Top Things To Do In Hoian

Top Things To Do In Hoian

As a part of the Vietnam motorbike tours Top Gear, Hoi An is the famous destination for tourists with the beauty of nature in harmony with the unique combination of architecture. When our motorcycle riding team Vietnam coming here, if you are still wondering what would you can do in this town, let’s countdown with us to see the top 10 THINGS TO DO IN HOIAN.

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  1. Hoi An ancient town.

If Hoi An is mentioned in any travelling recommended lists, it is definitely Hoi An ancient town. Hoi An is a large area and Hoi An ancient town is the main part, which is highly appreciated by good reviews on tripadvisor ranking and other trustworthy travelling websites.

Therefore, the first position of top things to do in Hoi An must be Hoi An town, with the special architectures, the stunning gastronomy and a lively outdoor museum representing the life of Hoi An people. Surely, all the Vietnam motorbike tours special will have the wonderful moments on this colorful town.


Lying harmonically among the nature with ocean and paddy fields, Hoi An is highly ranked on VIETNAM TOURS tripadvisor as the lovely place for eco tours. No matter how long or short it is, you are delivered the chance to explore the pristine beauty of outskirts of Hoi An.

Parking motorbike and join a joyful eco tour would be a good choice to really get insight into the life of Hoi An.

  1. Tra Que Vegetable village – Hoian Motorbike Tour countryside

Being famous for the enormous fields of vegetable, Hoi An has many well-known vegetable villages on the suburban areas. Many reviewers on Hoian motorcycle trip TRIPADVISOR recommend tourists to choose a vegetable village tour to see a different Hoi An.

Travel Hoian by motorbike, you can see directly the way agricultural products are cultivated, as well as picking up and tasting it immediately. All are the organic products and locally originated. Therefore, trying the fresh vegetable here, along with being a real farmer are fantastic experiences for you.

  1. An Bang Beach.

If you think that Cua Dai beach, the one on the top famous beaches in Vietnam, is the only place for your relaxing, you should reconsider when visiting An Bang Beach. Although it is not as famous as Cua Dai Beach, An Bang is an ideal place for motorcyclists of motorbike tours Ho Chi Minh trail for its pristine beauty. Offering best Vietnam motorcycle tours along the coast.

You can calming walk on the quite beach without many tourists. The row of coconuts and the wild vines make the nature more primal and intact. Just emerging in recent years, An Bang Beach receives tons of good feedbacks on tripadvisor.

  1. Guitar Hawaii Hoi An Live Music bar.

The night in Hoi An is lively and colorful with the lanterns hanging all over the corners. Sitting in a bar facing the vivid lightened streets, listening to live music on the sound of Hawaii Guitar and enjoying the peaceful atmosphere of nightlife is really wonderful.

After the long day riding motorbike tour to Hoi An intensively, a relaxing night Guitar Hawaii Hoi An Live Music Bar would be a lovely ending for the day.

  1. Cooking class.

“Chicken right” “Quang noodle”, “White rose cake” or “corn sweet soup” are all the foods and drinks that you can catch up with in many restaurants and food stalls in Hoi An. Amazingly, it is always considered the best foods in Hoi An and also in the top cuisines of Vietnam.

There ain’t no reason that our motorcycle tours Vietnam should skip this interesting activity. You will be lead and introduced by the experts in the gastronomy of Hoi An. After a cooking lesson, you will have the delicious recipe and can cook it yourself at home easily.

  1. Japanese Cover Bridge.

Choosing among all the ancient architecture, Japanese Covered bridge stands still and deserved to be the MOST visited place in Hoi An. Walking around this town, Hoi An can make the tourists reluctant to leave with its stunning appearance.

Japanese Cover Bridge is mixed with Japanese, Chinese and Vietnamese style. Coming here, Ho Chi Minh legendary road motorcycle tour can admire and discover the special architecture of Hoi An for many centuries.

  1. Hoian Motorbike tours.

If you are thinking about a tour to fully discover Hoi An, motorcycle trips are fascinating activities for tourists. Not as crowded and chaotic as Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, Hoi An is more tranquil, calmingly with the slow pace of life, which ensures the comfort of motorbike journeys.

If you search for the keyword “MOTORCYCLE TOURS HOIAN ” on tripadvisor, there will be tons of results appearing on the tripadvisor with the excellent comments from users. Don’t hesitate to book a tour with motorcycle trips Hoi An to be utterly well-served.

  1. Bike Tour

If motorcycle riding tours are the choice for the one whose speed is their passion, bike tours are more suitable for the ones who enjoy slowly biking and admire the peace of Hoi An in a windy afternoon. All of your worries can be blown away with the scenery of life here.

Biking through the paddy fields, the ancient houses, the vegetable villages…you are definitely amazed by the tranquility of Hoi An. It is also a necessary thing to do for you in this ancient town.

  1. Fukian Assembly Hall.

Ranking number 10 in the top places mostly visited by travelers in Tripadvisor Hoian, Fukian Assembly Hall is a typical construction with Chinese style. Built in 16 century, Fukian Assembly Hall represents the special cultural aspects of Chinese community in Vietnam. Visiting here will bring the best motorcycle tours Hoi An unforgettable memories and a full understanding of Chinese culture.

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