Vietnam Motorbike Tours – with an amazing trip for eco-tourists

Vietnam Motorbike Tours – with an amazing trip for eco-tourists

Vietnam Motorbike Tours

Eco-tourism is a kind of tourism that is not strange to every people. It has developed more strongly and prosperously in recent years when the concern of people for environments and sustainability related-issues is more uplifted. From the developed countries, more and more tourists choose to travel to Asian countries, where the biodiversity is still well-preserved in some regions with the wild beauty and untouched by human. And Vietnam is one of them.

Joining the journey with Vietnam motorcycle trips along the country, you are supposed to admire the scenery of a nation with three forth of tertiary is mountain and hill. Thanks to the priority of nature, Vietnam possesses many wonderful national parks, natural conservation centers or the variety of the mangrove ecosystem.

Let’s be a part of this Vietnam Motorbike Tours special; the ones from different countries; different backgrounds but share the same love for eco-tourism; to explore the incredible wildness of Vietnam nature. We will have the chance to drop in some famous national parks with distinguished features which make you eventful.

Vietnam Motorbike Tours

Hoang Lien National park- the vast forest on the top mountain – Northwest Vietnam Motorbike Tours.

If in your Vietnam motorcycle tours itinerary exist the description of the route to Sapa or through O Quy Ho pass, for sure; you will have the moments to enjoy the beauty of the Hoang Lien National Park.

Hoang Lien NP covers a large area of 2 provinces Lao Cai and Lai Chau. When joining Northern Vietnam motorbike tours along the winding trails, you can see the woods of Hoang Lien NP from far distance. This is the home of many wild flowers; all along the tracks to Fansipan mountain creating the spectacular view of mountain and forest. Especially, if you come here in the autumn and winter, it is visible for all the motorcyclists in our team to catch up with the image of leaves changing the color like in temperate zone.

Visiting Hoang Lien National Park, Northern Vietnam motorcycle trips can have chance to ride around to sightsee the beauty of Sapa, the famous town in the North of Vietnam with clouds and fogs covered year around; or taking the gear up to the high mountain trails to see the Fansipan peak; the highest peak of Indochina.

Besides the value of ecosystem, Hoang Lien national park is also the home of many ethnic groups. From Sapa, our motorcycle touring North Vietnam can hit the road through O Quy Ho, one of the most famous passes in Vietnam to reach Lai Chau, visit many tribe villages and take in many new things about life of local people in mountainous areas.

Ba Be Lake- the pearl of woodland – Northeast Vietnam Motorbike Tours

If you enjoy the moments of relaxing on the floating-bamboo boats on the lake and admire the beauty of nature after the long riding hours with Vietnam motorcycle tours, there will be no perfect choice as spending days in the Ba Be National Park.

It is comprehensible that Ba Be National Park is favored by many tourists with the desire to explore the nature of Vietnam. This area is valuable for not only the tourism exploiting activities but also the researching trips. Obtaining the largest fresh water lake in Vietnam, Ba Be National park has the high level of density of aquatic creatures and water birds. The abundance of foods make this forest an ideal habitat for animals. From the boat, all the motorcyclists can admire the diversified life of Ba Be NP.

Apart from the eco-tourism activities like boat tour, forest trekking; when coming here, our North Vietnam motorcycle tours could also relish the traditional features of indigenous people by staying overnight in the homestay of Dzao people in Bac Ngoi village. This village with the tribe-style houses will be an excellent place for you to know more about the life of residents here. A night with the traditional foods in the sound of ethnic instruments will be unforgettable for every single motorbiker.

vietnam motorbike tours, vietnam motorbike tours

Phong Nha National Park- the masterpiece of nature – Vietnam Motorbike Tours Ho Chi Minh Trail

Saying goodbye to Northern Vietnam mountainous area, our motorbike tours keep moving on the Ho Chi Minh legendary trail to one of the most famous and soonest national parks in Vietnam; Phong Nha Ke Bang.

If Ba Be is famous for the most tremendous fresh water lake in Vietnam, Hoang Lien is attached with the image of top high mountains; then Phong Nha Ke Bang is famous for the system of caves with the largest cave in the world. Therefore, our motorcycle tours Vietnam will savor both the primitive jungles with many rare animals listed in Red List of Vietnam and the World, and the system of dry and underground caves.

Ride Ho Chi Minh Trail

Ride Ho Chi Minh Trail

As the home of more than half of population of primates in Vietnam, Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park is typical of the fauna and flora of North Truong Son Mountain. From the forests, our motorcycle trips on Ho Chi Minh Trail can follow the river on the boat and access to the famous caves, named Phong Nha, Thien Duong, etc… They are all glorious and super splendid. I bet that you will be amazed by the power of nature and shocked at the beauty of stalagmites.

It will be a lovely ending for the journey to explore the beauty of ecosystem in Vietnam. You can check out information about all Vietnam motorbike tours on our website to make sure that you have made a perfect decision. The hotline + 84985 333 066 is always open to listen to your demand, your desires and your recommendation for our Vietnam motorbike tours special.


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