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Being well-known as the busy and dynamic city, Ho Chi Minh City is not only famous for the modern shopping center or the skyscrapers. It is also mentioned as the city with the variety of culture, reflecting many historical and traditional features of Southern part of Vietnam. In the journey exploring Ho Chi Minh City with Vietnam motorcycle tours, we will continue to countdown the top 20 things to do (to see) in this non-sleep metropolis.



  1. Reunification Palace.

It is coming to the reunified day of Vietnam (30/4) and Reunification Palace is a favorite attraction to see in Ho Chi Minh City. Coming here, our motorcycle riding crew can see the history fully represented through many meaningful activities in that period.

40 years ago, the flag of Vietnam flew on the top of Reunification Palace, marking the end of 21 year Vietnam War. Along with War Remnants Museum, this palace is also a historical observer passing by many incidents of Vietnam. Tripadvisor Ho Chi Minh city highly recommends tourists to come here in that period.

  1. Vespa Sofa Bar.

Located right in the center of Pham Ngu Lao Street, the familiar place of backpackers; Vespa Sofa Bar receives many good reviews on motorbike tours Vietnam Tripadvisor for its delicious drinks. Coming here, tourists can try bunches of good cocktails, soft drinks, mojito, etc….

Moreover, it also offers you the Vespa Vietnam motorbike tour around the city on request. It would be lovely moments when slowly riding Vespa to admire the dynamic and active city life.

  1. Cao Dai Temple.

Getting away from the hustle of the city, our Ho Chi Minh City motorbike tour will ride along the countryside to visit Cao Dai Temple, the biggest sanctuary of Cao Dai religion. Established in Vietnam in around 30s of 20 century, Cao Dai is a special religion which is exclusive to Vietnam.

Visiting here, tourists are impressed by the combined architectures of the Temple with many styles taken from other religions. This beautiful temple is on the Top special religious attractions in the South of Vietnam.

  1. Cu Chi wildlife rescue station.

If you are a big fan of wild animal, then dropping in Cu Chi wildlife rescue station is a must thing to do in motorcycle tour Ho Chi Minh City. This place is the home for many wild animals taken from illegal hunters and traders.

You can directly see the animals in the semi-wild habitat. It can be the good chance to get an insight into the rescuing process and the illegal trading situation of wild animals in Vietnam.

  1. Dong Khoi Street.

After the long riding hours on motorcycle, a leisurely stroll down to Dong Khoi Street will be the relaxing moments for you. Dong Khoi Street is the center for many shopping malls, fancy stores or famous hotels and the famous constructions in Ho Chi Minh City.

If you are a shopaholic, Dong Khoi Street is definitely your indispensable place for you to visit.

  1. Saigon Outcast

Saigon Outcast is a center for young people in Ho Chi Minh City with outdoor space for events, performances, leisure activities. This place is strongly recommended on tripadvisor as the Top favorite places to do in Ho Chi Minh city for the young.

Coming here, you can get harmony and feel the non-stop moving circle of the young in Ho Chi Minh City and be submerged in an artistic space.

  1. Food tours.

If there are any tours that you should not miss, food tours are on top of your preferred list! Vietnam motorbike tours Ho Chi Minh City will definitely put the famous food stalls, the fancy restaurants or just the vending foods on the list of must-visit place in Ho Chi Minh – south Vietnam.

Being famous as the cultural conjunction, Ho Chi Minh City welcomes people from varied regions to come here and settle down. Gradually, it firmly creates a strong gastronomy with many delicious dishes. Therefore, coming to Ho Chi Minh City without trying food is not considered as a completed trip to this metropolis.

  1. Bui Vien Street.

Like Pham Ngu Lao, Bui Vien Street is the main street for backpackers and the hanging-out places for the young Saigoners. If you scroll down the Ho Chi Minh city Tripadvisor reviews, there are variety of places for the tourists to try on Bui Vien Street: restaurant, drink stations, food bars, pubs, clothes stores, etc.

If exploring Ho Chi Minh under the eyes of a backpacker is your wish, then visiting Bui Vien Street is a Thing To Do In Ho Chi Minh City for fulfilling your trip.

  1. Historical and Heritage tours.

With the history of more than 300 years, Ho Chi Minh City also well preserves many historical buildings. On the journey with motorcycle riding team city, our experts are going to take you through the most stunning architectures and attractions showing the ancient features of Ho Chi Minh City.

From the constructions imprinted the influences of French to the building settled up in Vietnam War, or the traditional cultural arts like Don Ca Tai Tu, Cai Luong, etc, all of those things can be found on the historical and heritage tours.

  1. Cooking classes

Trying delicious foods is the main part of food tours on Ho Chi Minh City, but making it by yourself is much more fascinating! If the motorcyclists on motorbike trips Vietnam desire to try cooking the traditional cuisines of Vietnam, we highly recommend you to join one of cooking classes to totally savor the sophisticated gastronomy of Vietnam.


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