Things To Do In Saigon

Things To Do In Saigon

Ho Chi Minh City is one of the receiving destinations in Vietnam with millions of tourists visiting this city every year. It leads to the high demand of the new kinds of activities to attract more travelers coming here. If you have been fed up with the normal standardized tours, then a motorcycle trip Ho Chi Minh City can make a change.

If you are still worried about what motorbike tours would do in this city, let’s take a look at top 20 most favorite things and places to do and see in Ho Chi Minh, which are trustfully ranked by Tripadvisor website and see how many place that you have tried.

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  1. War Remnants museum

Lying right in the center of the city, War Remnants museum is the destination which is indispensable in the south Vietnam motorbike tours. That’s why it is on the top position of things to do in Ho Chi Minh City.

Coming to War Remnants museum, tourists are depicted the unbearably harsh years of Vietnam War when American came to colonize the South of Vietnam. You will feel the memory of the war strongly bounce back to your mind. Tripadvisor ranking website considers it as the most worthy visiting place in Ho Chi Minh City.

  1. Cu Chi Tunnel.

Just about 1 hour with motorbike tours south Vietnam from the bustle of city, we can visit the Cu Chi tunnel; the most magnificent underground system in the South of Vietnam. Cu Chi Tunnel functioned as the houses for the soldier, the schools and even the meeting rooms for committee of southern army.

Visiting Cu Chi nowadays, tourists can be stunned by how incredibly the local people constructed the system. This tunnel is a must-see thing in Ho Chi Minh City which represents the strong spirit and patriotism of Vietnamese in the war time.

  1. South Vietnam Motorbike tours.

It is obvious that motorcycle trips are the interesting activities for travelers who are seeking for the new experiences. “Motorbike tours” are the keyword with the high frequency of searching on the Vietnam motorbike tours tripadvisor reviews and receive many good comments from tourists.

On the journey with motorcycle tours in south Vietnam, you can easily get out of the hustle of the city and reach to the countryside area. A different view of the city is shown out to you. No more traffic jam, no more the noise of the city or the pollution; you can totally revel in the peace of the traditional villages and the river system of Mekong Delta.

  1. Saigon Opera House.

Saigon Opera House is the building which strongly imprints the influence of French Architecture. It is always considered in the Top 5 French-style buildings to visit it Ho Chi Minh City.

Recently, Saigon Opera house is more concerned by tourists with many good reviews on Tripadvisor about “A O” show. This show depicts the atmosphere and space of a typical Vietnamese countryside with the bamboo tree as the main object. “A O” shows is highly appreciated by many tourists and it is on the tour to other countries in the world.

  1. Central post office.

Like Saigon Opera House, Central Post Office is a construction highly influenced by French architecture. Motorbike trips Vietnam will take you around the city and this place is definitely included in the tour to explore the beauty of Ho Chi Minh.

Nowadays, central post office is not only worked as a normal post office. It is the main attraction for many tourists to come and take photos and see the remnants of a French building. It is another must-see place in Ho Chi Minh City.

  1. Bitexco Building.

If Hanoi is famous for more ancient buildings, Ho Chi Minh is the symbol of a modern city. Bitexco Building is an example of the development of the city. It is highly recommended on motorbike tours Vietnam tripadvisor reviews.

Bitexco functions as a financial center with many companies located here. It is also an entertaining place for the young people and tourists with complex of bar, restaurant, cinema or the high-end client centers.

  1. Fine art museum.

On the motorcycle touring Ho Chi Minh, our riding crew can take a look at Fine art museum. This place is one of the top interesting museums to visit in Ho Chi Minh City with the collections of many arts at many periods of history.

  1. Pham Ngu Lao Street.

With many tourists, this street is not unfamiliar because it is the main street for backpackers. Our motorbike tour expert will come and pick you up at this street in the morning and take you back here after the end of the tour

Tourists come here can enjoy the dynamic atmosphere of a touristic street with the range of bars, pubs and restaurants. No matter you are the local people or tourists, you should visit here at least 1 time.

  1. Ho Chi Minh square

This place is an ideal attraction for all the motorcyclists to take a walk after the long riding hours. With the big statue of Ho Chi Minh, this site attracts many tourists to come here and take photos. On the Vietnam motorbike tour tripadvisor reviews, it was considered as the most favorite public space to enjoy the scenery of the city.

  1. Notre Dame Cathedral

Located in the center of the city with the all sides facing to the street, Notre Dame Cathedral has been unofficially chosen as the symbol of the city. When reviewing all the travelling websites talking about Ho Chi Minh City, you can see the images of Notre Dame Cathedral spreading all the news. It is always on the list of TOP places to visit in Ho Chi Minh City.

And with motorbike tours Vietnam, a short riding through this cathedral and a stop for taking photos are definite.


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