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With every tourist coming to Vietnam, Hanoi would definitely be the ideal place for them to see a true and authentic Vietnam. If you still wonder about where to come in Hanoi or what should you do, Vietnam Motorbike Ride is willing to help you find the most favorite site among all the travelers coming to Hanoi. They are all highly recommended by motorcyclists on Tripadvisor reviews.

In the previous articles, we have listed out 19 worth-trying places. Let’s count down the last places, but still the impressive attractions in the top 28 with Hanoi motorcycle tours.


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  1. Historical and heritage tours

Talking about Hanoi, it will be a great lack if you don’t count to historical and heritage tours because this city is the home of 3 world heritages as well as bunch of historical remnants. No matter which kind of tours you choose; bicycle tour, walking tour or a motorbike journey around the city; visiting historical sites is an indispensable activity.

On the top list of attractions on Tripadvisor reviews, most of them are historical sites. From Temple of literature, Old Quarter, Hoa Lo Prison to the suburban monuments. Definitely, it is the MUST thing to do in Hanoi.

  1. Duong Lam ancient village.

With Hanoi motorcycle journey, we will try to tailor all the tours according to demand of customers. And Duong Lam ancient village is a favorite destination for the suburban city tour motorbike for every traveler.

Lying not far from Hanoi, riding motorcycle to Duong Lam, you can experience the ancient architectures of Vietnam with the houses and the pagodas built for a long time. Besides, tourists can happily enjoy the trip as a real farmer when visiting here. 1 Day Hanoi motorbike tour to countryside is always top choice of THING TO DO IN HANOI.

  1. Hanoi ceramic Mosaic Mural

On Tripadvisor Hanoi motorcycle tours, many tourists have strongly complimented and recommended the Hanoi ceramic Mosaic Mural. Just about few minutes walking from Old Quarter, you can visit one of the most fantastic roads in Hanoi.

Finished in 2010 on the ceremony of 1000 years of Hanoi, this roughly-5-km road is a colorful overview of Vietnam through history. Especially, they are all constructed by many pieces of ceramic. Walking or slowly riding motorcycle along here is the good choice for you to admire the seemingly infinite length of this road.

  1. Long Bien bridge

If you are a big fan of Effei tower, you must love this bridge-Long Bien Bridge so much. Long Bien is the first bridge in Hanoi linking 2 sides of Red River. This bridge is on the top of special attractions in Hanoi when it is the only place that drivers have to drive on the left.

Just imagine a windy afternoon when sunset nearly fall downs, you can take a short Hanoi motorbike tour over this bridge to admire the splendid sun and the daily life of people living in the emerged lands in Red River. It would be the fantastic moments and you will never forget.

  1. City tours

If you ask us for recommendation of what to do in Hanoi, then a city tour will be our answer. On the website tripadvisor with wide range of Vietnam tours, the top things to do in Hanoi are always contributed by Hanoi city tour. It can easily be named like walking tour, food tour, motorcycle tours, historical tours.

No matter which tour you choose, let’s explore this city first before exploring other parts of Vietnam because Hanoi is really the soul of country.

  1. Motorcycle tours

Ranking number 26 with many types of trip, motorcycle tours Hanoi will be no doubt the favorite activity of travelers. If you have bored with the mainstream tours with the same route, boring itinerary and lack of flexibility, then Hanoi Motorcycle Tour to Duong Lam ancient village can be a perfect selection for you.

With more than 40 excellent reviews, few good reviews without any terrible or poor review, Vietnam Motorbike Tours proudly gets a high position on Vietnam Motorbike Tours tripadvisor ranking. Coming with Vietnam Motorbike Ride, we will try to accommodate every request of tourists to bring the best services and suitable all Vietnam Motorbike Tours price. The customers’ satisfaction is our success. Therefore, don’t hesitate to join in those amazing journeys.

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  1. Level 10 and Nola

With the position 27 and 28 in our TOP THINGS TO DO HANOI, we will introduce you 2 favorite places for young people: Level 10 and Nola. If you think Hanoi is boring at night, you can change your mind when dropping in those bars and pubs.

Coming here, tourists can enjoy the dynamic atmosphere with the music and drinks, make some new friends or simply a place to hang out at night. After a busy day riding motorbike around the city, savoring the moments with your friends in a bar can blow your tiredness away. We are convincing enough to believe in its quality with most of excellent tripadvisor feedbacks are from the young, who are really the owner of the nightlife!

  1. Opera house

Positioning the last place in the TOP 29 attractions to go in Hanoi, Opera House is still a good choice for travelers who are craving about exploring the traces of colonization. Opera house is an example of French influences in Vietnam.

At the end of French Quarter and junction of many streets, Opera House is one of the most-visited attraction in Hanoi. Apart from being a sightseeing building, opera house is also a popular place for the art activities in Vietnam. Strolling motorbike tour Hanoi through here, you can feel a different Hanoi, like turning back the clock to the colonized years of Vietnam.

For more information about Vietnam motorbike tours, just feel free to log on the website, or contact to the hotline +84 985. 333. 066. There are a range of interesting topics supporting you for your wonderful motorcycle tours in Vietnam. Let’s find and research to make sure that you won’t waste your time and money on travelling time in Vietnam.


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