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Different from other beauty spots in South-east Asia like vibrant Thailand or modern Singapore , Vietnam is famous for its wonderful natural beauty, from the North to the South, from the East to the West. It’s likely that Vietnam takes Heaven’s priority to have a lot of remarkable natural places of beauty. Moreover, Vietnam has a long-term history of fighting for its freedom against conquers, so that it has ancient traditions and stunning cultures, among 54 ethnics. One point should not be ignored is that Vietnamese, no matter they are Hanoians and Saigoners or ethnic minority groups living in mountainous and remote areas, are so friendly, kind and hospitable that every tourist visited this charming country wants to come back again and again. The point is that among many means of transport to discover hidden Vietnam, motorbike is the best choice. It is high time you put on your backpack and join us North Vietnam Motorbike Tours – the most popular and well-known Motorbike Tour Organizer in Vietnam.

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A hidden and different S-shaped Vietnam

Perhaps there isn’t any country in the region has a terrain as Vietnam does. Besides having a seaside stretches from the North to the South, Vietnam has three-fourth of its terrain is mountain. Therefore, adventurous travelers always choose Northern Vietnam as their favourite destination. That’s the reason why Vietnam Motorbike Tours was established and has been run for more than eight years ( since 2008) by an experienced-riding expert- Alan Chien.

In general, foreign travelers visit Vietnam for its popular tourist attractions like Hanoi or Halong Bay in the North, Da Nang or Hue in the Central and Ho Chi Minh City in the South. Hordes of other non-touristy but must-see destinations that can be touched by many means of transport but choosing motorbike and breathing your soul to the nature is the most interesting. Vietnam Motorbike Tours is proud of its ability to make every customer whom we treat as our beloved friends have memorable moments of their lifetime.


Motorbike Tours North Vietnam

To begin with, different from vibrant Hanoi or lively Halong Bay, lots of mountainous and untouched places of beauty in the North of Vietnam are ready for overseas adventurers to explore and enjoy. Especially Northern Vietnam Motorbike Tours, these regions are not commercialized for business purposes like well-known and popular tourist attractions. As a result, everything here, both scenery and people, remains its own original traits. Imagine you are riding a motorbike to enjoy breathtaking landscape and local people’s interesting daily life with the support of a prestige tourism agent- Vietnam Motorbike Tours. How amazing and unforgettable it is! With our Western- standard dirt bikes, during the adventure, motorcyclists have chance to stop whenever and wherever they want to enjoy the atmosphere, relax or capture the moments. Luckily, you will capture the fascinating picture of farmers working on their green rice paddies. What is more, the weather of these non-touristy destinations fairly makes the motorcyclists comfortable and interested. For instance, the temperature fluctuates all day, usually it’s colder in the morning and at night than at midday. Sometimes, that it’s even snowy in Sapa attracts hordes of adolescents from the whole country as well as foreign tourists. Some recommendations we offer are Sapa ( Lao Cai Province), Hoang Su Phi ( Ha Giang Province), Moc Chau ( Son La Province) and Mai Chau valley ( Hoa Binh Province).

Besides, Vietnam Motorbike Tours brings great chance for motorists to have one of the best discovery of Southern Vietnam: the Ho Chi Minh Trail and the Mekong Delta. The Mekong Delta, the southern end of this river and the area around Ho Chi Minh City are involved in our routes. If you take our ride tours- the most reasonable itinerary, you will be in love with beautiful natural sceneries here. Whether it is lush vegetation, green rice fields or timeless views of farmers planting and harvesting rice. The lifestyle of the people and the culture, custom and tradition of this wetland is also different from other regions of Vietnam, especially the North. Join Vietnam Motorbike Tours to explore how local people make ends meet, what tradition they preserve generation to generation and what main characteristics local people have.

What Vietnam Motorbike Tours brings about?

For adolescents or adults who are fond of having unforgettable adventures of their lifetime, choosing Vietnam a destination and motorbike the chief means of transport is the best choice. Why? Unlike bus, train or airplane, riding a motorbike yourself means you are making use of every moment to enjoy the breathtaking landscape on the way instead of wasting hours just sitting. Riding a motorbike with Vietnam Motorbike Tours, foreign tourists have wonderful moments of enjoying picturesque scenery, chasing with the wind on the road and taking some view-capturing photographs.

In addition, all motorcycles that Vietnam Motorbike Tours provides our bikers meet the Western-standard with strong engine, gasoline-saving, flexible packing space and standarded full face helmets. They are served and maintained day and night in order to make the rider and the pillion feel comfortable.

An other benefit you gain if joining our Motorbike Tours In Vietnam is that our leader is a highly experienced motorist in mountain terrain- Mr. Alan Chien. He and other members of our organization are both fluently English-speaking and hospitable, enthusiastic to foreign tourists. We are all well-trained and have at least a couple of years riding motorbike in any kind of terrain in our country with North Vietnam Motorbike Tours.

Last but not least, join us, not only do tourists enjoy “genuine” daily life of local people but they also contribute their money to help people living below the poverty line in regions they visit.

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