Vietnam motorbike tours – the best choice to see the real Vietnam

Vietnam motorbike tours – the best choice to see the real Vietnam

north vietnam motorbike tours

Vietnam is a beautiful country on the edge of the East Sea, facing toward the Pacific Ocean. Stepping out of the war, Vietnam is currently emerging as the favorite destination for many tourists. For a long time, Vietnam’s image in the eyes of foreigners is commonly attached with the dust the War, the roar of helicopters or the barren land with the poor human beings, wandering in the darkness to find the light at the end of the tunnel.

However, all have been pushed back to the past; Vietnam is moving forward with the new spirit, new ambition and full of targets. Travelling to Vietnam is a MUST thing for all the travel lovers. To explore Vietnam in the right way, it is highly suggested to join a Vietnam motorbike tours around this amazing lands.

Motorbike-Tours North Vietnam


Promisingly, motorcycle touring Vietnam will fulfill your wishes of seeing a true Vietnam, with the Vietnamese landscapes, Vietnamese people. You won’t regret to join this journey on motorbike and can proudly show your friends the photos taken here with the confirming confidence “I have conquered Vietnam”

Vietnam Motorbike Tours – “On the back of motorbike”

Ride through many routes.

From city to countryside, wherever our motorbike tours Vietnam crew passes by, you can see the stunning features of this S-shaped land. Vietnam is famous for the towering mountains which seemingly reach the sky, or the highly covered forests, which still preserve a great part of primitive forests in Vietnam.

For sure, you can treasure every moment of riding with the Vietnam motorbike trips. Have you ever felt the winds blowing through your hair, sweeping out your tiredness or the sweater falling from your front head. There will be moments you feel being surrounded by nature with all the senses satisfied. That is the time you really savor the happiness of travelling.

Vietnam is not about Hanoi capital with the 1000 year history or Ho Chi Minh City with the bustle of an on-developing metropolis. The beauty of Vietnam lies behind the fishing villages near the sea, the community of people on delta area, or the plenty of masterpieces of nature, dotted from North to South. On the motorbike trips in Vietnam, you can really feel it, even more than a local people.

The motorbike trips – the journey of the smiles.

If your first impression is not really good, don’t blame for the whole country with the unpleasantRide Ho Chi Minh Trail people. The tough life has driven them so far. However, somewhere else, there are still full of hospitable with the smiles always on their face. They are the typical images of Vietnamese with the beauty of the humbleness and modesty. Our Vietnam motorbike riding team will hit the road to every corner of the country, and you can see the different people with different aspects. Apart from it, they share the same characteristic: happiness.

Riding motorbike in Vietnam through the paddy fields on the harvesting time, it is not hard for you to catch up with the images of the farmers working so industriously to race with the time to have a prosperous harvest. However, whenever seeing someone go through, they still try to face up and burst out into smiles with you. The hard life can’t stop them from maintaining their smiles on their face.

Gearing up to the far-away places in the mountainous areas, motorcycle tours Northern Vietnam will come to the villages of hill tribes or the periodical markets, dropping in the Sunday of every week. The mountainous people, they are always faithful, honest and straightforward with the kindness and great hospitality. Sometimes on the way, you can see the indigenous children running behind your team with the big smiles, it is easy to see that momment when you book the North Vietnam motorbike tours. They are not afraid of foreigners. On top of that, they welcome all of the motorcyclists like the old friends long time no come back hometown.

No matter which lands in Vietnam you imprint the motorbike wheels on, people are all welcoming you with the high faithfulness. Especially when you ride on our brand new CRF250cc, they are gather around you and the bikes to have photos.

Conquer Vietnam on motorbike -conquer yourself.

It is true to say that to conquer Vietnam on motorbike successfully, you need to conquer yourself first. On the journey with Vietnam motorcycle tours, you are supposed to face with many difficulties. A strong-will is needed and the free spirit is highly appreciated.

Vietnam motorbike tours are not the easy things like sitting on the coach with the introduction of the tour guide; you need to use the vehicles by yourself to conquer every road. There will be the potholes, the blind curves or the off-roads; all seems so challenging for the western people who just use motorbike once in blue moon.

However, every effort will be fruitfully paid back. If you really want to experience this country in a new way that sets you apart from other tourists, you need to be willing to accept the difficulties and dare to step out of your comfort zone. That is what Vietnam motorcycle trips can bring to you. Thanks to that, you can totally enjoy that country and bring home the unforgettable memories.

If you are really curious and excited about Vietnam motorbike tours, you can easily log on the internet and our website to see the best motorcycle tour in Vietnam or contact directly to Mr. Alan, an expert from Vietnam motorbike tour, at + 84985 333 066 or Email: to make a booking.



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