Vietnam Motorbike Tours Special – celebrate difference

Vietnam Motorbike Tours Special – celebrate difference


Are you looking for the romantic wedding anniversary or the honeymoon vacation? Let’s operate Vietnam Motorbike Tours Special for the lifetime memory and enjoy your love blissfully! Undoubtedly, with its numerous national parks, white sand beaches, colorful villages, forests and islands, Vietnam is a land of often surprising beauty, offering cultural depth and history, increasingly combined with tourism-friendly areas offering all the facilities a couple could wish for.

Vietnam motorbike tours


On Vietnam Motorbike Tours list, we selectively pick up the most favorable name from the list of the best romantic destinations in Vietnam including Sapa, Ha Giang, Mai Chau, Hoi An, Bana Hills, Hue, Nha Trang, Phan Thiet, Da Lat, Phu Quoc Island, Son Tra Peninsula, and many others for couples in Honeymoon. Below are some of our suggested destinations in Vietnam rated as the best settings for lovers.

North Vietnam motorbike tours

  1. Sapa – a special motorbike riding place filled with love

Perfect love, sublimate emotion is feeling you will enjoy in sweet honeymoon. So, where do you choose to make the most of your love? Have you ever thought Sapa is an ideal destination for the wonderful moments in North Vietnam?

Sapa is renowned for being the favored honeymoon destination for couples. It owns cool weather, brisk highland breezes and misty scenery brings people closer together all year round. The Vietnam Motorbike Tours supplies a long list of hotels ranging from classic to modern is available to choose from.

Sapa is considered as a tasty sweet candy for motorcyclists from hot regions. Riding along the street in the cool air, warmly hug, watching the street, joining ethnic markets or going to ethnic villages to discover minority cultures, visiting luxury French villas or ‘Love Waterfall’ are just a few of the possible activities. Sapa at night is so quiet that the couples often like to have the private time showing their love for each other.

Many of our motorcyclists agree that Sapa is the second to none site for love in Vietnam

  1. Cruising Ha Long Bay- love paradise

You know, newlyweds or honeymoon tour not only is holiday after busy time to prepare for wedding, but also brings another meaning. These days without working will be a specious opportunity to help couples warm-up their love, discharge power for new life – married life. Under current trend, Ha long Bay is one of the best choices of many couple seeking a Vietnam romantic site.

On the Vietnam Motorbike Tours’ list of sites for lovers, Ha Long Bay, a World Natural Wonder, is kind of outstanding for its amazingly magnificent landscape. Beside having fantastic time on our professional motorbikes, the honeymooning couples also can take overnight boat cruises on Ha Long Bay. What is more, the cruise at night is just amazing, especially with the silver light of a full moon shining on the water surface, making a poetic and expressive scene.

The honeymoon couples are so lucky to enjoy small yet well-equipped and romantic cabins on the cruises which are special-made for them. A one-night cruise on the bay can be an unforgettable time.

  1. Dalat- love in solitude

People said that Dalat is magical land and so-called the Sapa of southern Vietnam. Both Sapa and Dalat located in highland areas with a year round cool climate are existing heavens for love. The highland attracts couples very much with its flowers-filled beauty- the city of flowers.

The Vietnam Motorbike Tours give many love-themed sites for the riding couples to visit in Dalat. Also, Dalat in the evening is extremely lively with various activities going on around Xuan Huong Lake. The atmosphere here is just perfect for romance.

On the hotel list, we supply you with well-tended flowered grounds which are sensational for lovers. What our couple motorcyclists really love is that just sitting in the room they can look out over the flowers and trees, listen to the birds singing joyfully. How wonderful it is!

  1. Hoi An – The charming Ancient Town

If you and your lover are looking for a simple, gentle and friendly paradise, not a melodramatic destination, Hoi An ancient town is exactly this place. People said that Hoi An simply quiet as its own name, meaning “the rendezvous of peace”. The Vietnam Motorbike Tours will give the couples the chance to enjoy narrow old streets of Hoi An leading to the traditional culture behind lush gardens and ancient houses which is a special destination for couples. That’s why visitors always find peace in their mind when they travel to Hoi An.

Thanks to its gorgeous beauty by night with the cozy light of hundreds of silk lanterns, this charming town is regarded as the most romantic town for couples. Especially in full moon nights, with the magical light from the colorful lanterns the small town is lightened up which is a magic background for your romantic nights in your honeymoon. Hoi An not only gives the couples the laidback time in the center town but also offers the stunning beaches of Cua Dai and Cham island for your private time on the beach with your partner. Every moment on the beach will maintain your Vietnam motorbike trips with eternal feelings.

So, what now? If you is still considering about our Vietnam motorbike tours particularly and other tours for couples offered in Vietnam Motorbike Ride company, just feel free to log on the website, or contact to the hotline +84 985. 333. 066 to know more. We are welcoming all of your concern and your interest in our motorcycle tours.

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