Vietnam motorbike tours – Top 5 attractions in the journey

Vietnam motorbike tours – Top 5 attractions in the journey

vietnam motorbike tours

Vietnam is a country with many cities and attractions which always dominate the high positions in the top dreaming cities or top “must-see” attractions in the world. From Hanoi to Hoi An, Da Nang to Ho Chi Minh city; each city has its own characteristic and brings the different impression to tourists. Let’s take a look at our Vietnam motorbike tours on Ho Chi Minh trail.

No matter which kind of tours you are going to choose, a classic tour with tour guide or a backpacking trip; going through the famous cities in Vietnam is a must thing for you to explore entirely the hidden charm of this country. And if you have not come up with an idea yet, let’s motorbike tours Vietnam help you.

Touring the ancient cities with the long history or the unique cultural traditions has been already interesting, but riding motorbike along Vietnam through every city and discovering the special corners that no one could ever think of is more fantastic. Let’s take a look at the top famous cities and attractions in Vietnam that motorbike Vietnam riding crew is conquering!

Hanoi motorbike tours

Hanoi-the 1000 year history capital – Hanoi motorcycle tours!

If you can think of one city that every tourist can’t skip when coming to Vietnam, it must definitely be Hanoi. This city, with more than 1000 years of history and the cultural depth has proved its potential for tourism in recent years. Departing from Hanoi, motorcycle trips Vietnam can take the first look at this ancient city.

After avoiding the bustle of the city, motorcycle tours Northern Vietnam will start the journey by riding through the countryside of Hanoi. This city is not only famous for the ancient buildings with traditional architectures or the French style constructions, it is also well-known for the peaceful countryside, where you can savor the scent of paddy fields and the tranquility of the traditional villages.

No matter where we go, Hanoi is always on the list of top places to visit in the journey of motorbike Vietnam. More tours please take a look at the collection of Hanoi motorbike tours.

Sapa- the breath of mountain – Northwest Vietnam motorbike toursRice fields in Sapa - North Vietnam

If you are finding a place representing for the beauty of mountain with the harmony of modern and traditional values, Sapa must be the answer for your searching. Lying high above the sea level, Sapa is an ideal town for tourism activities. And with the motorcycle trips northern Vietnam, it is not exceptional.

People come to visit Sapa for many purposes. If you are seeking the peaceful moments to relax and enjoy the slow pace of life, just park your motorbike at the hotel and take a walk around this romantic town. And if you are big fan of adventurous trips, riding your motorbike upnorth Vietnam to some rustic villages of ethnic minorities would be a perfect choice.

When tourists comes to Sapa, our motorcycle North Vietnam tours can have various choices of activities to choose. That’s the attracting point for Sapa tourism. Moreover, with many French style buildings constructed in the French War, Sapa conveys both the modern beauty as well as traditional features.

Motorbike Tours Northern Vietnam

Dong Van- the rocky town – Northeast Vietnam motorcycle tours

If you have once come to Ha Giang province, Dong Van town will surely be your favorite land. In recent year, Ha Giang has lured many travelers, mainly domestically coming here, especially the adventurous tourists. Therefore, there is no reason that our motorbike Vietnam team can ignore that destination.

Although it is still a new destination, Dong Van town and surrounding areas offer many splendid sceneries to tourists. Ascending to that high-level town, our Vietnam motorcycle riding crew will go through the magnificent mountain passes, the enormous towering rocky fields or the infinitely deep valleys. They all create the extraordinary natural landscapes.

Hue- the former capital of VietnamCentre Vietnam motorbike tours

Riding motorbike along the narrow land of central Vietnam, you will reach the Hue city before crossing the Hai Van pass to enjoy the dynamic lifestyle of Da Nang city. The beauty of Hue is different from other cities in the whole Vietnam; no matter how many years have gone through, this city standstill peaceful, humble and out of the modern flow.

A trip to Hue city must be highlighted by the relaxing moments slowly biking along the Huong River, or parking motorbikes and going for a walk in the Hue citadel. Moreover, our Vietnam motorcycle touring team can enjoy the stunning foods representing the unique and special gastronomy of Hue city.

hue motorcycle tours

Hoi An- the beauty of an ancient harbor town- Ho Chi Minh Trail motorbike tours

Lying not far from Da Nang city, you can hit the road along the coastal line to Hoi An. When Motorbike tours central Vietnam approach this town, you can feel immediately the slow pace of life of people here.

Being famous as one of the first harbors in Vietnam, Hoi An reflects the variety of traditional cultures, with the Vietnamese culture harmonically mixed with Chinese and Japanese features. On arriving this town, all the motorcyclists in Vietnam motorbike tours can be astonished by the diversity of local culture.

Moreover, within 5 minutes on the back of motorbike, you can see the ocean and savor the free moments swimming in the crystal-like clear water. It is the wonderful combination for the final destination of this amazing Vietnam motorcycle tours.


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