Unique Vietnam Motorbike Tours Ho Chi Minh Trail – 11 Days

Coming to Vietnam, there are a wide range of choices of motorbike tours for you, but 11 day Vietnam Motorbike tours Ho Chi Minh Trail with our company is special and unique. On this journey, we combine motorbike North Vietnam and Ho Chi Minh Trail to become one route. You will have the chance to see rustic villages with landscapes of mountains, forests and many war sites with many colorful tribes in the North, as well as riding motorbike on the coastal line running parallel with Ho Chi Minh Trail.
If you are still lost in the middle of nowhere with many choices, don’t hesitate to grasp this chance and join this fantastic 11 day motorcycle tour on Ho Chi Minh Trail.

Highlights: Hanoi – Thac Ba Lake – Sa Pa – Than Uyen – Phu Yen – Mai Chau – Tan Ky – Phong Nha cave – Ke Bang – Khe Sanh – Vinh Moc tunnel – Hue – Hoi An.

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Departure: Ho Chi Minh Trail Tour can depart at any date for your comfort

Tour Type: on/ off-road Motorbike Tours Vietnam

Tour duration: 11 Days 10 Night

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Day 1: Hanoi – Vu Linh ( Thac Ba Lake )
Day 2: Thac Ba – Sapa
Day 3: Sapa – Than Uyen
Day 4: Than Uyen – Phu Yen
Day 5: Phu Yen – Mai Chau
Day 6: Mai Chau – Tan Ky
Day 7: Tan Ky – Phong Nha – Ke Bang
Day 8: Phong Nha – Khe Sanh
Day 9: Khe Sanh – Vinh Moc tunnel – Hue
Day 10: Hue Sightseeing Tour
Day 11: Hue – Hoi An


DAY 1: HANOI – THAC BA LAKE ( riding distance 180 Km – L, D) Home staythac ba motorbike tours

What make our motorbike tour different from other ones is the off-roads and out-of-track paths. We not only take tourists through the sealed and smooth roads but also offer you with wonderful and challenging moments. Don’t worry, we make sure that your safety is still our highest priority even with the rugged roads and winding Trail.

Our Vietnam motorbike tours arrives in Thac Ba lake at 4:00pm. After that, we will have one relaxing hour on Thac Ba lake to sightsee the magnificent landscapes around. We will stay overnight in the local house of Dzao peole, have a warm and hospitable night with local people here. It ends the 1st day of journey with north Vietnam motorbike tours.

DAY 2: THAC BA LAKE – SAPA ( riding distance 210 Km – B, L, D) Hotel stay

northern-vietnam-motorbike-tours.jpgComing to the 2nd day, after having breakfast, our interesting Vietnam motorbike tours keeps riding along Thac Ba lake and see the masterpiece of nature with Northern Vietnam motorbike tours. You can see the massive view of mountains, green lake and rice paddy fields.

We will stop for lunch in Pho Rang town. Then our motorbike crew to the north continues to Sapa, take a stop near Chinese border to see this country from Vietnam.

After 37km on marvelous winding trail from Lao Cai to Sapa town, our motorbike crew reaches that town which is 1650m above the sea level. You will have some stops to take photos of splendid views in the sunlight of an beautiful afternoon.

We arrive in Sapa at about 4:30pm. This 2nd night is dedicated for you to explore that romantic town before we start a new route tomorrow.


DAY 3: SAPA – THAN UYEN (riding distance 110 Km – B, L, D) Hotel stay

Breakfast in the morning is followed by a short ride around Sapa valley to visit tranquil villages with motorbike-tour-north-vietnamlocal life of indigenous people. You are supposed to learn more about Vietnamese culture and see the majestic view of Muong Hoa valley.

Lunch is ready is Sapa town. After that, Northern Vietnam motorbike tours will ride to Than Uyen, another highlight of the journey. We will cross the O Quy Ho pass- one of the longest and most beautiful passes in the North of Vietnam.

This trail is followed by a sealed road through green tea plantations. Vietnam motorcycle team arrives in Than Uyen at 5:00pm. It brings to the end of the 3rd day in a lovely hotel.

