Vietnam Motorbike Tours – A Destination of New Mellennium

Vietnam Motorbike Tours – A Destination of New Mellennium

Northeast Vietnam Motorbike Tours

Northeast Vietnam Motorbike Tours - Ban Gioc waterfalls

If you and your beloved family members and circle of friends want to get off the beaten track in Vietnam and enjoy this country which is full of charm and characteristics, let’s join Vietnam Motorbike Tours. Especially, in recent years, we have operated tours discovering the beauty of non-touristy destinations in Northern Vietnam with the enthusiastic support of experiencied local Vietnam motorbike crew.

Northeast Vietnam Motorbike Tours

Northeast Vietnam Motorbike Tours – Ban Gioc waterfalls

Vietnam Motorbike Tours – A wonderful journey of a lifetime!

Our North Vietnam Motorbike Tours ensures to bring foreign travelers the most wonderful journeys because we always make use of every single moment on the road to see how amazing Vietnam’s Mother Nature is. Whether your destination is Sapa- a very well-known tourist attraction, Hoang Su Phi, Dong Van, Moc Vhau or Mai Chau, these untouched highlands in the North have some similarities in their beauty. Both Sapa ( Lao Cai province – Northwest Vietnam ) and Dong Van ( Ha Giang province – Northeast Vietnam ) used to be prosperous towns in the past. Many decades ago, Sapa was formal French colonial hill station.

Vietnam Motorbike Tours

Vietnam Motorbike Tours – Sapa mountain pass

Northern Vietnam – Amazing scenery

When you choose VIETNAM MOTORBIKE TOURS support you to explore these breathtaking landscapes by motorbikes, you will definitely get away from your daily life full of stress and pressure, then “goes with the wind”. Hordes of tourists are impressed by a masterpiece of nature: deep valleys and high mountains parallel. This picturesque scenery grabs the attention of both motorists and amateur photographers.

Must be remember, in the winter, our North Vietnam Motorbike Tours offers some package tours to the extreme point of Northern Vietnam: Lung Cu Flag Tower – Dong Van. From this viewpoint, you will see stunning views over steep valleys dotted with village homesteads. This route is the most adventurous but attractive and memorable. Some parts of this road are even ranked as Top ten most adventurous and worthy-MOTORBIKE RIDING IN VIETNAM by professional motorists from all over the world. Another attraction of this amazing but inaccessible destination is “ Tam giac mach” or “ Triangle Oat” – which are in full blossom from September to November. It provides photographical opportunities for travelers during this period of three months. In contrast, if you really want to enjoy this wonderful land’s beauty which is not commercialized for business purposes, choose off-season time and it will make your day.

Vietnam Motorbike Tours

Vietnam Motorbike Tours – Ha Giang

Colorful tribes and friendly local people

Our Northern Vietnam Motorbike Tours is different from other Motorbike Tour Organizers in Vietnam for the only reason: we bring foreign travelers an opportunity to enjoy the “genuine” daily life of local people to explore how unique their custom is, how enthusiastic and hospitable they are.

In general, there are 54 diverse ethnics in Vietnam. Except for “ Kinh” – who usually live in plains and vibrant cities, 53 other ethnic minority groups are inhabitants in highlands. Each ethnic tribe has its own custom, from the appearance to their way of thinking. If you want to experience these diverse cultures, join us Motorbike Tours North Vietnam an book homestay immediately.

Our Vietnam Motorbike Tours, in general, last for a couple of days. Moreover, choosing two kind of accommodation ( hotel and homestay) is necessary. Conventient and modern hotels are no longer strange for tourists. Homestay – getting on well with local people – is advisable for them because of undeniable benefits this kind of staying brings about.

Whenever you experience the life of local people by traveling in Vietnam by motorbike, you will be surprised at how colorful they are, in both mental and physical. In other words, not only do they differ in their appearance, but each ethnic also has its own unique traits. However, they all have a mutual characteristic: friendliness.

Vietnam Motorbike Tours

North Vietnam Motorbike Tours

Join Vietnam Motorbike Tours, every motorcyclist is satisfied with our excellent services and wants to re-visit this charming country for its friendly people, Especially taking Motorbike Tours Northern Vietnam. Apart from our experienced leader and fluently English – speaking staff, our local supporters are very nice. They assist you to find out the safest but most adventurous route, share you their own custom and lifestyle and truly be your friends. If you are lucky enough to enjoy your adventure with local guides, they may be very interested in your country’s culture. It’s somehow like culture – exchange, both of you absorb the other’s unique culture.

In addition, while Ha Giang is famous for its flower “ Triangle Oat”, Moc Chau is known as hills of green tea. That local people plant green tea every hill and mountain makes this land look like a green silk ending at the horizon. With Northern Vietnam Motorbike Tours, just a few-hour motorbike ride from Moc Chau to Hoa Binh, you will arrive Mai Chau valley. Here we have an ethnic modal village full of colorful clothes and pretty gardens for travelers to take some pictures. The atmosphere is fairly relaxed. Moreover, taking Vietnam Motorbike Tours to Sapa is famous for peach blossom, thundering waterfalls, rock church and terraced fields. One more thing, taking Vietnam Motorbike Ride to Sapa and put Sapa on the map is “ Love market”. Unlike Night market in Hanoi, local people join “ Love market” not to buy clothes, accessories, shoes or anything but find their perfect match.


Motorbike Tours North Vietnam

Are you just wondering why always North Vietnam Motorbike Tours? If you travel to those aboved- mentioned non – touristy spots of beauty by coach or airplane, you will lose something valuable. It’s an opportunity of chasing with the wind on the road, leaving your “ 24/7 working days” behind, enjoying unforgettable moments uniting with the nature and taking memorable photos. That ‘s all worth for you to TRAVEL VIETNAM BY MOTORBIKE MOTORCYCLE.

Vietnam Motorbike Tours was established and run to support and assist foreign travelers have best jouneys of their lifetime. We have 8 – year experience of riding in any kind terrains in Northern Vietnam. Moreover, we have a talent leader supervising the whole adventure and a well – trained Vietnam Motorbike Crew. We are all excellent at English and have a deep understanding of local people’s lives. What is more, that we are experts at riding ensures motorists have amazing time when join Motorbike Tours North Vietnam.

In brief, breathtaking landscapes, stunning culture, friendly people and colorful ethnic minority tribes are just some words we use to “ draw” a picture of endless charming Northern Vietnam. There are lots of interesting things that you will discover yourself when you take our motorbike tours in Vietnam.




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