Things to do in Hanoi with Hanoi motorbike tours.

Things to do in Hanoi with Hanoi motorbike tours.

Moving around a city in one day is seemingly not enough for you to explore all the corners where the true beauties are exposed. But if your time is limited, let’s enhance the efficiency of your trip by looking at the top recommended places in Hanoi and circle around the city with Hanoi motorbike tours to see the top ones.



  1. Old quarter.

The first point in Hanoi that you seriously need to take a look is the Old Quarter. On the reviews tripadvisor Hanoi motorbike tours, all the motorcyclists share the same interest and impression on the beauty of Old Quarter and evaluate it as the MUST SEE attraction in this 1000 years city.

So what impresses all the motorbikers in Old Quarter? It will be the place for you to truly feel an authentic Vietnam, a dynamic and busy city with range of shops, ancient houses, well-preserved architectures and all the other interesting features still existing up to now!

  1. Vietnam museum of ethnology.

Lying not far from the center of Hanoi, just about 20 minutes, our motorcycle riding team can reach this museum. It is unsurprising when this museum continuously positions the high rank in the THINGS TO DO IN HANOI TRIPADVISOR.

Museum of ethnology reflects the typical features of ethnic minorities in Vietnam, from the northern mountainous area to the highland. If you can not lengthen your motorcycle journeys North Vietnam; visiting museum of ethnology is an absolutely amazing alternative.

ethnology of museum

  1. Sightseeing tours.

As a peaceful and safe city, Hanoi is an ideal city for both motorbike trips and walking tours. That’s why the number of sightseeing tours in Hanoi is rocketing in recent years. Joining a city walking tour is another thing to do in Hanoi for you.

If you want to do something new and calming, a walking tour can be a good decision after the long hours riding motorcycle with Hanoi motorbike team. It is super easy for you; from the paid travel agents to the volunteer guiding organizations like Hanoikids; all are available for you to choose and discover the tranquility of the city.

  1. Woman museum.

Just about 5 minutes walking from the Sword Lake, our Hanoi motorcycle touring crew can easily ride here or just park somewhere and take a walk. Surely, this museum with the special name will leave you good impression.

On the motorcycle tours Hanoi tripadvisor REVIEWS, many tourists have rated 5 stars for this museum. It is special and unique; you can hardly find a woman museum anywhere in the world. Coming here, you can understand more about the life of the woman in Vietnam through the long history of nation.

  1. King Pirates Pub.

One thing for sure, after a hard day being in the motorbike trips Hanoi, you will want to have the relaxing moments to enjoy the time with friends and mark the end of the tour. King Pirates Pub is a not bad choice!

Hanoi’s nightlife is worth seeing, especially in the Old Quarter. A drink at night and watching the movement of street is a happy ending for a busy day.

  1. Temple of literature.

“Amazing”, “Wonderful”, “Historic and Ancient”… are the nice adjectives that travelers on Vietnam motorbike tours tripadvisor reviews leave for Temple of Literature. How could it be that fantastic?

Being as the first university in Vietnam, as well as one of the oldest temples in Hanoi; Temple of Literature shows the chronology of Vietnam and the career of Vietnam education throughout the period of more than 1000 years. Avoiding the bustle of the city, temple of literature can deliver all the motorbike tours Hanoi the peaceful moments.

temple of literature

  1. Food tours and street foods.

No matter who you are, foods are something irresistible! Coming to Hanoi, it is a great lack if our HANOI MOTORCYCLE TRIPADVISOR don’t try the delicious and stunning cuisines of this 1000 year city.

If you scroll down the comments on tripadvisor Hanoi, the list of foods that tourists must try is seemingly limitless. From the Vietnam style fine dining restaurants until the street foods that strongly reflect the lifestyle of Vietnamese; all are available for you with the cheap price and amazingly varied.

If you come here without trying traditional foods, your motorbike tour Hanoi has lost a big part of its meaning!

hanoi walking street food tour

  1. Lake of restored sword.

Similarly as the food, no matter where you go, taking a visit at the restored sword lake is a MUST! On the city motorcycle trip, our crew will ride through here to approach the Old Quarter area. This lake-as an icon of city- is always on top 10 of things to do in Hanoi.

Most of the tourists leave their reviews on tripadvisor for this lake as “a quiet note in the fierce melody”. Even though it is not far from Old Quarter, the busyness of Old Quarter area nearly doesn’t affect the peace of this lake.

  1. “Bia hoi”.

With mainly the middle-aged men, Vietnam motorcycle tours believe that Bia Hoi (fresh beer) will be the drink that can make every motorcyclists satisfy! Imagine after a tough journey around the Hanoi, dropping in a stall and drinking a cold beer are much more fantastic than a fancy café!

Being famous for the fresh and cheap beer (just 25 cents!) Ta Hien street is the focusing point of beer lovers and many travelers when visiting Hanoi. If there is a vote of top 10 best drinks in Hanoi, Bia Hoi is absolutely ranked No.1!

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