Vietnam Motorbike Tours Around Hanoi

Vietnam Motorbike Tours Around Hanoi


Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam and the second largest city in the whole country, the first being Ho Chi Minh City. The population of the city is 2.6 million for the urban districts, and 6.5 million for the metropolitan jurisdiction. With such a great population it is of no surprise that there might be quite the heavy traffic. If you want to visit this place, you will surely want to take a look around the whole city and see all of the landmarks that you have heard of. The city has a lot to offer for tourists and you will surely be pleased with the tour you take.


Hanoi Motorcycle Tours

But how do you pick what tour to take?

There are a lot of tourism companies that offer different kinds of packages for staying in Hanoi, but when you think about it there are not many which offer in these packages means of transport. After all the city is quite big and you will have to find a way to go around it. Taking taxis is not such a good idea because it would be quite expensive to spend all your holiday going around with taxis. Public transport is a good idea, but it still not the best because you are very dependent on the times that the buses work. Additionally, the biggest disadvantage of the public transport in Hanoi is that it is very crowded and you will be constantly shoved and pushed. It is not a very pleasant way of travelling, especially if you are on your vacation. However, there is another way that you can try traveling across city to the beautiful rural villages around Hanoi which you probably have not thought of. This method is by using motorbikes or Hanoi city tours by motorbike. They are small, convenient and you can easily pass the heavy traffic thanks to their flexibility! This is probably the best way that you can travel across this city and you should definitely try it.

We currently offer some daily Hanoi motorbike adventure tours and Hanoi city tours by motorbike that you can take a self guide tours or can be a pillion sitting in the back of the bikes. See the charmless beauty of Hanoi city with many old and charming building and houses by taking one of our Hanoi motorcycle tours, the best way to see real Vietnam. So riding motorbike in Hanoi and taste lots of local food and touch a different Vietnam could be the highlight of Vietnam motorbike tours around Hanoi.

Next time when you think about going to visit Vietnam, check out some Hanoi Motorcycle Tours packages. They will give you a great new opportunity for exploring this amazing city. Think about it, when you are using Hanoi Motorbike Tours you can easily stay in your bed in the morning as much as you want, and once you decide you want to go somewhere like for example sightseeing, or just visit a local market and buy some stuff for home, the only thing you have to do is get up, get on your motorbike and ride off. Motorbikes are quite easy to handle and are perfect to go around the city without getting stuck in the heavy traffic.

You might think that Hanoi motorcycle tours are not as safe as cars because there is nothing to protect you if you get hit, but this is actually not quite true. First of all, because of the traffic all of the cars drive very slowly and only in lines so you won’t get any unexpected cars coming your way. Also, you have the freedom to always look around you when you are passing streets and there is no chance of not seeing a car coming your way. You will also get a helmet, just in case you might fall of the motorbike unintentionally. Nevertheless, you are still driving a motorbike which means that you have to obey all of the road rules including complying with all of the traffic signals, road markings and such. The police usually do not tend to stop motorbike riders and very friendly with foreigners so you should not worry about it but still you should follow the rules or you might get a fine. As the local, I must say, we have no rule for riding motorbike around Vietnam.

As you can see using Vietnam Motorbike Tours is a great choice for various reasons. When you are riding the Hanoi Motorcycle Tours you will still enjoy seeing all of the landmarks around the city, as well as have the comfort of traveling safely. You won’t have to check no bus schedules, neither pay constantly for taxis. You will have great freedom so you can explore as much as you want, and believe me in a city like Hanoi there is much to see. When you get on your Hanoi Motorbike Tours or Hanoi city tour by motorbike be sure to check out the markets around the city and try some of the local dishes, you won’t regret it!

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