Vietnam motorcycle tours – Riding on the windy roads

Vietnam motorcycle tours – Riding on the windy roads

Ride Ho Chi Minh Trail

As the famous destination for tourism in recent years, Vietnam welcomes more than 7 million tourists each year and this figure is being uplifted every day. Coming to Vietnam, there are many types of tourism activities for travelers to choose, which can meet the demand of every single customer.

Realizing the potentials for Vietnam tourism, many companies have utilized their ability to offer the unique and special tours for travelers. Of all the remarkable activities that are really appealing to tourists, Vietnam Motorcycle Tours must be put on the top of preferred list.

No matter you are single tourist or come to Vietnam with your family and friends, motorcycle tours Vietnam are specially crafted for every segment. Short day or long day; solo trip or jointed tours; all are accommodated to you with the high-quality services.

Ride Ho Chi Minh Trail

Ride Ho Chi Minh Trail

Ho Chi Minh trail- the legendary road for motorcycle tours in Vietnam.

And, do you wonder where would the motorcycle touring crew go? I am sure that joining a motorbike tours in Vietnam can trigger the curiosity of all the tourists about the destinations that they would go through. If you have been familiar or feel so spiritless of admiring the mountains and forests, let’s try another amazing route linking the North and South of Vietnam- Ho Chi Minh trail.

This wonderful motorcycle journey will be the unforgettable memories for you in Vietnam. Full of obstacles and challenge but also variety of fascinating things to let your expectation satisfactorily served. It shares the similarity with other Vietnam motorbike tours in Northern Area or Hanoi; however, there are still many mysteries and extraordinary things waiting for you ahead.

Motorbike Tours Northern Vietnam

Vietnam Motorbike Tours – The trail of sun and wind.

If you ask me are there any challenges for you in Ho Chi Minh trail tours; honestly; difficulties in motorcycle trip are unavoidable. Like all the motorcycle trips in Vietnam, each tour itself has been a struggle for motorcyclists to conquer and overcome.

If in the Northern Vietnam motorcycle tours, you need to overcome the winding mountain passes or get dizzy with the infinite height of the peak of mountain ranges; in the journey on Ho Chi Minh road ( Motorbike tours across Vietnam ) it is another time for you to challenge the hardness of not only the terrace but only the harsh weather.

Let’s imagine that you have to ride under the totally dry weather under the temperature of more than 40 degree in the summer without any shadows on the way; you can feel like getting on fire and your body can’t stop sweating. And after the long period of riding motorcycle in Vietnam, your body is really feeble and all the energy is running out of.

And sometimes, our Vietnam motorbike tours need to take a break suddenly with a heavy summer rain; it can block the visibility of all the motorcyclists; causing the hindrance for the journey. Conquering the nature is never easy; and if you can suffer from it, you can be really proud of yourself.

Vietnam Motorcycle Tours – The dreaming routes.

Vietnam possesses the long coastal line with the stunning paved road running parallel the beaches. There is no reason that in the journey with Vietnam motorcycle tours, we won’t drop in and ride along this spectacular roads.

You feel really tired after the long riding; being exposed to sun with the body uncovered. The moment when you feel the smell of the sea aromatizing in the atmosphere and touch your nose; you know that you have come nearer to the sea. There will be nothing more wonderful than that your powerlessness if flown away by the fresh air from the sea. From that moment, you realize that your fantastic motorcycle journey in Vietnam has officially started.

Moreover, after reveling in the breath of the ocean, you can savor the pure atmosphere and the quietness of the forests when crossing the thousand year old forests. Riding motorcycle along the shadow of the ancient trees in the lush and enormous green color of forests; you can feel the heaven on the ground is never as close as this.

Vietnam Motorbike Tours

Vietnam Motorbike Tours – Sapa mountain pass

The remnants of time.

However, the things making the fame of the Ho Chi Minh trail are the historical relics. Joining that motorcycle trip in Vietnam, you probably turn your clock back to the victorious past of Vietnam with many dynasties as well as the severe years of 2 country-protecting wars.

All along this narrow land, you can see the consequences that war has left on this region. The enormous tunnels linking many families and military bases; the bridge linking 2 parts of Vietnam or the memorials where many heroic historical incidents have happened; all are clearly portrayed and depicted in this legendary route.

Ride Ho Chi Minh Trail

Moreover, our Vietnam motorbike riding team can spend time visiting the castles or the ancient towns in Vietnam. If Hue brings you the beauty of a prosperous and flourish dynasty with the important contributions for Vietnam architectures, Hoi An will be another picture; where the peace and tranquility is re-called and re-imaged in every corner of the town.

Don’t forget to take the photos and share it on Facebook. Your friends will be really regret for not accepting your invitation to join the amazing Vietnam motorcycle journey like this.

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