DAY 4: THAN UYEN – MU CANG CHAI – PHU YEN ( riding distance 220 Km – B, L, D) Hotel stay

north vietnam motorbike toursFrom Than Uyen, our journey on motorbike keeps heading to Mu Cang Chai and Phu Yen at roughly 8:30 am. The motorbike tour today is one of the greatest parts of the whole motorbike tour in North Vietnam when we pass mountain roads will vast terraced fields and many tranquil villages of hill tribes. This view is typical of northern Vietnam motorbike tours with the back-roads and winding trail. You can enjoy your times when we stop to take photos and have a talk with friendly local people.

Phu Yen is our last stop of 5th day. We will stay overnight here before reaching new routes tomorrow with Vietnam motorbike ride team.

DAY 5: PHU YEN – MAI CHAU ( riding distance 150 Km – B, L, D) Home stay

The route from Phu Yen to Mai Chau valley promises to bring you many impressive experiences of the motorbike north Vietnammotorbike tour in the North of Vietnam. Getting out of the town, we keep riding along the Da River, one of the biggest rivers in the north of Vietnam. This riding along Da River is one of the most interesting parts of VIETNAM MOTORBIKE TOURS because this route is not mainstream and still strange to tourists.

After riding along the Da river with Vietnam motorcycle tours, we will ride up to Moc Chau highland, where is well-known for green tea farms and the cooling weather. We will take a short visit around this town and then keep biking to Mai Chau valley.

The tour with Vietnam motorbike to the North will end in Mai Chau at 4:30pm. Arrive at the home stay of friendly Thai people, you are free to walk around and explore this touristic town with many activities to join.

DAY 6: MAI CHAU – TAN KY ( riding distance 270 Km – B, L, D) Hotel stay

Since the 6th day of the Vietnam motorbike tours, we will start to hit the Ho Chi Minh Trail and explore the center of Vietnam by motorbike. After seeing off the host in Mai Chau, we will have very exciting motorbike ride to explore the rustic villages of Thai people and sightsee the green paddy fields.

After getting out of the valley, we will ride on the small but wonderful trail along the Ma River to reach Cam Thuy town, where we have a break for lunch.

This motorbike tours central Vietnam continues to Tan Ky town at 5:00pm. It is the end of the very long 6th day with Ho Chi Minh Trail motorcycle tours but really enjoyable!

Tan Ky town is considered as the starting point of this legendary Trail- Ho Chi Minh Trail. This was the gathering place of army forces and the starting point to transport foods and stuffs to the battle fields in the south of Vietnam. Currently, it is a small town located near the Ho Chi Minh town, where still imprints a heroic past of Vietnam history”

DAY 7: TAN KY – PHONG NHA ( riding distance 280 Km – B, L, D) Hotel stay

Vietnam motorbike tripsThis long route with Vietnam motorbike tours on Ho Chi Minh Trail today promises many beautiful attractions. We will ride to Phong Nha Ke Bang national park. This area is one of the worthiest visiting places in Quang Binh province. You can see the vast primitive forests and system of limestone mountains, widely stretch along the Truong Son mountain range. This geological structure is named Karst, which you can see in many places like Ha Long bay, or other regions in Asia, but Phong Nha is considered the oldest major karst area in Asia. The cave system is like a masterpiece of nature with the biggest and largest cave in the world recorded up to now. It will be the main attraction to attract tourists to come to Phong Nha Ke Bang national park.

We arrive in Phong Nha at roughly 4:30pm. After that, with the time condition is ideal, we can enjoy a boat tour or explore some famous caves in this area.

DAY 8: PHONG NHA – KHE SANH (riding distance 220 Km – B, L, D) Hotel stay

From Phong Nha to Khe Sanh, Vietnam motorbike ride team will take you on the western Ho Chi Minh motorcycle tours VietnamTrail, which is different from other Vietnam motorbike tour companies. This Trail is known as the hidden trail to avoid the bomb of US Army, which runs through the Phong Nha –Ke Bang national park. In the distance of more than 200km, you are supposed to see more landscapes and relics than motorbikes. This part is the highlight of the whole Vietnam motorbike tours from North to South on Ho Chi Minh trail.

