Vietnam Motorbike Tours – A perfect combination of many tourism activities

Vietnam Motorbike Tours – A perfect combination of many tourism activities


What will you do if your family has different interests when joining a tour? You are fond of cultural relics, where the traces of time are carved on the walls for a hundred year, but your wife is impressed by the eco-system in Vietnam and want to explore the primitive forests and your daughter are crazy about eating and drinking? Well, it can be a difficult math for you to solve when choosing a destination or a tour company.

Don’t over-worry about it; Vietnam motorbike tours, the leading company in offering the tailored motorcycle trips in Vietnam, can help you solve that problem. Motorcycle trips are not simple riding motorbike from one attraction to another. This journey is more complicated, more interesting and full of surprising for you to explore.

If you love adventurous tourism? Your wife is a big fan of cultural attractions and your son is a really talented trekker; don’t be reluctant to choose Vietnam motorbike tours because it is the perfect combination for you to choose.


Vietnam Motorbike Tours – Adventurous tourism- the challenges for your trip.

Northern Vietnam Motorbike Tours

Northern Vietnam Motorbike Tours

When thinking about motorcycle trip Vietnam, the first thing comes up in my mind is a kind of adventurous tourism: many difficulties, some dangers and a strong spirit. For sure, they are the basic things of adventurous tours and motorcycle trips are not exceptional.

Coming to Vietnam and trying motorbike touring journeys, you can really feel the toughness and the excitements of adventurous tourism. Riding along the mountain trails, full of potholes and rugged rocks; one side is covered with the lush jungles and the left are deep valleys. The long routes, the harsh weather, or the tiredness that you have never gone through will make you really depressed sometimes, but after all, the feeling of achieving something which is seemed to be unattainable is really fantastic.

Vietnam Motorbike Tours – Cultural tourism- the own beauty of Vietnam.

Vietnam Motorbike ToursCulture is one of the most important things of every country, parting down from one generation to next one. For more than 2000 years of history, Vietnam has identified a typical cultural platform, which can hardly be compared by any countries in the world. When you join the motorcycle trips Vietnam, you can really enjoy the atmospheric cultural spaces from North to South of Vietnam.

Riding from center of the city to the surrounding areas, where most of people are still dependent on agricultural activities for making end meet, communal cultural factors are well depicted. On the way, motorbike tours North Vietnam can drop in some traditional villages to see how the life runs; people are really friendly and hospitable. You can feel the peacefulness of Vietnamese countryside.

High up on the mountains, the colors of mountainous tribes are still authentically and completely presented to tourists. When coming to the mountainous periodical markets, our Vietnam motorbike riding crew can admire the typical features of indigenous life; people from many tribes come to the market. They wear their traditional dress, exchange the local stuffs and enjoy the regional cuisines. Just with a glimpse at the market, you can understand partly the life in the far-away places in Vietnam.

Vietnam Motorbike Tours – Eco tourism- the call of nature.Motorbike-Tours-North-Vietnam.jpg

If you possess the high passion for the forests where you find your meditation in your soul by observing the life circle of flora and fauna, Vietnam Motorbike Tour is no doubt the good solution for you.

Apparently, with the beauty of nature specially gifted, Vietnam obtains the wonderful forests and the stunning long coastal lines. Our motorcycle riding team can visit many famous national parks from the North such as Ba Be, Hoang Lien to the Phong Nha Ke Bang in the central parts of Vietnam. They are all well-known in Vietnam for the values in terms of nature and biodiversity conservation.

Besides the intense moments riding motorbike along Vietnam, you will have the relaxing moments boating on the Ba Be lake, or visiting the spectacular caves in Phong Nha Ke Bang, or enjoying the cooling atmosphere from the top high mountains on Hoang Lien Son range. They are all marvelous moments of truth that you can never forget in your life.

Sightseeing tour- explore the beauty with the slow pace.

vietnam-motorbike-toursIf you think that motorbike tours are always dangerous and fierce, you would be very surprised when seeing this part. Yes, you can totally have the comfortable and joyful days of walking or riding bicycle around the city, instead of pressured riding time.

When our Ho Chi Minh legendary trail motorcycle tours comes to Hue and Hoi An city, you can relax by walking in this lovely town or riding bike along the countryside to visit the traditional villages; or simply taking a cycle and listen to the breath of the city along the Perfume River in Hue.

For sure, you can’t find any similar tours with the combination of many wonderful things like this. It deserves every penny of your money invested for this motorbike tour Vietnam!


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