Vietnam Motorbike Tour Ho Chi Minh Trail – 9 Days

On this 9-day Vietnam Motorbike Tour Ho Chi Minh Trail with our company, you will have the chance to explore the legendary trail, where the severe American War has gone by. Travelling from North to South with motorcycle on this trail is an unforgettable experience for you with landscapes of a peaceful Vietnam with paddy fields and also a heroic Vietnam bravely going through the war with flying colors.

Currently, many paths of Ho Chi Minh trails are not popularly used and people can access to Ho Chi Minh highway. On this Ho Chi Minh Trail Motorbike Tours, we will explore the northern part of this route, which used to be hard to access, from Ngoc Lac to the Hai Van pass. This smooth and wide road will satisfy every motorcyclist. You can enjoy the wind and the cooling atmosphere on the motorbike without traffic jam and also the landscapes on the 2 sides of the roads; as well as passing many heritages in the center of Vietnam. Grasp your chance and explore the Ho Chi Minh Trail, the historical Trail of Vietnam with our motorbike tour!

Highlights: Hanoi – Mai Chau – Tan Ky – Phong Nha – Dong Hoi – Khe Sanh – Hue – Hoi An.

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Tour duration: 9 Days 8 Nights

Tour type: on/ off-road, Ride Ho Chi Minh Trail

Tour price: From 165 USD/ Day/

Departure: Daily, upon your request.

Best time to ride: From September to April

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motorbike tours in north vietnam

We are using the Japanese Honda XR 125cc or 250cc Honda CRF with Panniers and carrier on the back.

vietnam motorbike tour ho chi minh trail   vietnam motorbike tour ho chi minh trail



Day 1. Hanoi – Mai Chau ( 170 km ) Home stay
Day 2. Mai Chau – Tan Ky ( 290 km ) Hotel stay
Day 3. Tan Ky – Phong Nha ( 280 km ) Hotel stay
Day 4. Phong Nha – Dong Hoi ( 60 km ) Hotel stay
Day 5. Dong Hoi – Khe Sanh ( 200 km ) Hotel stay
Day 6. Khe Sanh – Hue ( 180 km ) Hotel stay
Day 7. Hue.
Day 8. Hue – Hoi An ( 145 km ) Hotel stay
Day 9. Hoi An ( Hotel N/ A )


DAY 1. HANOI – MAI CHAU ( 170 km – L, D ) Home stay

north vietnam motorbike tripsOur guide will pick you up at the hotel at 8:00 am to start the north-south Vietnam motorbike tours. Our motorbike crew will set off to Mai Chau valley on the back roads, which is totally different from other motorbike tours. You will have chance to see an authentic Vietnam with the tranquil villages, the rice fields and the green hills. Although the distance of the motorbike tour today is not long, it is the highlight of the whole motorbike journey. Regarding as the 2nd Sapa, Mai Chau will bring you unforgettable memories with friendly local residents here as well as new experiences with both on and off-roads, which are specially tailored motorbike tour to meet your demand. Our Ho Chi Minh Trail motorbike tour will come to Mai Chau at 4:00pm. We can take a walk around here and then come back to the homestay to stay overnight.

Mai Chau is a remote district of Hoa Binh Province, in the northwest of Vietnam. Just about 165km from Hanoi, the landscapes of this area leave impressions on both foreigners and local tourists.

This area is really well known for the typical architecture of Muong and Thai tribe, house-on-stilts. This kind of house can also be called pile dwellings, with the walls made of bamboo and rattan. These houses are elevated 10-12 feet off the ground in order to avoid landslide and mudslide in mountainous areas”

 DAY2: MAI CHAU – TAN KY ( 290 km – B, L, D ) Hotel stay

motorbike tours VietnamThe motorbike tour today could be the longest of Ho Chi Minh Trail journey. After a short tour around Mai Chau valley, you will keep riding along the Ma river. This road is so spectacular with the wild beauty of mountains and forests.

We come to Cam Thuy town and stop for lunch. After that, the motorbike tour on Ho Chi Minh Trail set off to Tan Ky, on a trail (now a newly built like highway but less traffic because 2 highway links have been constructed to link north and south). This route is really long for Ho Chi Minh trail motorbike ride but really valuable with the newly experienced feelings.

 DAY 3. TAN KY – PHONG NHA ( 280 km – B, L, D ) Hotel stay

centre Vietnam motorbike toursIn the 3rd day, our Ho Chi Minh Trail motorbike tours continues to ride until Pho Chau, where we can take a break and visit Ho Chi Minh Trail victory monument, which is considered the 1st point of Vietnam Motorbike Tour Ho Chi Minh Trail.

After that, this motorbike tour is followed by the route to Phong Nha-Ke Bang, with the biggest and the most beautiful cave in Vietnam and the whole world. Phong Nha Ke Bang was considered as the UNESCO world natural heritage in 2003 with its special topography: karst. The karst formation of Phong Nha-Ke Bang has been created for 400 million years. It is considered as the oldest major karst in Asia. The vast area with the complexity of geographic features extends to the border of Lao people’s democratic republic, covering more than 100km of caves and underground rivers. The motorbike tour today to Phong Nha Ke bang must be the spot light of the whole journey on Ho Chi Minh Trail.

“The compex of Phong Nha-Ke Bang is 50km from Dong Hoi city and about 500km from Hanoi. This area has the significant values about both topographies and also biodiversity. There are hundreds of caves discovered here and many of them have been evaluated and also taken into exploitation for tourism. In 2009, the discovery of Son Doong cave, the largest cave in the world has attracted the focus of global press for this area”

DAY 4. PHONG NHA – DONG HOI ( 160 km – B, L, D ) Hotel stay

Our tour today will be the best part of Vietnam motorbike tour Ho Chi Minh Trail. After exploring Phong Nha World heritage site on the boat, where used to be the bomb shelter for local military forces in the war, we will hit the road to Dong Hoi. Dong Hoi town is a severe battlefield in the war time, where received many sweeps from the enemy troops. Our motorbike tour on Ho Chi Minh Trail will stay overnight in this town before starting a new day.