After getting out of Phong Nha Ke Bang, we will visit the former marine base of US enemy: Khe Sanh. Coming to Khe Sanh nowadays, you can see the air base, the tunnel system and the museum with remnants of the past.

We will finish the great western Vietnam Motorbike Tour Ho Chi Minh Trail and have one overnight in Khe Sanh, before heading to other landmarks.

DAY 9: KHE SANH – VINH MOC TUNNEL – HUE ( riding distance 180 Km – B, L, D) Hotel stay

Vietnam motorbike rideThe motorbike tour today on Ho Chi Minh Trail is another spot light with the long distance and many stops to visit the historical buildings. We will ride through the history road No 9 and ride closer to sea direction. Our motorbike crew will pass the Hien Luong bridge- the boundary between North and South of Vietnam in American war, museum of the 17th parallel and Vinh Moc tunnel.

After lunch nearby the tunnel, we will keep riding motorbike to Hue, one of the most relaxing cantre Vietnam motorbike tours and have one night to enjoy this romantic and poetic city.

“Vinh Moc is a tunnel complex located in Quang Tri, Vietnam. This one was in a strategic location, served as a bomb shelter for local people in Son Trung and Son Ha communes of Vinh Linh districts in the Vietnamese Demilitarized zone. The people were believed to support foods and other stuffs for North Vietnamese garrison on the Con Co island.

The American soldier wanted to suppress local people and forced them to leave but the residents had nowhere to go. They decided to move the village underground 10m but the American forces designed bombs that burrowed down 10m. Finally, villagers decided to dig more to the depth of 30m. This construction was started in 1966 and used until 1972. They lived here like normal, with the kitchens, rooms for living. Around 60 families lived in that tunnel with roughly 17 children were born here”

DAY 10: HUE CITY TOURS (B, L) Hotel stay

After breakfast, we will have a sightseeing day to explore the hidden charm behind its ancient history. hue motorcycle toursWe can take the short motorbike tour around Hue to the suburban areas to see the tombs of Kings and Lords, or we can have a bus tour around that city.

At lunch, we will be back to the city to try some street foods. In the afternoon, you can have free time to go to the beach or go shopping. A wonderful day in this city will leave you a lot of impressions with central Vietnam motorbike tours on Ho Chi Minh Trail.

“Hue used to be a capital of Vietnam in the old time, along with Hoa Lu (Ninh Binh), Tay Do (Thanh Hoa) and Hanoi. Unlike other cities, Hue still remains every construction in quite good conditions. Known as the ancient capital of Vietnam, tourists can see many relics and vestiges scattering around that city. The most famous one is Hue citadel, lying on the northern bank of Perfume river, which was constructed as arc defensive ramparts of 11km length. This complex includes many small architectural works showing the life of Emperors and their relatives and family in the Nguyen dynasty. Along the Perfume river, you can see many tombs of Kings and Lords; leaning on the mountain and looking to the river; such as Minh Mang tomb, Tu Duc tomb, Khai Dinh tomb, etc. Hue is also known as an important Buddhism center with many pagodas constructed for more than300 years. This complex of many relics, vestiges and pagodas makes this peaceful city more attractive to tourists to explore about history and culture of Vietnam”

DAY 11: HUE – HOI AN ( riding distance 170 km – B, L)

motorbike tours hoianIn the last day with Vietnam motorbike tours Ho Chi Minh Trail, we will have wonderful experiences when getting out of Hue and hitting the roads to Hoi An. Our motorcycle crew will cross the Hai Van pass, one of the best passes in Vietnam; we also can see the fishing villages along the bay when riding on the coastal roads.

At roughly 2:00pm, our motorbike tour on Ho Chi Minh Trail will come to Da Nang. You can choose to stay in Da Nang or keep hitting to Hoi An by your own. It is a near distance.

11 day motorbike tour with Vietnam motorbike ride team on Ho Chi Minh Trail seems quite short because Vietnam still posses many beauties for you to explore. Hopefully, you did have a good time with us and we look forward to the day you come back to Vietnam!

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