Vietnam motorbike tours- the way to conquer yourself.

Vietnam motorbike tours- the way to conquer yourself.


If you have ever heard about Vietnam, it is mostly about the war, a poor country somewhere over the bank of Pacific Ocean. Nevertheless, time has flied so fast, and Vietnam now emerges in the travelling map as an ideal country for adventurous tourism.

However, adventurous tourism, especially Vietnam Motorbike tours are not the things for every tourists. Fundamentally, you have to be at least used to ride motorbike in your own country, not counting on Vietnam or Asian developing countries, where the road system is still a matter of concern.

Therefore, to prepare for the motorbike trips in Vietnam, you need to acknowledge what is waiting for you in this country. The journey to conquer the routes in Vietnam, from the North to the South will also your path to conquer yourself. If you can overcome the fearness, your payback will be utterly fruitful with the extraordinary experiences.


Northern Vietnam Motorbike Tours


Vietnam- where mountain meet the ocean.

Riding motorbike in Vietnam, you will feel like being lost in a fairy tale with the green forests, covering the enormous area of hilly land, or the towering mountains which are embraced by clouds year around; or the coastal line with the sunshine lighting up the sandy beaches, which are considered like the tropical heaven on Earth.

However, it is really challenging when you have to ride through many topographies. In motorcycle touring Vietnam, you are supposed to face with the high mountain passes, windingly embrace the mountain with the blind curves; or the forests with the rugged and full-of-mud roads that can drive every motorcyclists down.

You will experience the feeling of biking on the mountain trails which are almost vertical or adjunct to the valley. Motorbike Tours North Vietnam will pass nearly all the terraces in Vietnam, which will be the fascinating for the adventurous lovers, but will be somehow worried for the ones lacking experiences in motorcycle riding.

4 seasons in 1 day!       

Vietnam is well known for many places with the special weathers, which changes according to the time of the day. Taking our Vietnam Motorbike Tours, you will ride from the low latitude to the high place, which is about 1500-2000m above the sea level.

Brace yourself and equip enough necessary stuffs to keep your body well-served. If our Vietnam motorbike riding crew reaches the high mountains, it can turn out really cold, tumble down to about 3-4 degree. Some tourists from the tropical countries will find it really hard to overcome that kinds of weather, so bring the warm jackets with you.

Sometimes, due to the complexity of the weather in Northern area of Vietnam, motorbike touring Vietnam has to face with some phenomenon like hail, fog, or frozen. Therefore, you are required to have knowledge and prepare carefully in case of its happening. It should be seriously put on the concerning list when we travel to some countries in Asia.

Culture and language barrier.

Most of the tourists with Vietnam motorcycle tours are from the western countries, so one thing for sure that Vietnamese culture will be totally different from their hometown. If you ride to mountainous areas, you will see a really different Vietnam, where many ethnic people are almost isolated from the modern life and they have nearly no contact with the outside world.

For example, with some religious people, they are not allowed to eat pork or beef, but in Vietnam, it is common foods. And on the motorcycle trips in Vietnam, sometimes we drop in and stay in home stay with local people. In case they invite you to eat, it is impolite to refuse but you also can not eat that kind of thing. Therefore, it requires your skills and support from motorbike guide to overcome that cultural constraint.

Moreover, with a country rich in culture and language, you find it hard to communicate with people. Vietnam motorbike tours will go through many provinces and ethnic communities. They all say the different languages and of course, in the mountainous areas where are not famous for tourists, local people can not speak English. You have to apply all the body languages and gestures to make an effective communication.

north vietnam motorbike tours

Motorbike North Vietnam

Overcoming yourself is the most important thing.

No matter how or what you have to conquer, the most severe obstacle of the motorcyclists is themselves. Motorbike tours Vietnam is not the things that all the tourists can try. However, it is not because they don’t have enough skills, it derives mostly from their fearness.

With a range of tourists, they think that motorbike touring Vietnam will be really difficult and the condition will be terrible. That stereo type is not 100% true because we guarantee to bring you the most exciting moments with the high-quality conditions.

Sometimes, nothing is as scary as our demotivation. Tourists will experience the best parts of Vietnam on motorcycle journey and after the hard time, you will gain the flying colors. If we think it is not good from the first time, it will be exactly as what we have thought. But if we believe that it would be awesome, you will keep your optimistic attitude and it would turn your trip totally wonderful!

For more information about Vietnam motorbike tours, just feel free to log on the website, or contact to the hotline +84 985. 333. 066. There are a range of interesting topics supporting you for your wonderful motorcycle tours in Vietnam. Let’s find and research to make sure that you won’t waste your time and money on travelling time in Vietnam.




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