Vietnam Motorbike Tours Review – good feedbacks from many corners of the world

Vietnam Motorbike Tours Review – good feedbacks from many corners of the world


In Vietnam market, adventurous tourism has drawn many visitors to come and experience the amazing moments in this S-shaped country with many ranges of activities. It witnesses the trend of non-stop growing demand, for not only domestic but also international tourists.

Realizing the potential of adventurous tourism, Vietnam Motorbike Ride company has launched many tours specially tailored to meet the demand of tourists. In recently year, the products of motorbike tours Vietnam has gained the reputation and appears on many trustful websites. If you log on the TRIPADVISOR, a famous website for the travelling lovers, you can easily find many good compliments about the motorcycle tours in Vietnam.

Motorbike Tour North Vietnam


To gain the achievement like nowadays, it is untiring efforts of the staffs from motorbike tour company. However, one of the main contributors is the travelers themselves, who have put their belief on our products. To see how the tourists feel about Vietnam motorcycle tour company, let’s see the feedbacks that we receive from tourists from many corners of the world. Thanks to those feedbacks, we have more encouragements to keep on our meaning full jobs.

Motorbike tours Northern Vietnam – the off-the-beaten track experiences.

“I have tried the Vietnam motorcycle trips few months ago in my summer vacation to the Northern area of Vietnam. It was super extraordinary because I didn’t expect it that fantastic. Before I get on my flight to Vietnam, I just wanted to find something different from other holidays that I have been sick of.

From the view of a British, what I saw in Vietnam was totally different from what I have in own country. As a speed lover, I am really fond of something relating to my hobby. On randomly searching on websites, I found out Vietnam motorbike tours review and yes, just give it a try, I book a short motorbike tour in North Vietnam for 5 days.

And it did come to my expectation! I could try the new things and the first-interacting experiences. No more the lazily moving bus from one boring destination where I just can see the head of tourists to another silly shopping center, where what they can do is try to withdraw the money from my pocket legally. I love it, totally like the Vietnam motorcycle tours and want to have more times with it. Highly recommend it to others and be an early bird to get the good support and reasonable price”


Vietnam motorcycle trips – where I get out of my comfort zones.

“As a teacher in Australia, I enjoy my peaceful life with the daily routines of coming to class, and then back home with my family, or sometimes try to participate some social activities to support the community. So when my sons encouraged me to do a vacation, they wanted me to do something different to get out of my comfort zone.

And Vietnam was my choice of a travelling trip. I had no choice of choosing a tour and my sons booked a motorbike tour of Vietnam already for me. Honestly, I didn’t know how it was. They just told me that I knew how to ride motorbike, so it was enough.

And it turned out super amazing to me. I did really get out of my comfortable feeling. It was the first time I traveled in a group with all the strangers from many places in the world. In the normal tour, I just have to sit on the bus and enjoy the fancy hotel; but in Vietnam motorbike tours, I have to conquer with the difficult trail, interact with local people or totally get into a new culture. All was so strange and new to me. However, I found myself adapt quickly to new environment. And once I seriously got involved, I would feel that this tour was specially designed to me!

I learned a lot from motorcycle trip because it helps me to experience with the things that I can’t have in my real life. I dare to step out of my comfort zone and open my eyes to a new world. That was the real meaning of the trip”

Northwest Vietnam Motorbike Tours

The ride to Phu Yen – Son La

Amazing Motorbike tour Vietnam- enjoy the breathless landscape.

“As a travel-addicting person, I always try to come to new destination every year, not the mainstream one and away from the bustle of the city. So at that time, I decided to come to Vietnam, a not really famous country for tourism that time and it was still a myth with many tourists. And motorbike tour on Ho Chi Minh Trail was my choice.

Seriously, I was really stunned by landscape in Vietnam. I did have chance to ride motorbike through the limestone mountain passes, with totally splendid views of the erecting mountains and the lush forests. On the coastal line, all I could say when admiring the long and incredibly glorious beaches with the row of palm trees was “AMAZING”

The thing that I regretted the most on the Vietnam motorcycle tour was I haven’t tried to explore the northern Vietnam by motorbike as I have only short holiday. Well, I will come back this lovely country to fulfill my target of my life.

Thumb up for Vietnam Motorbike Tours

Rice fields in Sapa - North Vietnam

Rice fields in Sapa – North Vietnam


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