Vietnam motorcycle tours – the path of heritage III

Vietnam motorcycle tours – the path of heritage III

vietnam motorcycle tours

As we have traveled so far from the North to the central part of Vietnam, there are still many wonderful places waiting for us ahead from the Highland to the southern area. After getting out of the barren land of the north central, our Vietnam Motorbike Tours team will keep conquering the Vietnamese coastal line and the Highland, extending until the Ho Chi Minh City, the economic center of Vietnam.

vietnam motorcycle tours


Many people keep their belief that motorcycle tour is always something tough and full of difficulties, which is just suitable for the wild men. However, our products are customer-centric, where the demand of tourists is put on the top of concerning list. Apart from the rugged roads and the challenging routes, we also bring the motorcyclists the moments to feel the culture, the beauty of Vietnam in a gentle, sophisticated way. It can be simply sitting on the boat to listen to the music, or joining a traditional festival to savor the flavor of local life.

Let’s finish the path of heritages of Vietnam by motorcycle motorbike to the far-away destinations in the South of Vietnam and be submerged in the cultural space with the authentic and unique features of a country brimming with national tradition.

Hoi An- where the river meets the ocean.

Talking about Hoi An ancient town, not only the domestic tourists but also international visitors have to come up with the utter compliments about that ancient town. If you think that motorcycle trip in Vietnam will be full of stress and brain-straining moments, you have to change your mind when coming and visiting that town.

Lying on the low land of Thu Bon River, Hoi An town used to be a famous sea harbor in the 15th-17th century, where many traders from China, Japan and other western countries come here to conduct commercial activities. From Hoi An, tons of fabrics, spices, ceramic products of many Asian countries will be transferred to the Europe. On the relaxing-walking day in Hoi An, the Vietnam motorcycle tours team can see the remnants of the cultural clash, with the houses constructed based on many architectural styles. A joyful day walking around the town, trying the local foods and enjoying the slow pace of life can be the highlight of the motorcycle trips in Vietnam.

On top of that, you can spend hours strolling on the stunning sandy beaches. Riding motorbike or parking it and bicycling through the rice fields to the seashore is surely an awesome feeling for every tourist. It is no doubt that town deserved with the title of World Heritage honored by UNESCO for nearly 20 years.

Highland Gong cultural space- the soul of the highland area.

In the grand motorbike tours Vietnam or the motorcycle trips starting from Ho Chi Minh City, highland area is the destination that can’t be skipped. That region is somehow totally different from other parts of Vietnam with the exclusive cultural features. Riding motorbike through the rubber tree plantations under the intense sunlight of the summer, you can feel the spirit of that Highland area.

Highland is the home of many ethnic minorities, which still remain their traditional lifestyle for a long period of time. Settling down in the plateau and depending on the forests for making end meet, the indigenous people in highland have created the regional identity, and Highland Gong cultural space is a spiritual product that can’t be altered in their life. If our Vietnam motorbike tours team visits Highland area in the spring with many festivals, you can admire the rituals of community.

With people in that region, Gong is not only instrument used in the holy rituals with the hope for a fertilized harvest but also the valuable asset of each family. It will be really fascinating if our Vietnam motorcycle riding crew overstay in the home stay of tribe group and listen to their stories about villages, about Gong, about legends parted down through many generations. For sure, you will have more knowledge and understanding about this area of Vietnam.

Don Ca Tai Tu- the simply beauty of northern people.

From the highland, our motorcycle team keeps roaming on the coastal line road to the South of Vietnam. This region could be the end of the itinerary of motorbike tours in Vietnam but it is still full of interesting things with unique world heritages.

There is nothing more peaceful than sitting on the boat to join a floating market and then docking at a fruit garden to relish the atmosphere of southern area. After parking the motorbike and joining a floating market tour, our Vietnam motorcycle crew can stop in a fruit garden; listen to the Don Ca Tai Tu singing when tasting the mouth-watering fruits of this area.

Don Ca Tai Tu is the song of the farmers and the blue-collar people. It is about the stories of their life, with the sad rhythm echoing from the heart and soul of the artists. Sitting in the spacious garden, listening to the catchy sounds and savoring the tasty fruits; it must be the best ending for the motorcycle trips in Vietnam.

The Vietnamese nature is glorious and fantastic; the Vietnamese people are hospitable, friendly and possess the high sense of humor; this 2 factors do help to create a country with many picturesque features, leave a good impression not only with UNESCO but also with millions of international tourists.

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