Traveling Around Vietnam By Motorbike

Traveling Around Vietnam By Motorbike

north vietnam motorbike tour

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When it comes to traveling abroad for the first time to a faraway country such as Vietnam, where you may not have

Motorbike ride in north Vietnam

Motorbike ride in north Vietnam

any relatives or friends to show you around, it may be that the safest and least complicated option to contract your tours with a local well-known agency that has staff that already know the best places to visit, where to go and spend most of your time while there and, in many cases, where you will not get scammed. One of the best experiences of traveling through Vietnam, which has been amply promoted through the Internet, is to make the travel by motorcycle using a tour agency. But, which one should you select? Where can you get reviews and ratings for different motorbike tours in Vietnam? Because when it comes to Vietnam motorcycle tour companies, there are many options and making up your mind could be a daunting task. In this case, the best approach is to ask others about their experiences while traveling in Vietnam in a motorbike or motorcycle tour. But where can you find them?


motorcycle-tours-in-vietnamAn Internet search is the first option you may take, perhaps using Google to look at options. The problem with this approach is that most of the results from your search on VIETNAM MOTORBIKE TOURS or VIETNAM MOTORCYCLE TOURS are from companies that have paid to appear there, which means they are looking for a bulk of the business all the time. This might mean these are well established businesses with employees and management that worry more about revenue generation that customer satisfaction. In any case, don’t select a company just because it shows up highly ranked on a search engine output. It makes more sense to look for blogs from people who have actually taken MOTORBIKE TOURS or MOTORCYCLE TOURS IN VIETNAM. They will have pictures and recommendations, tips, and even you can get in touch with questions you may have.

Social media is another option for your search for recommendations. Many travelers have their Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and so on open for everybody to view. You may reach out to them to ask about their experience in Vietnam and which motorbike tour or motorcycle tour agency they used, if any. Pay attention to their posts while they were traveling and take extensive notes of any tips and recommendations of places to visit and where to shop, where to stay, and so on. You may ask them if they have contact with others that made the travel with them, this way you can collect more experiences and other person’s point of view. Agencies may have their Facebook pages set up to attract more customers, visit their pages and see how many people have liked the page. These are likely former customers and you may approach them with your questions and requests for references and impressions when they used the service.

Another type of media you can use to search for visual examples is Vlogs (blogs with videos instead of written posts). Sites

north vietnam motorbike tours


such as YouTube contain videos from users that narrate visually their experiences doing something, and it may well be that someone has posted a videos of their TOURS THROUGH VIETNAM USING A MOTORBIKE. It doesn’t have to be in a tour, the important thing here is to pick up tips on HOW TO DO THE TRAVEL AROUND VIETNAM IN A MOTORCYCLE. You may hit jackpot if you find someone that was in a MOTORBIKE OR MOTORCYCLE TOURS IN VIETNAM. The most important things you can pick up with visual cues is the places you could visit, the difficulties of the terrain, how hard is to drive a motorcycle in Vietnam, conditions of the road, weather patterns, where to look for help, what to do while visiting a place, and so on.


Finally, ask your friends and see if somebody in your network has already done that motorbike or motorcycle tour through Vietnam. They may know somebody that knows somebody who you can contact to go for a cup of coffee to chat about their experience. A simple phone call is not a good approach, if they are giving you their time the least you can do is to give them the consideration of making it a personal meeting. Take a notebook with you to write down names, phones, websites, or whatever information they may give you during your conversation. Please, follow up with a thank you note by email or text and maybe more questions.

As you can see, the best way to find out about Vietnam Motorbike Tours, and agencies you could

Ban-Gioc-waterfall-Northeast Vietnam

Ban-Gioc-waterfall – Northeast Vietnam

hire for your travel, is to find others who have actually used the services. You may find them in personal blogs, social media pages, and even in video postings such as vlogs. As always, the old-fashioned way of finding out about something is by tapping your own personal network. A friend of a friend may have already done what you intend to do.These are wells of knowledge from people who have actually experienced the way of


you will have to take notes and bookmarks so that you can revisit the results of your search when the time comes to decide which agency you will be using.

Don’t forget to pay it forward, make a blog or a vlog, or just share your page for your travel on Facebook (you don’t need to post in your timeline only, where you may have private settings in place), others like you may start planning a travel such as yours and they need help as you did when you began your search.

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