Vietnam motorbike trips – the perfect choice for adventurous tourism lovers

Vietnam motorbike trips – the perfect choice for adventurous tourism lovers

vietnam motorbike tours

If you are considering about choosing a country for your trip, and you are a person who really love adventurous tourism, then Asian countries must be your favorite destinations.

And you still wonder which Asian country should be included in the trip, definitely, Vietnam is the perfect choice for you to enjoy your holiday with the flavor of mountain and forest.

vietnam motorbike tours


What about the type of tourism should you take? Don’t think it over again because Vietnam motorbike tours are no doubt the TOP choice of the speed and adventure lovers. And if you are one of them? Absolutely the right selection for you.

Don’t hesitate too much, Vietnam motorcycle tours have been well-known among the international tourism community. We promise to bring you the best feelings ever, where the adventurous activities can’t be more funny and fascinating.

Vietnam- from the delta to top high mountains.

So what makes the Vietnam motorbike trips memorable and attractive to all the tourists? Obviously, it goes without saying that the varied topographies in Vietnam are the main challenges for tourists to experience.

From the lowland to the high plateau, motorbike riding team can experience the roughest terraces in Vietnam; the enormous delta area with the smooth roads through the green carpet-like paddy fields; the high trails crossing the mountains, where you can see the splendid views in the valley. It is somehow challenging when riding motorcycle northern Vietnam on the rugged roads with soils and rocks, one side is the gigantic vertical-ejecting mountains, another is the deep and unseen-bottomed valleys. For sure, you can really feel the toughness of the journey when being challenged with this kind of difficulty.

It is not the end of the constraints waiting for you ahead. If you think that only mountain roads are dangerous, you should re-think when riding motorbike on the highway, where sometimes speed and spirit can’t be controlled. You need to really focus on your riding because you are not only vehicle on the road. There are many high-capacity trucks and cars on the road. It creates the hard moments for you when riding motorcycle in Vietnam.

You can not predict the weather correctly!

Lying in the tropical monsoon, Vietnam has a quite high rain level each year, especially in the summer. If your Vietnam motorcycle tours are carried out on the summer, you should be really careful about the weather. It would be a big obstacle if you ride motorbike on the rain. The rain can reduce your eye sight, which prevents you from navigating exactly the way. Sometimes, if your wheels are stuck in the muddy, it can turn into a disaster!

Additionally, in the mountainous area, the temperature can be really harsh. If you start from Hanoi with the temperate of roughly 20-25 degree, which is really ideal for a motorbike trips in Vietnam; however, when you reach Sapa, Ha Giang ( check out North Vietnam motorbike tours ) other provinces up north Vietnam, the temperature can suddenly tumble down, and sometimes it can snow. If you don’t prepare enough warm jacket, you don’t know which thing can really happens.

That kind of temperature change is not rare, when you ride motorcycle from north part to Ho Chi Minh legendary trail, in contrast, the temperature can rocket quickly and makes your journey really difficult. You are supposed to sweat a lot, and if you ride under the sunlight in the long time, a dizzy is inevitable.

And truly, the unexpected things can happen any time without any signs of warning. If your Vietnam motorbike trips are blocked on the way by the mess of a landslide, what you just can do is waiting for the rescuing team to solve the mess, or turn back and find another way.

If you think that this one is not enough adventurous, let’s keep reading to see is there anything tougher than above- mentioned things.

Being adventurous is when you have to face with the totally new things.

Yes, it is sure that on the motorcycle tours Vietnam, sometimes you have to interact with the utterly new and fresh things, which require you step out of your comfort zone. With many people, it is not easy to get over their limitation.

Coming to the tranquil villages of indigenous people, normally all the motorcyclists in Vietnam motorcycle touring will be warmly-welcomed by local inhabitants. And eating or drinking with them is inevitable. You can be familiar with the beef, pork or chicken, so what about the snake, ant or insects? It sounds disgusting? But with numerous ethnic minorities, those kinds of foods are special one and just used when welcoming the distinctive guests. It is really hard for you to reject their invitation.

And if you always live in fancy apartment fully equipped, you can’t stand even the small difficulties. Living with the strangers in the motorcycle tours for many days, you know how to open your mind and your heart, which can be not easy thing for many western people

So is it enough tough for you to try one time? If you think you can do it, let’s prove it! Our motorbike tour guide will be the person to testify your willing, your strong mind and your determine to overcome the difficult situations.

You can check out information about all Vietnam motorbike trips on our website to make sure that you have made a perfect decision. The hotline + 84985 333 066 is always open to listen to your demand, your desires and your recommendation for our Vietnam motorbike tours.



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