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The North of Vietnam is well-known for the varied natural sceneries, which are almost untouched by human and still preserve the pristine beauty of a typical mountainous area of Vietnam. More and more tour companies are launching the journeys to the North to explore the available strengths of this region.

However, not every company is successful to bring completely the picturesqueness of the mountainous land to tourists’ experience. On motorbike tours top gear Vietnam, everything is different with the commitment to deliver to guests the wonderful moments.

Trying the motorcycle tours in north Vietnam to feel an authentic Vietnam and get an insight into the life of people in this S-shaped land. Your trip will be far more memorable than what you could expect in a normal tour in Vietnam.

Vietnam Motorbike Tour Special – Ride away on the different routes.

The first reason that motorbike top gear Vietnam tour can overwhelm other mainstream journey is the ability to overcome the hardest roads. The infrastructure in the mountainous area is not that good with mainly the small paths or rugged roads with many potholes. Therefore, it is seemingly impossible for the car to get through here.

Being equipped with the modern protecting clothes and the top gear motorbikes, which are designed to cope with all the bad road conditions, riders who books motorcycle tours in Vietnam can be confident to overcome all the routes ahead. All the bikes are newly imported or domestically bought from the trusted suppliers. Therefore, worries about the quality of the motorbike is not necessary.

In the journey, it is really fascinating for all the motorcyclists when taking the chance to roaming on many kinds of terraces; from the paved roads or super large highway to the countryside paths. Sometimes, we need to get through the mountainous tracks, where you see nothing from the valley and the mountains. However, under the supportive instruction of the guide, you can totally relaxed about the motorcycle tours North Vietnam.

Riding is never that funny!

How funny could you have with Vietnam top gear special motorbike trip? The riding is not always intensive because the purpose of this journey is bringing the joyful moments to travelers. Don’t think too seriously about the long riding hours; you will have the relaxing moments to savor the scenery of mountain.

If you are tired of riding, we can arrange a place for taking a rest; and if we are riding over the clouds on the sunny day; just take a stop for shooting the wonderful photos before hitting the roads to the far-away places. This motorcycle touring top gear North Vietnam is specially designed for you so just enjoy it in your way!

It could be the first time for many motorcyclists to stay together with many strange people without knowing each other before; it could be their first time roaring on the road for more than 1 week; or it could be their first moments to step out of their comfort zone…Therefore, there will be tons of memories for them to treasure their time with motorcycle trip Northern Vietnam.

A real Vietnam motorcycle adventurous tour!

On the journey of top gear motorbike Vietnam, you will really experience the adventurous motorbike tours in Vietnam. Riding motorbike is never that funny, but also not easy, especially in Vietnam. It requires a lot of efforts from everyone in the team.

With the highway, where you can speed up to 80km/h or more, it could be a little bit dangerous for the ones who lack experience because there are many trucks and big car crazily moving on the street. In case we ride through the high mountain roads, the Vietnam motorcycle tour special need to be more careful with the narrow lane and the binding curves without any notices of moving-forward vehicles.

Moreover, if the weather is not good, it would be more and more challenging for our team with the short visibility and the muddy roads. You can easily get trapped in the mud or get stuck by the landslides from high mountains.

Time to get closer to local culture

The best way to get understanding about a country is getting contact with local people. In the top gear motorcycle riding North Vietnam, we will take you though many regions of the country to get closer to the local culture.

From Hanoi, we can start riding to the countryside area, where you can catch the sight of the market or the rice fields. It is really enjoyable to wear the traditional costumes of the farmers and turn into a real one in the fields or simply go to the market and buy some local stuffs. It would give the whole riding crew Vietnam chance to talk with them.

And on the mountainous area, joining a periodical market and staying with the ethnic minority people is the best way to be involved in the local culture. Our motorcycle trips Vietnam can

stop for a while in the mountainous markets, take a look around and really get into their life by participating in the traditional games, trying the local foods, etc… And one night staying with local host would be a perfect ending for your trip in North Vietnam.

If you are really curious and excited about Vietnam motorbike tour, you can easily log on the internet and our websites to see the best motorcycle tour in Vietnam or contact directly to Mr. Alan, an expert from Vietnam motorbike tour, at + 84985 333 066 or Email: to reserve a motorbike tour in northern Vietnam.



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