Vietnam motorcycle tours – the path of heritage II

Vietnam motorcycle tours – the path of heritage II

vietnam motorbike tours

Ho Chi Minh legendary trail has been a famous road in Vietnam since the Vietnam War. This is the essential linkage; the main blood vein of the transportation from the North to South of Vietnam. Thanks to this road, tons of weapons, foods, stuffs and even millions of soldiers have been transferred to the severe battlefields in Quang Tri, Hue, highland area, Sai Gon and other surrounding provinces. Coming to Vietnam, it would be a great missing if you didn’t at least one time go on this trail and reminisce the fierce but bravery years of Vietnam history. On the Vietnam Motorcycle Tours, you will be delivered the chance to explore the extraordinary sceneries of Northern Vietnam, and on top of that; conquering the historical path marking the name of Vietnam on the map of colonization-liberating countries.

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However, war has gone so far, and thinking of Vietnam today, we should ponder about the bright side of this heroic nation. All along the Ho Chi Minh trail, there are many Vietnam War-related relics which still exist today. On the other sides, Ho Chi Minh legendary trail is the land of heritages, from Thanh Hoa to Quang Nam and the highland region. Our Vietnam Motorbike Tours will take you through all the landmarks of this center part of Vietnam.

Let’s continue the Vietnam motorbike trips through the path of heritages!

Ho Dynasty Citadel- remnant of a short-reigning dynasty.

Before we hit the road to Tan Ky to start the motorcycle tours Ho Chi Minh legendary trail, we will have to cross the land of Thanh Hoa Province. Hence, if you want to spend hours seeing the vestiges of a dynasty dating back from 15th century, we can take a short motorbike ride to here and see the magical hands of the ancient people.

Ho Dynasty Citadel was constructed in 15th century in the time of King Ho Quy Ly. This citadel showed the cleverness and sophistication of Vietnamese people in construction. With the solid monolith transferred from the long distance to here, this citadel is still a myth in term of non-machine high building techniques.

Riding motorbike in centre Vietnam, you can feel the echo of hundred years ago bouncing back in the atmosphere of a peaceful village with the green carpet-like rice field.

Phong Nha Ke Bang- the system of the most wonderful caves in the world.

Phong Nha Ke Bang is the destination that you MUST visit in the motorcycle touring Vietnam on Ho Chi Minh trail. Located in Quang Binh Province, Phong Nha Ke Bang has been considered as the main touristic place, in cooperation with other attractions in this province to attract more tourists to this area. With it strategic location, Phong Nha Ke Bang is something new and fresh if motorcyclists want to experience something new apart from the historical relics.

Being considered as world heritage by UNESCO since 2004, Phong Nha Ke Bang has been more and more upgraded to be a main tourism center. When our motorcycle tours Vietnam come here, you will have many choices to choose with the variety of activities which are suitable with many tourists. You can spend time trekking in the forests. With the high biodiversity of flora and fauna, Phong Nha Ke Bang is also a national park in Vietnam. It is the home of more than half of primates in Vietnam, with many other animals is exclusive and extinctive in that region.

Moreover, Phong Nha Ke Bang is more well-known with the system of caves, which have been formed for million years. After many geographical changes, the system of limestone mountains here has created the unique natural landscapes. Our Vietnam motorbike touring team can spend time boating on the river through many water caves. Especially, if you have chance, don’t forget to take a look at Son Doong Cave, which was recently re-detected and explored by the British Royal Cave Association. This cave has been recognized as the biggest and the most stunning cave in the world and impressed a lot of tourists, domestic and international taken in account.

Leaving Phong Nha Ke Bang, I am sure that all the motorcyclists will have the good impression with this masterpiece of nature.

Hue city- a sad song composed on the Perfume River.

If Hanoi is so-called the cultural city of the northern part of Vietnam, Hue is exactly the city of traditional features and special culture of the central of Vietnam in particular and the whole country generally. Therefore, on the itinerary of motorcycle trips in Vietnam, this city is always on the top of MUST-SEE list.

Gaining the reputation with 2 World heritages, one tangible and one intangible, Hue attracts millions of tourists each year. Hue royal citadel is the remnant of a historical period with many up-and-downs and first-rank developing level. Lying on the bank of Perfume River, this citadel is the working place of King and authority, also the living area of royal family. On the free-exploring day, all Vietnam Motorbike Tours crew can spend time wandering and understanding more about the last dynasty in Vietnam.

Apart from Hue royal citadel, Nha Nhac Court performance is also a special kind of music in Vietnam. This one was popular in the palace of the King and considered as royal performance. It is the performances to represent some rituals, ceremonies or the performance to serve the King and their family. At night, motorbike tour Ho Chi Minh legendary trail team can take a short motorcycle ride to the bank of the river, get on the boat and savor the music in the cooling atmosphere of the river.

(to be continued…)

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