DAY 5. DONG HOI – KHE SANH ( 200 km – B, L, D ) Home stay

Vietnam motorbike rideFrom Dong Hoi to Khe Sanh, our motorbike crew on Ho Chi Minh Trail will go through many historical sites with many relics and vestiges relating to American war. We will ride through foothills which were once sprayed severely by Agent Orange towards the former DMZ. War has gone by but its remnants are still visible in the mindset of local people. Our guide will take the motorbike crew through Vinh Moc tunnel, Hien Luong bridge (previous boundary between North and South Vietnam) Truong Son cemetery and the past point is Khe Sanh (former US Marine base).

We finish the amazing and full-of-historic stories route at about 4:30pm and ends Vietnam motorbike tours on the Trail.

DAY 6. KHE SANH – HUE ( 180 km – B, L, D ) Hotel stay

khe sanh motorbike toursOn the motorbike today, we will have another chance to see a great part of Vietnam motorbike tours on Ho Chi Minh trail.

Right after breakfast, our ride will head to Da Krong bridge, which was built by Cubans in 1973, and then reaches A Shau valley, an intense military base in American war with sabotage activities. Many areas in the center of Vietnam, like Hamburger hill, are still arid because of the deadly destruction of Agent Orange. Then our motorbike tour reaches A Luoi, a district with many BruVan Kieu tribe people. After passing the green back country and Me Oi pass, we keep going to the beautiful city of Hue, which lies gently and be embraced by Perfume river. The ride today is so fantastic and enjoyable, as one the greatest parts of Motorcycle Tour Ho Chi Minh Trail Vietnam.

“Khe Sanh is a small town in Central Vietnam, which has witnessed the fiercest torture of American troops to local people and Vietnam army in the American War. Khe Sanh marine base now works as one of the best museums in the DMZ area.

When the tourists come here, they still can see the photos taken in the most intense years of bombing and fire. The old airstrip still remains, along with some American helicopters and some remnants of tanks. To come to Khe Sanh, you can turn off highway 9 at the large memorial near the gateway to town onto Ho Chi Minh Highway, follow the road for around 3km and finally you can see a large blue sign on the right”

DAY 7. HUE SIGHSEEING ( B, L, D ) Hotel stay

Ride Ho Chi Minh TrailComing to the 7th day with Vietnam motorbike tours Ho Chi Minh Trail, you will have a total relaxing day in Hue with a city tour by car. After riding intensively the days before, enjoy the gentle and peaceful moments in a very romantic ancient city.

“Located in the center of Vietnam and about 10km from the East sea, Hue is granted with the best sceneries of the mountains and forests. Being the capitals of 9 lords and 13 kings, Hue posses a long and deep history of Vietnam, also a special and unique culture. This city is full of heritages, both tangible and intangible. Passing many up-and-downs of history, Hue is still a charming and romantic city for both foreigners and Vietnamese”

DAY 8. HUE – HOI AN ( 145 km – B, L, D ) Hotel stay

634898772232285000On the motorbike tour on Ho Chi Minh Trail today, we will have a great feeling, more fascinating than ever when riding on the beautiful coastal line of Vietnam from Hue to Hoi An. After passing Hai Van pass, we will keep riding motorbike about 20m from Da Nang to Hoi An, the world heritage, a major trading center of Vietnam in the 16th and 17th century

“Hoi An, also named as Faifo, is a town of more than 2000 year history, was once a part of Cham Kingdom. It is used as a strategic port for trading spice between Indonesia and Cham from the 7th to the 10th century and later on turned into a special port in the 16th and 17th century. After that, its function faded away until now.

This town is influenced by many cultures. The first wave of culture is from Cham people, whose kingdom stretched from Hue to Phan Thiet, Ninh Thuan. If you come to Quang Nam province, you still can see the remnants of old Cham capital wih the My Son sanctuary. The Cham people follow hindu, and by 10th century, it was affected by Arab traders to Hoi An, resulting in some converting to become Muslims.

Besides this, Hoi An is also affected by Chinese culture, originally deriving from the Chinese traders and especially from the escaping Ming Dynasty armies. They came to Hoi An for few years before keep cruising to Sai Gon and turned into a big community for Chinese people in Vietnam.

Moreover, the Vietnamese culture still imprints strongly in the architecture and local life here. If you want to find the converge of many cultures in Asia, Hoi An is a perfect destination for you to choose”.


On the motorbike ride today on Ho Chi Minh Trail, we can choose to keep riding along the coastal line to see the China beach, where US marines first landed or just take a walk around the peaceful Hoi An town in the morning. I am sure that this town will leave you many good impressions with special architectures like Bridge pagoda, communal houses, temple, old houses; the stunning sea foods and local gastronomy, well-decorated stores or the tailoring and lantern shops. Otherwise, you can visit Cua Dai beach for enjoying the sun and white sand.

After lunch, we will see off the Hoi An, come back to Da Nang city and fly back to Hanoi or you can catch the flight to Ho Chi Minh city. It is the end of the wonderful motorbike tours Ho Chi Minh Trail in Vietnam, specially tailored by Vietnam Motorbike Ride Hanoi team. Hopefully, you did have the interesting moments with us to explore the center of Vietnam on Ho Chi Minh Trail.

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