietnam is something strange and curious to many westerners. Landing in the airport for the 1st moment and looking around to feel the atmosphere of thought-to-be poor country, you have already had the very first new thing of your travel. So how can you maximize the experience of your Vietnam trip?

Let’s Vietnam motorcycle tours help you find the solution! Joining a package tour with other tourists has already brought you new feelings, but roaring every corner of Vietnam, from the delta area to the hilly mountainous villages in northern Vietnam on the back of motorbike is totally an awesome experience! And it is no doubt a win-win motorcycle trip in Vietnam for you with tons of first-time things.


Vietnam Motorbike trips – First time driving motorbikes in Vietnam.

One thing being reminded to everyone who is interested in Vietnam motorcycle trips is that you should know how to ride motorbike before booking a tour with us. However, some of them just know, but have almost no experiences or necessary skills before. Riding motorbike is still uncomfortable and seemingly scary with them.

But the thing that marks the 1st moment of your trip is riding motorbike in Vietnam, a country with the variety of topographies and terraces. No one could image one day, they will come to Vietnam and driving the motorbike around the winding mountain trails, gearing up to the mountains and enjoying the moments of victory from the top of the mountain looking around.

Vietnam will be the country for you to practice your skills in the different conditions; from the flat and paved roads in the delta area, to the rugged roads with rocks densely spotted or the stagnant holes. A motorbike trip North Vietnam area will be the shortest way for you to enhance your riding skills effectively!

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Vietnam Motorbike Tours – Experiencing the unique system of transportation.

Being well-known for the quirky system of transportation, Vietnam and Hanoi in particular is referred by many bloggers as the famous place for trying a new kind of adventurous tourism: walking in the street in Vietnam. That triggers the curiosity of many foreigners, motivating them to come to Hanoi and try it at least one time. However, riding motorcycle tour Hanoi countryside is much more fascinating than wandering around.

Have the thoughts of riding motorcycle in the narrow but cramped streets ever crossed your mind? I guess not! It will be the first time you function a VIETNAM TOP GEAR SPECIAL SHOW in the Old quarter, among the flow of busy people. It comes as a surprise to you when seeing the big motorbike trying to get over the pedestrian one by one.

Don’t think it is not worthy and too dangerous. If you want to feel Hanoi in true way, then a motorbike tours Hanoi is a perfect choice. Hanoi is famous for the traditional cultures, the spiritual values or the local lifestyle. Therefore, exploring the deep corner of the city or moving out of the bustle of downtown to the countryside area will fulfill your experience. The beauty of Hanoi is the hidden charm for the explorers to chase, not on the surface of metropolitan life that every tourists can find.

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Vietnam Motorcycle Tours – The good impressions with the local people.

Meeting the new people is not something new, but meeting Vietnamese indigenous people is the thing you just can have in Vietnam, undoubtedly. People are not simply the lively creatures; they are the soul, the cultural keepers of a country. Therefore, it is also the first time you interact with traditional culture platform when joining the motorcycle trips Vietnam.

In the normal tours, you hardly have chance to contact with local people; or just mainly the seller, the receptionists or the persons working in tourism sector. In the journeys of Vietnam motorbike, you are delivered the chance to meet with the local people in the countryside of Vietnam; watching them doing their daily activities or farming tasks; if you want, just ask for their permission and you can be a real farmer in Vietnam.

Moreover, in the mountainous areas, instead of staying in the hotel, our motorbike tours Northern Vietnam can stay in the homestay of local people. It is another first time of your life, probably, overnight in a house-on-stilt of local people and enjoy the cozy atmosphere. Drinking the local wine, eating the traditional foods and listening to the stories of the elder in the village is the amazing moments!

On top of that, it would be your first time visiting a periodical market of tribe villagers, passing the tremendous mountain hills, riding along the coastal line on the widened highways or admiring the stunning views of the rice fields… It could be a little bit nervous at the first time, but once you feel really into it, you will surely love the experiences of your “first time” with Vietnam motorbike tours.

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